J2 and Scoop Clips of Sales Presentation & other interesting clips

November 13, 2008 at 5:44 pm (kate tsui, Sammul Chan, videos)

Haha. At the end of the 2nd Clip, Sammul just bursts out laughing after Kenneth said something about “anything’s ok”… I wonder what that was about.. haha. It’s so cute how Kenneth keeps rubbing his arm…he’s like trying to get it off? (Apparently I babelfished some comment about Sammul revealing that Kenneth has chest hair on J2? Is that correct or was that a totally confused translation haha?)

Other youtube clips from this user has a lot of behind the scenes stuff..like Kenneth videos at random functions and some from SCDII

Hm..we see Nancy & Nathan as well as Myolie haha! Cute

More here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=WinnieLucky&view=videos

(not all of them are Kenneth so check them out!)

Lau Dan complimenting Kenneth & Kate

Too bad this clip was cut short (anyone have the rest of the clip?), but Kate was talking about Speech of Silence and Carlo was asking her about her collaboration with Kenneth. Near the end of the clip, she said that she likes working w/ Kenneth cuz even when he/she aren’t being filmed (closeup), he/she would still give emotions so the other person can get into the role. Carlo laughed and asked Kate if maybe MaMing only does that for her, and she got a little defensive, saying…I believe Kenneth’s a very professional actor, don’t say that about him!

Credits: Chankinfung.com


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