TVB Anniversary 2008 Nomination List – Top 10

September 30, 2008 at 9:13 pm (tvb anniversary)

Kenneth grabs 3 deserving Nominations!


* = Who I want to win

+ = Who I think will win

^ = Who deserves to win

2008 Nomination List

Best Actor :
Survivor’s Law II – Kenneth Ma*
DIE – Roger Kwok
Catch Me Now – Damian Lau
Forensic Heroes II – Frankie Lam
Love Exchange – Michael Miu
Moonlight Resonance- Ha Yu^
Moonlight Resonance- Moses Chan^
Moonlight Resonance – Raymond Lam+
Your Class Or Mine- Bobby Auyeung
Last One Standing – Kevin Cheng

IMO: It’s between Ha Yu & Raymond. If that is the case, then I’m for Ha Yu. He’s an exceptional actor and well, I don’t think Raymond as good as he is, is ready yet. He’s the hyped winner and so was Tavia, so that proves that hypes don’t always reflect anything. (Though a FungYi win would have been nice!) I think the Top 5 will be: Ha Yu, Raymond, Moses, Roger, and Kevin (They’ll just stick Kevin in there!) While I would love to think Kenneth would be in Top 5, it’s highly unlikely. I just remembered how TVB Generation did an article about “The Ada Effect” and if that were to continue, it should’ve been Michael Miu’s year haha… I don’t see that happen, let’s see if the Ada effect vanishes after her marriage lol!

Best Actress:
War Of In-Laws II – Liza Wang
DIE – Sonija Kwok
A Journey Called Life – Linda Chung
Silver Sorrows Of Chambers – Nancy Sit
Forensic Heroes II – Charmaine Sheh
Speech Of Silence – Kate Tsui
Moonlight Resonance – Lee Si Kei
Moonlight Resonance – Susanna Kwan+
Moonlight Resonance – Michelle Yim^
Your Class Or Mine- Sheren Tang*^

IMO: I think its between the 3 MR ladies – Michelle, Susanna, & LSK. Of the three, I’d like Michelle to win. I’ve always liked her as an actress, not to mention how good she looks for her age! LSK is a great actress, but she’s just that, a great actress but she doesn’t get any exceptionally different roles to play – you just expect her to be great everytime with no surprises (she’s good at doing what she does and that’s it). Susanna is good, but somehow, she still doesn’t come off completely natural to me. She has a different flavor to her and it’s not very TVB actress like. She’s good, but not my cup of tea. Rounding out the Top 5 will be Charmaine & Liza – TVB’s prized. Charmaine is typical Charmaine – good, but FHII won’t get her anything this time. And I hope Liza doesn’t take the award for Ophelia… cuz if that happens…i’ll freak! haha. Another notable mention, Sheren Tang. I’d love to see her win the award – IMO it’s long overdue…she’s an exceptional actress and if she takes it (which won’t happen) I would be totally OK w/ it! Also, I’m really happy to see Sonija on this list. She’s come a long way and improved a lot. I’m glad that despite all the bad press, she’s managed to stand up. She’s not gonna get anything, but at least she’s being recognized as a leading actress aka Fa Dan instead of a vase!

Favourite Male Character
Survivor’s Law II – Kenneth Ma*^
War Of In-Laws II –  Bosco Wong
DIE – Roger Kwok
DIE – Derek Kwok^
Money Maker Recipe – Michael Tse
Moonlight Resonance – Ha Yu^
Moonlight Resonance – Raymond Lam+
Legend Of The Demigods – Sunny Chan
The Four – Ron Ng
Last One Standing – Kevin Cheng

IMO: This is the only award for which I feel Kenneth has a shot at. I’d love to see him win this cuz MK Sun really has become an icon. Of the young actors, I feel that Kenneth is the only one w/ a popular role. This is not about his personal popularity, but instead about the popularity of his role and how that made the actor popular. This would be so fitting! However, tough competition looms in the form of Ha Yu and Raymond. We know if one of them doesn’t get the Male Award, this will be his consolation prize. So…that totally scractches MaMing’s chances. Roger is yet another contender. Kevin will probably round out the Top 5. I’m not sure if Kenneth can make it to the Top 5, though I feel like he should. (I can’t see Bosco or Ron’s characters getting up there…it wouldn’t be deserving IMHO)

