TVB Weekly Issue #591: “The Four” The Final Battle

October 24, 2008 at 12:18 am (raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

Note: The only parts translated are those involving Kenneth. This is not a full translation.

Picture 1: Main Cover – “The Four” The final battle

Picture 2: Table of Contents

Picture 3: “The Four” – Four in One (Ron & Sammul)

Picture 4: (Kenneth & Raymond) The 3 paragraphs there just gives a general overview of the storyline, and which actor/actress is acting as which character.

Picture 5: Raymond and Sammul talks about what they think about their character; and what happens to them in the end of the story.

Picture 6: “Metal Hand” – The Mediator (A peace-keeper)
Kenneth has a few similar characteristics as Metal hand; Metal Hand is a very honest and sincere; good-natured person, he acts as a neutralizer in the story. Kenneth said “In comparison to Heartless’ aloofness, Cold Blood’s cruelness, and Chase’s cheeriness, out of the four of them Metal Hand seems like the only one without any personal characteristics.  However, this is actually what makes Metal Hand the special character he is; friendly and “down-to-earth,” hence he always acts as the mediator in the group.”
This is the first time that Kenneth has to do fight scenes (kung fu).  Kenneth said “This is the first time (doing kung fu) since entering into the industry; in the past I acted as “Gan Yun Geen” in “My Master is Wong Fei Hong”, there were some kung fu involvement, but it had elements of comedy in it.  But this time it is a real kung fu movie/drama, so this is a big challenge.  Because I’m tall, every move/action I do involves me to stretch far and wide in order to create the required visual effect, and by doing so, it makes my fist manoeuvres more strong and tough.  I’m not very satisfied with my performance this time, everything was learned instantly (accelerated course); I hope I can improve more for the kung fu scenes in the future.”

“Metal Hand” – Ending – Brotherhood
The four of them had gone through a lot in order to achieve the brotherhood that they have now, however they are about to face a rupture on the relationship.  Kenneth said “the recent cases revealed that Metal Hand and Heartless actually has a unique association due to their family backgrounds; the two families are enemies.  Smart viewers would have noticed that at the beginning of the drama there was a part dealing with the two families, due to some misunderstanding, trying to kill each other off; Metal Hand and Heartless happens to be the descendents of the two family.  Plus with the “help” (inciting one against the other) from the “enemy spy” Song Gee Yin, our hatred for each other deepened.  The ending is to see how the four of us, not being brothers anymore, pull back together and team up to congregate our last battle, to elaborate the brotherhood in order to save each other.” (OMG!!! This paragraph is really hard to translate!!!)
Caption on the picture: Kenneth explains that Metal Hand’s hands can be injured by weapons, but because there are two little shields on his gloves that blocks it for him.  Seeing his own performance in the kung fu scenes, Kenneth feels really surprised and says “looks like I’m able to do pretty well for kung fu scenes, it is a big satisfaction (fulfillment).”

Picture 7: Raymond talks about Kenneth
“Although I’ve partnered with Kenneth a few times, we never had opportunities to actually act in the same scene with each other.  But this time we have a lot of screen time together.  In comparison to the three of us, Kenneth is mild-mannered/urbanely/suave, he usually doesn’t talk much.  This time during the filming process we got to know each other more (during play time while goofing around).  We would talk and laugh non-stop.  The major achievement this time was being able to “open up” Kenneth’s mouth (making Kenneth talk more).”

Picture 8: Ron talks about Kenneth
“I’ve partnered with Kenneth twice, although we don’t have a lot of scenes together, I can see major improvements in him.  He completed the actor training course, and has not learnt any kung fu or dancing skills, but you can see that when he does the fight scenes he knows what he’s doing and does it well.  You can see that other than his acting skills, he has matured a lot in other areas as well.  He does not feel that he is at a disadvantage because of the personality his character has, instead because every character has a different personality there can be attractive chemistry effects.”

Picture 9: Sammul talks about Kenneth
“I feel that Kenneth has become broad-minded and outspoken (optimistic).  When we first met, he was really shy and didn’t speak much.  This time around he is able to bond into (get along) our big family.  When we were filming “Triumph into the Skies” he doesn’t dare to play with us, this time he has learned/willing to joke with us and knows when to “fight back” when necessary.  Over the years, I’m able to see him improve in many different areas.”

Picture 10: Kenneth – Matured
Looking back, Kenneth is gratified that they’ve all matured. Kenneth says “thinking back to when we were filming “Triumph into the Skies” we were all new to the industry, all of us were very nervous.  Every time when we film the most important part was to fully delivery our lines and that was it.  Now after 5 years we’re able to work together again to film “The Four” and indeed we’ve all matured a lot, especially for our acting.  After getting our script we should discuss about it, we’ll do some pre-runs, and work out any kinks and make changes until everything is smooth.  This would be a hard task to accomplish if we didn’t have “unspoken consensus” (“muk ka-ie”).”

Kenneth talks about Raymond

“Haven’t partnered with Raymond a lot, even when we were both filming “La Femme Desperado” we didn’t have any scenes together, strictly speaking this is the first time we’ve filmed together, where we had so many parts together.  In the past I see more of his performance.  Remembering to the time when we were filming “Eternal Happiness” I was only a scholar, and he was already one of the main characters.  He had good control of his sword.  I think he is fit for ancient roles.”

Kenneth talks about Sammul
“Sammul is just like Chase, usually talks a lot, knows how to create a good atmosphere, in comparison I don’t talk as much.  But working with him is great, there wouldn’t be any boredom.  I just need to stand on the side to listen, and laugh together with them all; I really enjoy this type of happy and relaxing work environment.”

Kenneth talks about Ron
“Ron wouldn’t have a straight face just because he is playing the role Cold Blood, when filming he would look really cruel and not say a single word, but once the camera stops his own personality will come right back.  Because of Cold Blood it has caused him to hold back/depressed/constrained, he needs to be released (set free from Cold Blood’s personality).  For a person like him broad minded and outspoken, having them to stop and be silent and not speak is really hard on them.”

Credits: Carmen @ MKMC (Carmen, We really appreciate your translation! Thanks again!),

Note from Carmen: Please note that this is not an official translation of the article itself.  There may be some mistakes, and minor errors on the translation.  I’ve tried my best to include everything and not to make any alteration to the original meaning; however there had been a few parts that I had to change a little in order to make the content “flow” better.  Please excuse me for any English grammar errors or word choice I’ve made. Thanks!

Another version of the translated magazine w/ the Raymond Parts and soon all the other parts translated can be found here:


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