Kenneth Promoting SLII in Mandarin

October 26, 2008 at 6:01 pm (survivor's law II)

Comments: Is it me or does Kenneth look really cute in this clip? haha… There is no way Kenneth is that pale…. is it the lighting? He doesn’t look half bad pale…lol. But I typically like guys that are dark, they look more manly! Just curious…does anyone know if Kenneth is just naturally tanned from playing soccer or does he do tanning light? I hope it’s natural lol. I remember seeing a pic of him behind the scenes and he had a  very obvious tan line, so I figure his tan is natural? Hehe.. i remember I started thinking about this after Steven Ma said in an interview during the filming of TBOL that he gets his own tan from tanning lights.

Aw…SLII is Kenneth’s favorite series now… I remember when it used to be SP….


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