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October 26, 2008 at 7:33 pm (Uncategorized)

So I’m feeling really creepy right now since I’ve been Toby-blog stalking…yesh that’s like beyond facebook-stalking haha! ah..the things I do for u, Kenneth…lol… so here we go – her newest update!

The gals at maldives!!!

I have been so busy lately filming that i havent really taken any new pics, so here are some old pics that i took before filming!!! These pics were taken at maldives a little trip i had be4 i started wk, my little getaway with friends!!! We had great fun and its where i got the great tan from!!! I miss that color, i miss maldives!!!

Got to spend more time with Angela, thats when i scared her, calling her mama the hole trip and i met a crazy new friend, Rene!!! The crazy pack!!!!

Will sure take more pics soon!! Me and ma ming, filming!!!!


Well, she mentions Kenneth and says she’ll take more pix soon…lol… ah… but isnt the series finished filming? Or maybe she just never got to posting this blog entry…who knows. I was disappointed that she said she didn’t get to take many pix due to her busy filming schedule…hm…. Hoping for some MaMing pix! Will continue Toby-blogstalking!

Btw, Kathy Chow has a blog as well…if anyone’s interested. She’ll probably post more abt the new series…someone out there keep a watch out for her blog…it’s in Chinese so if u know how to read and spot something..u know who to tell ~me…lol~

Screencaps from site:

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  1. Carmen @ MKMC said,

    Sadly Kathy Chow’s blog did not mention anything about Kenneth >_<

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