Favourite Female Character
Word Twister’s Adventures – Charmaine Sheh+
War Of In-Laws II – Liza Wang
War Of In-Laws II – Myolie Wu
DIE- Yuen Siu Yee
Silver Sorrows Of Chambers – Christine Ng*
Money Maker Recipe – Kiki Sheung
Moonlight Resonance – Lee Si Kei+^
Moonlight Resonance – Susanna Kwan
Moonlight Resonance –  Fala Chen
Legend Of The Demigods – Linda Chung

IMO:If they give this award to Linda or Fala, i’ll faint. literally. For Tavia to not make it into this category is completly ridiculous! This was the award she was suppose to get hands down, but TVB screwed it up, making up stupid rules all of a sudden…they could have changed the limit to 4, who really cares? From the list, I see Susanna and LSK yet again taking the title. H/e, I’m rooting for Christine, but we know she’ll never get it! I don’t see how Susanna could be a Favorite Character, but who knows? I see her taking it. Aside from the two MR ladies, I see Charmaine, Liza, and Kiki/Linda rounding out the Top 5 (Though Christine should be there more so that any of these last few ppl).

Best Supporting Actress:

Joyce Tang (War of In-Laws 2)
Bernice Liu (Wasabi Mon Amour )*
Sharon Chan (Catch Me Now)*
Nancy Wu (The Silver Chamber of Sorrow)*
Claire Yiu ( Speech of Silence )*
Krystal Tin (Love exchange)
Lee Heung Kam (Moonlight Resonance)
Tavia Yeung (Moonlight Resonance)*+^
Fala Chen (Moonlight Resonance)
Kate Tsui (Moonlight Resonance)

IMO: Tavia’s consolidation prize. She shouldn’t even be in this category. We all know she’s a LEADING ACTRESS! I remember an article from way-back-when, when the interviewer mentioned how ppl always see her as the Supporting Actress even when she leads…this is like the sad story of her life, but Fans recognize she’s the Lead so that’s what’s important! Watch Tav not win this one. The fans would be in an uproar, moreso than now – is that what TVB wants to see? (sometimes I wonder…) LHK is a big contender. Who rounds up the top 5? Kate, Fala, and …I really have not a clue -one of the underrated siu fas? All the other ppl in the supporting category (eg Claire, Krystal) deserve to be there more than Kate and Fala. Oh yeah. and Fala won this last year…. that’s offensive to Tavia as well (hand-me-down?). If shouldn’t be like this, but given TVB’s system it is. In like American awards shows, it’s ok to be Lead switch to Supporting and vice versa, but in TVB it’s such a mark of status!

Best Supporting Actor:

Tsui Wing 《 Best Selling Secrets 》*
Stephen Au 《 Best Selling Secrets》
Derek Kwok《 War of In-Laws 2》*
Wayne Lai 《 The Gentle Crackdown II 》*+^
Paul Chun 《 Wasabi Mon Amour 》*
Kenneth Ma 《 The Master of Taichi 》*
Johnson Lee《 Catch Me Now》*+
Chow Chung 《 Moonlight Resonance》
Oscar Leung 《Your Class or Mine》
Lo Chung- Him 《 Your Class or Mine 》

IMO: This should go to Wayne. He deserves it hands-down. Heck, he deserved this years ago! I’d say Johnson has the biggest chance to win though. And, I wouldn’t really mind either. I like many of these guys, I’m torn. Top 5: Wayne, Johnson, Derek, Tsui Wing, Paul. Tsui Wing was wonderful in BSS, gaining immense popularity, and Stephen was good as well (however, i don’t see it going to Stephen). Paul won’t get it. He’s exceptional, but he’s been there, done that before. Derek was deserves the award, but not for this role. Wayne too deserves it but not for this role. Johnson made everyone love BT, so I’d have to say I see him getting it. (he should’ve gotten it for Panda in Split Second, which didn’t do well – I’m so glad he has a 2nd chance to get it!)

