Updates on Kenneth

August 30, 2008 at 8:06 pm (Uncategorized)

  • Kenneth’s Manchor series w/ Damian & Kathy Chow won’t be filming until September. A video from Kenneth at gameshow ‘Identity’ filming saying that the script isn’t out yet and that he’ll probably play a “general”(? I think); I’m kinda excited now to hear that. General…Hott uniform oohlala….I’m kinda looking forward to seeing Toby costar w/ Kenneth as well. Though I like Toby, I can totally see her more being Kenneth’s sister than gf, but who knows? I like Toby’s singing and wouldn’t mind a duet of her w/ Kenneth (I’d love another Kenneth themesong since it’s unlike Kathy/Damian will sing..so it’s that or they hire a real singer haha) Since Toby’s crazy and chatty and blogs alot w/ pix & in English, I’m sure she and MaMing will get along and have fun filming together! So watch out for Toby’s blog! He’s currently up to doing TVB promo stuff until Sept. when he starts filming!
  • Kenneth’s blog video shows him speaking about a Reality Show he’s filmed. It’s called “TVB8 Junior Idol 2008.” Since I love reality tv, I’m glad to hear that he’s in it, but it’s in Mandarin so I’ll have some trouble lol. He’s a principle/teacher figure, along w/Yoyo Mung, Joe Ma, Vivien Yeo, and Vincent Wong and the show takes place in Malaysia (Kenneth’s first time there!). Each of them gets 3 little ones, which Kenneth lovingly calls his children lol (awww…) The sad part is, they have to end up eliminating the littles, resulting in only one getting a TVB contract and MaMing finds this to be a super tough job!

Kenneth & His Littles…(looks like he was having fun!)

  • Kenneth was on gameshow “Identity” w/ Angela Tong and his Think Bank was Timmy Hung & Toby Leung. I can just imagine how crazy that was! Kenneth & Angela ended up winning and in that video that I can’t find again, he said he’d be treating fans to something after he goes to Malaysia (I think). Pictures here at: http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/kennethma2006
  • MK Sun appears yet again in “Your Class or Mine.” I believe this is a first for TVB to guest star the same character in more than one series. Haha..Kenneth really has left a mark w/ MK Sun, because once you see Kenneth as a lawyer w/ that smirk (Money Maker’s Recipe) and now w/ the jean jacket and fake tie, you know it’s MK Sun! If only TVB kept the Top 10 Fav. Characters, I know for sure Kenneth would get something! Maybe he’ll get into Top 5 for Fav. Male Character?! haha.
  • The Four is airing soon and all four guys sing the themesong! They’re gonna film the promo for it soon and Kenneth’s been doing some dubbing for the series! I cannot wait!
  • Two cute guys aw… haha… I’ve noticed that Kenneth & Timmy are like always posting together like this. Well, with Timmy around, at least Kenneth doesn’t hide in the back!


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