More Sales Presentation & “Grand Entrepreneurs”

November 13, 2008 at 12:27 am (General Chai & Lady Balsam, grand entrepreneurs, tvb sales presentation 2009)

*Who’s the girl Kenneth’s sitting next to? I saw a picture of Bernice speaking to this mysterious girl? haha. she has her face all covered!

Wait, Sammul got to walk in w/ Bernice & Kate while Kenneth gets to walk in with these ppl? offense but what in the world?! I love Wayne and all, but I hope TVB isn’t demoting Kenneth….

As much as I ❤ Kenneth, I felt that he looked weird on the night of the presentation from the looks of the pictures. Something about his make up…looked like he was artificially tanned or something. I just can’t place it and the hair was weird. He looked so good just a day or two ago at the Bella Anniversary function (I liked his hair and look there)! Oh well. I liked how he looked at the praying ceremony in his white zip up though. His hair was very simple and looked cute as well. I think we’ve seen him in that zip up before? Was it in black before or the same one?

Grand Entrepreneurs

For all those who have been wondering… we do see Kenneth and Bernice in the presentation according to this screen capture!

General Chai & Lady Balsam

Apparently, the Sales Presentation 2009 won’t be aired until 11/19, so we’ll have to wait til then to see these clips!

For a list of the series in the Sales Presentation go here (Chinese):

Here’s a something I found on

Wow, I’m completely shocked that Sammul voted for Kenneth for Best Actor! I’m not shocked that Ella voted as she did because he was her costar. While Sammul may have wanted to support MK Sun and SLII, well quite frankly, I didn’t think he’d vote against the tide! haha. Go Sammul! lol. I guess that totally dispells the rumor about them not being friends! As for those who voted Kenneth for Best Supporting, we obviously know that they voted for him because they like him/good friends with him. There is no way, they really think Mai Fung Nin from Tai Chi is really deserving…they just would like to see him  get something since they like him! He’s a good actor, but not really ready for Best Actor Yet.

Now that I think about it, Ella made some really odd choices. haha. She chose Linda for Best Actress? Toby for Most Improved and Bernice for Best Supporting? Tsui also for Best Supporting… I guess she went with her friends? Also kinda surprised that Loretta Chow chose him for Best Supporting…

Timmy obviously just went down the list choosing ppl he’s best friends with. lol. Not that they’re not deserving, but you can tell there’s a biased. lol.


Screencaps of Grand Entrepreneurs:

Screencaps of General Chai & Lady Balsam:



  1. hyn5 said,

    That girl with a scarf over her face is Toby Leung. Toby is sitting beside Ma Ming. LOL!

  2. bbfreak said,

    haha…Toby..i kinda knew it…

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