Radio Interview w/ Sharon Chan & Old TVBpeople Clip

November 12, 2008 at 3:48 am (interviews, sharon chan)

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This interview was really cute. Sharon was a guest host for the show and had previously invited her “family” onto the show including younger sister Rain Li, Older Sis Christine Ng, and Big Bro Joel Chan. So the host asked her who the tall handsome guy this time was and Sharon said that he isn’t her brother/sister. The host then asked if he’s her lover then, and she said no, that he was her good friend Kenneth.

They welcome him onto the show and the hosts pokes fun at him, saying that she heard that he doesn’t talk much, that he’s really introverted. And he replied that he is w/ a chuckle and also said he doesn’t know what to say (he’s so cute!)

The host asked Sharon if Kenneth’s really that shy and she said he is, but not with her (aw…). Kenneth was asked whether he has very few ‘female friends’ and he said Yes. (Wow, I always thought Kenneth had a lot of female friends, but turns out he has more guys friends. I guess Kenneth’s just one of those ppl with lots of friends, but only a few close friends..and the really close ones just happen to be guys. It just so happens that his female friends like Nancy, Myolie, and Selena talk more about him as opposed to the guys)

Haha, the host even mentioned that his voice is very… …however you say it. And Sharon chimes in to say he sings very well.

They talk about how they met, and Sharon even said at first Kenneth didn’t really speak to her and she had to initiate convo during the filming of Dreams of Colours. (Kenneth said that they were not close when he “guest starred as Sharon’s bf in Survivor’s Law & Summer Heat etc….he later corrected himself saying that it wasn’t guest-starring since he was an extra back then – he’s so humble) Sharon said that Kenneth took care of her during DOC and though he didn’t teach her stuff, he gave her advice and they talked alot.

The host laughed at Kenneth for being “cool” for not talking to Sharon and he said he wasn’t that he just didn’t know what to say. Sharon went into saying that it’s hard to find friends in the industry, but Kenneth and her relationship will never change. They wish the best for each other and she would message him when he has a new series and comment on it. It’s funny how when Kenneth was saying that Sharon is one of the few ‘girl’ friends he has that he is actually brave enough to really talk to, the host asked him why he’s afraid to talk to girls.  Sharon says Kenneth treats her as a boy and laughs that Kenneth’s too shy to talk to girls.

Kenneth keeps looking to Sharon for guidance and Sharon tells him to speak himself. Kenneth admits that they share secrets and Sharon says he knows she’d never tell anyone about his secrets. Sharon also feels that Kenneth is very dependable, but not doesn’t give her a brother feeling like Joel does. Yet, she doesn’t feel like he’s a girl, he’s just a very special person that she wants to tell things to …a listener…

Sharon says she would be truly happy if Kenneth became “big” and that if he ever got an award, she would cry. She says that she would be very happy for everyone she cared about (aw..that’s so sweet).

When asked whether they would ever like each other, Kenneth says he doesn’t know (haha. the typical awkward Kenneth answer). He also says she knows too much about him though.

The host asked whether Kenneth can cook, but he said he couldn’t. Sharon said it would be plus if a guy learned to cook for u. (Kenneth said he’d learn to cook for a girl he really liked) She also said that in DOC, thanks to the script for saying she doesn’t like Kenneth as much as he likes her, or else she would have fallen for him (haha. Sharon just knows how to make Kenneth awkward).

Sharon laughs that the show has become a dating show, and the host laughs saying that she was just trying to see how quiet Kenneth can keep. Sharon says that whenever you say things like this, Kenneth can’t even look at me…(haha…too cute).

They laugh at how Kenneth likes Donald Duck. His mom’s fav cartoon is also Donald Duck. Sharon would buy stuff for him when she sees them but feels like shes buying stuff for her nephews. His Mom bought him his first Donald Duck during a Japan trip in 1985 (wow that’s older than me!) and he’s liked it since then.

They say that Kenneth is very loyal/faithful and the host says that’s adding points. Sharon says she always knew that Kenneth was loyal, faithful, and filial…and she keeps selling him. Kenneth admits that he talks to Donald Duck (and the girls were like “He’s so cute…”) and that his Mom and him have bday parties for them.

haha. I think Sharon was beginning to be a little creeped out by the Bday parties and that his Mom treats it like her grandson (haha. Kenneth needs to get married and have a baby soon or else! haha. )

The host asked what type of girl Sharon thinks Kenneth likes and she was like, I’ve always though he likes girls w/ long hair, not too fat/thin, and kinda “cute”… (Sharon say that that was only her opinion that Kenneth should stop pouting and he replies that he wasn’t pouting, he was just thinking…)..not like ‘retarded’ cute…but like a cute face…. and absolutely has to be very filial like him!

