TVB 41st Anniversary

November 15, 2008 at 11:52 pm (grand entrepreneurs, kate tsui, Man In Charge, nancy wu, Ron Ng, selena li, tvb anniversary, videos)

Aritcle & Video about Kenneth making it to Top10:

Video of Kenneth speaking in Mandarin post award ceremony:

*In the video Kenneth mentioned that “Man In Charge” will be airing soon and that he will work on a challenging series. I’m not sure which one he means. I couldn’t hear too clearly and I don’t know Mandarin. But I think he means, Grand Entrepreneur. I wonder if he’ll get to be a villain since he said it was challenging…can’t wait! Kenneth is so cute!

To download the show:

and on megavideo:

First off, I have not seen the show yet, but I know the results now. Kenneth looked so hott in his outfit. Very nice outfit. It was classic yet unique. I didn’t have high hopes for what he would choose to wear, but this totally shocked me. I love the hair as well. He didn’t gel it all the way up. I like it both ways, but this was different. (did he perm his hair too? Well it doesn’t look weird so that’s good) I love the tie. Simple yet charming! The gems were cute. He totally outshined Ron haha (who was plagued not only by a shaved head, but FUR! OMG. Well then again, Kenneth pulled off fur the year he won so…) I kinda knew he’d walk w/ Kate or Selena, but I didn’t know he’d walk with both haha. One for the carpet and one for the entrance and Ron was with him both times. That’s an interesting combination. I’m so upset that Bernice didn’t show up for the Anniversary, I hope that doesn’t mean anything bad. (She better still be in on the Grand production w/ Kenneth!)

I’m pretty satisifed w/ the results with minor exceptions, but it’s definitely a lot better than last year! Very happy w/ Paul Chun and his award, maybe Benz Hui will get one of those someday, cuz I don’t think he’ll ever get the Best Supporting! Very happy for all the deserving winners!
So happy that MK Sun made it into Top 5 for Most Favorite Male Character! I wonder what Kenneth got to say cuz from the screen caps it looks like Amigo went up and asked them stuff. Wonder what they said in the entrace as well! Also, he’s very good w/ escorting it seems (maybe it’s the years of practice when he was a cameo where they had to escort Award Presenters out). His posture, the angle of his arm and everything looked so charming….especially (no offense) compared to Ron who stood with not as great posture or maybe it was the fur…haha. I just realized he looks so charming because he walks with one arm in back! Is Kenneth getting into his Hugo character again? Oh well, I hope he looks like that for Grand Entrepreneurs! hehee…

1st pic – Interesting, a think a fan pointed out Kenneth, yes back there, behind Kate (you can see his hair) and it seems he’s talking to Nancy? (the shoulder w/ the long thin strap) Here’s a pic for comparison of the shoulder hahaWas it me, or was there a lot of very low, cleavage showing dresses this year? It seems like everyone, who we never expected to have much, all of a sudden had a “lot” that night lol.

2nd pic – Kenneth in the back, blurred as Paul was receiving his award (go Paul!)

Credits: AF, MKMC, Selena Fansource


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  1. hyn5 said,

    Bernice is not in the 40 episodes series anymore. Ma Ming said so himself. Now, Sharon will be in it. TVB arrange for Bernice to be in a Western movie, that is why she wasn’t at the awards ceremony. No Ma Ming and Berncie! šŸ˜¦

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