Kenneth in “The Grand Entrepreneurs” 金錢誘罪

October 15, 2008 at 5:01 pm (bernice liu, series, toby leung)

The official cast of “Money” is Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Kenix Kwok, Anita Yuen, Joe Ma, Nancy Sit, Jaimie Chik, Krystal Tin, Kenneth Ma, Toby Leung –  according to

*Rumor had it that Sunny Chan, Geoffrey Wong, Vincent Wong and  Michael Tao were to be in it too…I guess not?


古靈精探2 (DIE 2)   – Kenneth will guest star
Bernice Liu & Vincent Wong will also be in 金錢誘罪

Angelina Lo & Benz Hui Added to Grand Entrepreneurs

*Credits to LiliBeeBee

Grand Production


Chong Wai Kin & Tommy Leung Ka Shu

Costume Fitting
November 2008

Late 2008 ~ 2009

Comments: I’m so happy that Kenneth got in on his very first Grand Production. I hope this list is accurate! It better be haha… So I guess this means he won’t be in DIE II…but who cares ? haha. As long as he’s in this one. And he’s the only younger generation actor in it! what is this? Tommy Leung trying to make Kenneth and his daughter Toby like a golden couple? Kenoby? lol. Oh well. I hope it’s a good role!

– Updated: OMG…could it be? Could it be? A BK reunion? Is it possible? Is TVB that wonderful? omg… i can’t breathe… but i’m not gonna get my hopes up… I always get let SCDII & how I thought there’d be BK. And Kenneth’s gonna guest star in DIEII which is awesome! Let’s hope its Toby-Vincent and Bernice-Kenneth!


  1. hyn5 said,

    During the filming of the Sales Presentation clip, I think they changed the name of the series from 金裝豪門 to 金錢誘罪.

    If this list is true, I can’t see Ma Ming having a big role in here unless he is playing one of the brother roles.

    I was hoping for a modern series with Ma Ming and Selena, not Ma Ming and Toby. 😦

  2. hyn5 said,

    Wow, I was just going to tell you about Bernice’s name being added to the series. Ha ha… If it’s true, I really hope Bernice is paired up with Ma Ming. Now the chances of Ma Ming pairing up with Toby is only 50%. LOL…

  3. bbfreak said,

    haha thanks hyn5!
    Now I’m awaiting the moment of truth! haha. Grr… hope Toby’s dad doesn’t like MaMing that much to wanna pair him up with his daughter lol..cuz we all know Kenneth is one heck of a guy… I’d want him to be my son-in-law…wait no… I’d take him as my husband! haha….

  4. PattY said,

    Thank you for creating this site. I really like Kenneth. He’s a good actor and a decent person. Hope he’ll advance more in the future. I’ve been his fan ever since Triumph in the Sky. Although his role was a lot smaller than others, I found him pretty cute.

    Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.

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