Most Improved Female Artist

Tavia Yeung*^, Toby Leung*, Nancy Wu*^, Selena Li*+^, Sharon Chan*^

IMO: I must admit, I Like everyone on this list. haha. how tough it that? This has been the best MI list I have seen in the past years. Except for Tavia being there (she’s so beyond this), everyone’s pretty good. I’d say, Fala should swap this category w/ Tavia (Fav Female Character)! With that said, I want Nancy Wu to win. I just love her and w/ her recent boost of popularity at SCDII (forcing TVB to finally acknowledge her), I think she has a shot. This girl has been consistently great and her fanbase is crazy big for such small roles TVB gives her. The only problem – she doesn’t have enough screentime to show everyone her talents! I love Sharon as well,but I don’t see her getting it – her performance last yr in DD was great, but that failed in ratings so badly, no one acknowledged her! I see Selena Li winning – deservingly so… I wouldn’t mind at all if she did. If Kate & Linda got it for their respective series, then Selena’s award was long overdue! As for Toby, she might win…but I hope she doesn’t. I like Toby (her singing more so) and I see her improvements, but if she beats out all these other ppl with years of hardwork behind them…well ppl will only hate her…and I don’t want that happpening. If they give it to her now, everyone would say it’s cuz of her dad – they should wait a few yrs more…give her a good role and such. Not winning would be a good thing for her! (Btw, where’s Natalie Tong on this list? I expected to see her here instead of some of my faves..I’m kinda glad that TVB decided to go w/ Nancy, Sharon & Selena – they deserve it so much more…i’d like to see Yoyo Chen on this list someday as well…sighs – will that ever happen?)

Most Improved Male Artist
Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee*^, Tsui Wing*^, Derek Kwok*^+, Oscar Leung

IMO: Wow, the MI list looks like the Supporting actor list haha. They don’t have any young guys anymore? was ms lok telling the truth about it being a changed award? haha. Fat Chance. I see them handing this to WCL just as they did to Amigo last yr. (I’m not a fan of WCL – but tvb loves him) What, don’t they have any young siu sangs anymore? What about Chris Lai, Fred Cheng, & Eric Li? Those were names I expected to see on the list, along w/ Stephen Hyunh. It’s kinda refreshing though. If Wayne gets supporting, I’d love Johnson to get this one or Tsui Wing or Derek for that matter. I like Oscar as well..but he’s not ready for it yet. He can wait some time. I’m surprised he got here before Fred though (i like both haha!)!

Most Popular Male/Female Artist (based on Blog rankings)

Please guys, though it’s probably too late, visit Kenneth’s blog whenever u can! Make it ur homepage….haha.

Comments: I’m so proud of Kenneth for his 3 nominations! I’m so happy that he is actually in the top 10 for the Male Actor Awards – they so acknowledged his status! While there’s no chance of him winning anything this year, getting here is honorable enough! If he made it to Top 5, then it’d even be better! I’m glad that of the young generation, MaMing & Ray are the only two considered up there now (who would have thought Kenneth would be there instead of Ron or Bosco?). The only award MK Sun has a chance for is Favorite Male Character and I really want him to win it! MK Sun would be deserving as well. It’s such a different role for Kenneth and he made it (thru his Mom-made fake tie and jean jacket) an icon! If you see that outfit, that smirk and that expression, automatically we know it’s MK, which is quite an accomplishment!

Funny how during The Four‘s costume fitting Selena was saying that after the Most Improved, Kenneth will get Best Actor and he laughed that she would be Most Improved. Now they’re both nominated for those categories! Maybe it’ll happen! haha …lol just dreaming!

I’m really sad for Tavia though. She, like MaMing, was always the underdog of the New Generation. While ppl have recognized their talents, they’re always somehow not promoted like the others. I would never have thought that Kenneth would move up while Tavia would still be stagnant. Tavia’s a talent and we all know it. She doesn’t need a stupid TVB award to prove that! What’s with the Most Improved Award this year? The nominees are all deserving or at least more fitting, but even if like MsLok said, the award has changed, I don’t think Tavia should get it. It’s offensive to her!

Credits: MKMC, AF


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