TVB Sales Presentation 2009

November 12, 2008 at 3:10 pm (bernice liu, grand entrepreneurs, kate tsui, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, toby leung, tvb sales presentation 2009)

For More Pix, Please visit:

First off, I can’t wait to see the Sales Presentation. When will someone put it up?!
OMG. Kenneth was standing behind Bernice in the line-up! Too bad he walked out w/ Kate instead. Bernice was so close…so close… If only Kenneth and Sammul got to switch partners!

Why Couldn’t it be like this? (Did Kenneth walk the red carpet alone?)

Maybe Kenneth and Bernice will get to walk the red carpet together in the Awards Presentation since she walked in w/ Sammul and Kate this time? (wishful thinking) Is there time to rally? Someone go on the Chinese forums and start a BK rally! haha. Maybe TVB’ll hear our prayers?!

Kenneth took part in a dance number with the guys and Bernice danced w/ the girls.
Here are some pix of the sexy guys from Joe Ma’s blog… (Click on the pix, they are superbig!)

More: (with Kenneth)

*Aw Kenneth took off his tattoo really quickly, he said he reapply it later haha!

So does this mean that Sammul is contracted now? I’m so confused. lol. I’m not sure if BK are even in the Grand Entrepreneurs clip and I wouldn’t be shocked if they weren’t, considering that they don’t always put everyone in the series in the clip esp. when they aren’t the leads.

Can’t wait for the complete clip! Looks so good.

More pix:

Someone posted the 2009 Programme Book and it’s looking like a very Ron-full year! There is currently no Kenneth 😦 but only part of the booklet is up and he still has his unaired series.

Video from Tsui Wing’s Blog:

Let’s just say Toby-blog stalking was not wasted! haha. Finally I found something!

Another pic from her blog:

Is that Kenneth’s face on that magazine in the back (to the right of Toby’s shoulder)? What mag is that? haha.

TVB Calendar Update: Kenneth’s on May 2009 with Yoyo, Shirley & Chris. (He’s always w/ Chris & Yoyo lol)

Credit:, Toby’s blog, Joe Ma’s Blog, Tsui Wing’s blog, MKMC



  1. Lighto said,

    I don’t like Kate’s dress and the way they tied her hair, made her looks so old.
    Bernice just looks great ❤

    I haven’t watch MaMing’s performance yet but lmao, what’s with the tattoo? XD
    Anyway, I’m a new fan of MaMing and it’s great to see him having blog dedicating to him here ❤

    Thanks for translating all his news/interviews and sharing his clips.

  2. bbfreak said,

    Lighto: Welcome to KMKMF! We love new fans ! (haha. don’t get creeped out)
    join us in the chat box or come here more often!

    So how did u start liking Kenneth?

    yeah that tatoo is weird haha…

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