TVB Anniversary and Sales Presentation Updates

November 15, 2008 at 1:09 am (selena li, sharon chan, tvb anniversary, tvb sales presentation 2009, videos)

Video from Sharon’s blog (Praying Ceremony for Award Presentation 11/15):

They are very cute! Glad that I heard their interview right before seeing them appear together again! haha. they are such good friends. Sharon threatens to disown Kenneth if she finds out he didn’t vote for her. He said he did and when Sharon said that he’s getting an award tonight, Kenneth was like “No, you are.” Sounds a lot like the conversation Myolie mentioned in an article that she and Kenneth had in 2006…and what happened then? He got an award! I don’t think we’ll have such luck this year! 😛

Download videos of the Sales Presentation Entertainment News converage:

Aw… Kenneth an Sharon look so compatible. Kenneth said he’ll match whatever Sharon wears…does that mean they’re walking the carpet together? They’ve walked in together several times before, but never the red carpet…I wouldn’t mind, but really do wish it were BK for once. He’s walked w/ Kate, Fala, Sharon, on different occasions…how about BERNICE?!

More pix:

Credits: MKMC,, Sharon’s blog


You can find the Citywalk 2008 CNY Show that has Kenneth in it here. I haven’t seen it yet, but I believe Selena & Vivien Yeo were there as well! They all played games



  1. Jessica said,

    they do look compatible! Haven’t seen these two together since Dreams of Colour. It’d be interesting if they can pair up again.

  2. bbfreak said,

    Yeah. I used to be a big Sharon – Kenneth fan and then I fell for BK and there was no turning back…

    they look very compatible…now that I think abt it…they even look like siblings…ahha what a weird thot

  3. TVB Anniversary Tidbits & Mourning over No BK Part II « Kenneth Ma Fanpage- So Adorable, So Amazing! said,

    […] Kenneth is just beyond cute. In the Sales Presentation interview clips, you see Kenneth lurking over Christine’s shoulder! Majorly creepy and cute! haha. (This clip was from, which I posted a link to here.) […]

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