Updates on Kenneth’s New Series

September 4, 2008 at 9:30 pm (Uncategorized)

The costume fitting for this ManChor series was held on 9/4/08. The cast inculdes Damien, Kathy, Toby, Kenneth, Angela Tong and Crystal Tin. The Tentative title is: General Chai & Lady Balsam. Kenneth’s role is named Yu Yam Kwok (credits to spcnet.tv).

Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Script: Lu Mei Wan

Kathy Chow, Damien Lau, Kenneth Ma and Toby Leung were present for costume tryout of TVB new series [General Chai And Lady Balsam] (tentative title). Kathy points out that she worked with Damien in [To Where He Belongs] 7 years ago while Damien felt that Kathy has not aged. Kathy also divulged that she she has to stay in Hong Kong to film this series, she will have to separate temporarily with her boyfriend (he is living in Mainland China). Thanks to nowadays technology she can still meet him online. As her schedule was packed till next year, she have not considered marriage at the moment.

In addition, Toby and Kenneth will have a romantic but complicated relationship. However she prefer to be straightforward in real life. When asked if she openly admits her relationship with Ron Ng on Facebook, Toby stressed that it was fake as she doesn’t know how to write Chinese at all.

Credits: Kenneth’s TVB blog, A Way of Thinking, on.cc, Wilson’s Blog

Comments: I’m kinda disappointed in the “look” Kenneth has in this series… I just hope it gets better. Toby looks pretty good though. It looks like they’re too lazy to do Kenneth’s hair so they gave him a hat. I hope he does get rid of it…and has a nice hairstyle! Btw… Kenoby look like good friends. Watch out Ron, 1st Ella and now Toby. Kenneth’s topping all his onscreen chemistry!

A KenSelena Moment:


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