Kenneth & Angela on “Identity” Episode 8,9 & 10

October 8, 2008 at 1:44 am (angela tong, Identity, timmy hung, toby leung)

Epi 8:

Starts at 6:13 – after the Charlene & Ken Hung 1/2 of the show

Epi 9:

Epi 10:

Comments: Haha. Kenneth and Angela are so cute…Iguess they became good friends during SCDII. They kept acting out the jobs of the ppl. MaMing really does need a crazy woman around him to bring out the fun part of him! Loved Toby & Timmy as well. Those four are crazy together….. and since Toby & Kenneth are working together on a new series, that should be fun!

I loved how when Sammy asked Kenneth what the girl in red looked like and he said “next year’s Miss HK” and Timmy was like “ugh…who can top u?” It was so funny…Kenneth is so flattering and it’s so natural haha… Sammy laughed at how Kenneth is the pro flirter while Timmy’s good at checking out girls! (Timmy, yet again faced w/ the inability to beat MaMing when it comes to girls! 1st Chen Lu and then Grace haha… He just has to keep the girls from meeting Kenneth haha).

I’m glad they won it and honestly, these ppl weren’t too hard to guess. Kenneth is so passive. He let Timmy bully him into doing whatever. Timmy was so emotional haha, while Kenneth’s so calm. I understood Timmy’s reasoning, just as Kenneth did, but no one let Kenneth speak. They were all just so loud and quick to compliment Timmy’s ideas. I actually would have done what Kenneth was about to do. Either way, it would have worked out fine and there would have been a little bit more of suspense that way too. They could have left the safety for the last two ppl and even if its 1/2, they’d get more right? Who knows? But i would’ve submitted to pressure as well, like MaMing. He’s so unconfrontational!

Also, at the very end of the show while the credits were rolling…Kenneth showed his gentlemanly side yet again. The “lovely assistant” Snow, was standing to the side and Kenneth extended his arm in a motion like come over here, stand in front. I guess they were taking pictures or something. Kenneth just waved her in, so she wouldn’t be all alone to the side. It looked very gentlemanly, which makes me wonder how the girls are able to resist him! haha.

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