The host further ask Sharon to take some time to think which TVB actress she thinks is most like Kenneth’s type (telling her to disregard Kenneth’s feelings)

Kenneth admits that Sharon is sorta right about his type, but that he’s not big on looks…that as long as she’s OK looking to him then it’s fine. He’s actually afraid of girls that are too pretty. He remembers he had two classmates w/ really pretty gfs (they were mixed – oh so Kenneth thinks mix girls are hott?) and they were very hard to get along with. So he has that impression of pretty girls. He’s more into personality and he likes girls that are more “simple” (innocent).

Sharon’s answer: the slimmed down Myolie Wu. (Sharon was so nice to him, I don’t think she really meant it because she follows up by selling “To Grow With Love” saying that he’s chasing after her in the series and must feel someting for her right now) – the host laughs that Sharon is being soft on him!

Kenneth’s reply: He’s afraid to say whether Myolie’s his type (They laugh that he’s afraid of fighting w/ someone..and he say’s that’s one point)  Also, he’s had very few scenes w/ Myolie until TGWL and they’ve been very plain friends …and he’s doesn’t really understand her very well ( like they’re not really close close)…

Sharon tells the host to stop asking Kenneth and the host says that she’s not gonna ask anymore that her conclusion is: Myolie is “no” and Sharon is “don’t know.” The host also says that Kenneth is not bad to talk to …actually he’s very enjoyable to talk to.

Aw…that is such a funny interview. I’m surprised to learn that Kenneth and Myolie aren’t that close. I guess they are just “friends” not “very good friends” like Sharon and Kenneth where they can share secrets. Kenneth is too cute for words. Note, this interview was during the airing of TGWL so that’s like 2006? That was before Kenneth got his Most Improved Award and Sharon seemed to already know (I guess it was very hyped up)…and said she’d be very happy for him if he got ! I wonder if she cried cuz we know that Yoyo teared up when Kenneth got it! I was really expecting Sharon to give an honest answer, but then again, she wouldn’t sell Kenneth out like that (or else he wouldn’t trust her like he does)! Weirdly, Sharon does fit all his characteristics, except I do feel she’s a little bit too extroverted for him …he may like not “too-shy” girls, but Sharon’s a little bit of a party-girl (It’s so amazing how Kenneth can be friends w/ Timmy, Sharon, Angela, Toby, and Christine, who are all such crazy extroverted ppl!)

I’m glad they are such great friends! I’d love to see them in a series together again (playing best friends or a couple)! I can’t believe I’ve never heard this interview before!


The girls voted Kenneth & Kenny as the hottest. Kenny poked fun at how all the girls were staring dreamily as Kenneth walked out, saying that he looked so cool. (right click and click play)




  1. Jessica said,

    Wow me neither never heard this interview. Gonna listen to it later though. I guess it’s only right that She didn’t tell us what girl would fit Kenneth. It’s really hard to imagine what kind of girl he likes.

  2. bbfreak said,

    Hey, Jessica. thanks for commenting…. u should comment more haha…lol and join us in the chat room…

    yup. I’m surprised I’ve never heard this interview too…what a good find… Yup. I do wonder now what kind of girl Kenneth likes haha.

  3. Carmen said,

    Can’t wait to hear the interview…
    but just a comment first….about Kenneth being friends with Timmy, Christine, etc.
    From past intervviews and stuff, Kenneth admits that he can be very playful and all, just that he’ll only act that way when he’s with close friends, or people that he’s been around with for a period of time. and I guess dancing with the same group of ppl, you’re bound to get to know each other more. haha~

  4. Carmen said,

    haha~ o wow, the Donald Duck part was so funny to listen to! (Although I knew about the Bday parties) It was a surprise to find out that Kenneth would actually talk to his Donald Duck!!

  5. Carmen said,

    if its okay with you, can I repost the mp3 file onto MKMC? or you should post it up, so that more people can hear it if they haven’t already =)

    • bbfreak said,

      haha..the files not really mine so i guess u could repost it w/ credits to the sharon webby! 🙂 omg i so happy there’s a reply button now…i wonder if u’ll get this!

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