MK Sun appearing in Episodes 18 & 19 in “Your Class or Mine”

September 16, 2008 at 9:43 pm (your class or mine)

Apparently, this time they really do acknowledge that he’s MK Sun. woohoo… Here are the summaries in Chinese…any one care to translate? Sure did miss MK Sun! (haha. Kwan Kwan!)

《尖子攻略》: MK Sun in episodes 18 and 19

Epi 18 (17/9/2008)
Derek goes home to drink after he gets rejected by Sheren. Mimi (his ex wife) decides to call Sheren out to talk after seeing Derek drunk because of Sheren.

Sheren tells Mimi that she no longer has feelings for Derek. She encourages Mimi to go after Derek.
Although Ah Dan (the one who got hit by a car) can’t take the physical exam, he goes to support his two buddies.
Ah Dong goes to the park and meets his father’s old friend. He accidentally overhears that he is not his father’s biological son. Bobby comes home to find Ah Dan and the coach arguing. He finds out that Ah Dong is actually his little brother (blood related). The coach explains to Bobby about what happened back then. Bobby realizes that he has mistaken his mother all along and now he feels bad. Bobby shares his family problems with Sheren and she stays to support him.
Ah Dong leaves home and finds refuge at Alan’s home.

Benny leaves his father’s company and goes to the soccer club to give them some financial support. However, the soccer team does not have enough players. Lawyer MK Sun comes to rescue and agrees to play for the team. During the match, the coach hoped for his son to come but at the same time his son was bought to see Derek.
Derek wanted Ah Dong to leave 「基謹精神」and join his soccer team. He will sponser Ah Dong to go to a University in England. And in return, Ah Dong will play for his team. In the end, thanks to Carol, Ah Dong understands his father. Bobby goes up to Derek’s company, punches Derek, and leaves with Ah Dong.

Epi 19 (18/9/2008)

Ah Dong, the coach, and Bobby are in good terms again. Derek is suing Bobby. Bobby seeks counsel from MK Sun and tells him not to say he is guilty. Sheren goes to console Bobby seeing him so down. Sheren goes to Derek to see if she can change the situation, but Derek says she has to give up her tutoring company and never see Bobby again. For sure, Sheren is disappointed with derek.
Bobby helps Sheren’s tutoring company get a permit. Sheren is happy Bobby still helps here out so much and plans to give the rights to Bobby so he won’t have to go to jail. Bobby admits his guilt and judge penalizes him lightly. Derek wants his soccer team to play Bobby’s team. Sheren goes out with Vincent and Bobby’s name comes up during their conversation, Vincent sees Sheren might care for Bobby more.
Sheren receives a call from Bobby and rushes to see him. They talk about the soccer team and derek’s evil plan. She supports him. Vincent gets anxious and proposes to Sheren. She says no. Sheren tell her sisters and they say she likes Bobby.
Credit: MKMC, Celsius @ AF, annie24 @ AF

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