Kenneth Ma and Selena Li’s Mutual Connection

October 31, 2008 at 7:09 pm (interviews, selena li)

Please note that this is not an official translation of the article.  There may be some mistakes, and minor errors on the translation.  I’ve tried my best to include everything and not to make any alteration to the original meaning; however there had been a few parts that I had to change a little in order to make the content “flow” better.  Please excuse me for any English grammar errors or word choice I’ve made. Thanks!

Selena welcomes Kenneth to launch a pursuit of her, smiling she says she doesn't mind multiple pursuers

Kenneth has worked with Selena Li and Kate Tsui numerous times, and Kenneth has been paired up with each of them in different series. However when asked to pick between the two “onscreen girlfriends,” Kenneth honestly says that he likes Selena more, implementing “love Selena, give up Kate.”

Kenneth and Selena paired up again as a couple in TVB’s “The Four”

The two of them have worked together as a couple over 5 times.  The number of times they’ve worked together is no fewer than the times Kenneth has worked with his “rumor girlfriend” Kate. However, if he had to the pick between the two “onscreen girlfriend,” Kenneth likes Selena more, and announces that Selena’s personality/characteristics matches his taste. She has the quality/criteria that is required for his being his girlfriend.

Kenneth agrees that Selena is very delicate, fitting all the qualities he's looking for in a wife

He likes girls that are 小 鳥 伊 人
(gentle/weak, feminine, demure; pinyin: “siu liu yi yan” ).
Kenneth says: “Between Selena and Kate, I will pick Selena, because she gives me the feeling of being quiet, polite, and elegant. In contrast, Kate gives the impression that she is strong, has her own opinions, but I like “soft/gentle” type of girls. (What’s the criteria/characteristics for you when choosing a girlfriend?) Long hair, small/tiny (physical size), 小 鳥 伊 人, but can’t be too shy/quiet, because I’m too quiet/shy. (Selena suits you then?) Yeah, too bad she already has a “rumor boyfriend” Patrick Tang!”

She doesn’t mind a lot of guys fighting for her
As for Selena, she agrees that Kenneth’s physical appearance matches well with hers, that they really are a perfect onscreen couple. She says: “Kenneth seems like a really dependable guy (down to earth) and he gives others the impression that he is a “home/family” type of guy. As for me, I seem really quiet/polite/elegant, I don’t have too many rumors, and can be considered a good girl.  Hence, Kenneth and I match up pretty well. (Kenneth complemented that you’re quiet/gentle?) There’s a tough (bold/strong) side of me. I sometimes sit with my leg up, but while I was in Canada, I was really poised, maybe because life in Canada is kind of simple. I fit his criteria for a girlfriend? Is that for real? I think Kenneth is very good looking. (He said too bad you have Patrick?) I don’t mind being fought over for by a lot of guys!”

Kenneth & Selena have been paired together over five times, developing a deep connection worth full points

Credit: Carmen @ MKMC (translation), bbfreak (editor – sry may have further changed the arrangement), captions from babelfish (currently)

**For another version of the translation, Selena’s Fansource has theirs up as well: (aw…Lizzy beat me to posting this up! lol.)

**Other version:

Happy Halloween guys!

Comments: Finally, I’m commenting on this article haha. First off, KenSelena are so darn cute together! Actually, of all of Kenneth’s costars, I’ve always imagined Selena to be the closest to “his type.” I don’t know why, I just always thought Kenneth would like the more gentle good girls and Selena seemed the most like that. I guess I was right. Too bad she has Patrick or she is ‘rumored’ to have him anyways. Why oh why? Kenneth is the better catch in my opinion! I’m OK with Patrick, but for some reason I always imagined him as being too witty and somehow party boy like (kinda like Timmy Hung, but not exactly). I have a strange feeling that Kenneth’s super picky about his ideal girl lol. OMG. Noooooo…Kenneth likes little girls?! Haha. that sounded wrong, I meant like short girls? Is that what he means? I hope that’s not true (that just pops my dreams about BK), but then again, any girl standing next to Kenneth can be considered little as long as she’s below 5’10” (wishful thinking). Bernice isn’t too shy, and I feel that, despite her Westernized personality, she’s pretty feminine  (she has her cutesy/flirty voice). Anyways, it’s ok. That’s just his ideal girl, not necessarily who he dates. Btw, Linda Chung also seems to fit all the qualities, except she too is a little on the tall side.

Btw, does any one know what Month on the 2009 TVB Calendar Kenneth’s gonna be on? Who’s betting we’ll see KenSelena on the same month?!



  1. Carmen said,

    haha, I think babelfish has done a better job on translating the captions than I have!!!

    and o my! I really like that banner you’ve posted!
    You should really share of some your stuff on KMKC!

  2. hyn5 said,

    Wouldn’t it be great to see Ma Ming, Selena, and Bernice in the same calendar? It just takes me back to “TVB’s 39th Anniversary,” where Ma Ming came out as a judge along with Selena, Leanne Li, Kate, Bernice, Anne Heung, and Linda Chung as lawyers. Ha ha ha…


  3. hyn5 said,

    Shirley revealed that she will be in the calendar with Yoyo Mung, Lai Lok
    Yi, and MA MING! He is not with Selena or Bernice 😦

  4. bbfreak said,

    Yeah, so disappointed that he’s not in it w/ Bernice / Selena…

    yet another yr w/ Lok Yi and Yoyo… are they under the same manager? no they arent’… cuz i remember yoyo’s w/ ray, sharon, and bernice….. so why are they always together? I wouldn’t say it’s becuz of status so why? lol

  5. bbfreak said,

    oh yea, i remember that …. i remember being very upset at the gap bt BK…. wish they get to perform for anniversary together..i was hoping they’d dance together, but there’s no hope 😦

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