General Chai & Lady Balsam – Praying Ceremony

October 22, 2008 at 3:32 pm (General Chai & Lady Balsam, toby leung)

POLL PAGE UP – check out the sidebar! Please take some time to check out the polls. I’m gonna start doing a Monthly Poll and the one for November 2008 is up (yesh its too late to count it for october really…) Start voting and all polls attached to articles will be found on that page as well! Enjoy! Results will also go there!

The Praying Ceremony for this series was held, which means it has finished filming! yay! haha. Kenneth looks rather dashing and I was worried that he would have bad hair!

So along w/ “Man in Charge” there are now two Kenneth series ready for airing! I’m excited!

Kenneth also updated his blog w/ a video from the ceremony:

Do visit!

As of right now Kenneth has 64 series aired (at least)… we have to do something when he reaches 70! lol. which at this rate will be soon… anyone wanna help me by providing me w/ pictures/screen caps from his series…i mean all of them…even the rare ones haha… so I can put them together into a video/slideshow to celebrate the big 7-0…haha…if you guys have those pictures and want to help please email me at:

have a nice quality cap/pic and label which series it is… check out the “series page” to see which ones we need (only one cap per series is fine) – I definitely need help w/ all the  ones he’s been cameos in… anyone able to find a picture of him dressed as Siu Keung (War of the Genders)? That one is a must have! haha

Credits: Wilson’s blog.



  1. cami said,

    Wow the 70 series, slideshow sounds like a great idea, umm i;ve got some of he’s lil role pics, but i don’t specificity know what series it is,
    btw valli…is there an e-mail i can send then to you at?

  2. bbfreak said,

    yay! cami…great… u can send them to me @


  3. Carmen said,

    haha, I was a bit worried that he would have a funny/weird/strange hair style for this series! I’m glad it looks fine! haha

    Screen caps eh? I don’t have any, but ask around at MKMC!

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