Toby Blog Stalking Part III – TVB Anniversary and Updates on “Grand Entrepreneurs”

November 16, 2008 at 9:04 pm (bernice liu, General Chai & Lady Balsam, grand entrepreneurs, sharon chan, toby leung, tvb anniversary)

aWarD NitE!!!!

Ma ming & moi

mA mIng sooooooOO cuTe!!!!

Haha. Toby really does like Kenneth! She said he was cute! He looks so shy. I see another hand on Sonija’s arm, I bet he was surrounded by the ladies, that’s why he looked so shy! haha. aw…Sonija was there too, reminds me of DIE. Maming is simply irresistible! (Aha! I somehow knew it was Sharon standing there!)

Other blog entries on the show:


More pix:

Yin’s pix post Awards Presentation:

Videos of Fans waiting for Kenneth after the show:

He said that there are about two weeks left of filming for ‘General Chai’ (haha. poor Toby will be heartbroken…) He is anticipating the Grand production with Gallen and is really excited since he will be playing Gallen’s younger brother! yay. he’s one of the brothers. I think someone in the forums almost mentioned he’s confirmed to die midway and that something about DIE2. I don’t know… I tried to babelfish it haha.

Also, apparently some Raymond fans were there (from a blog of one of them – I babelfished that too haha) and they were screaming Kenneth’s name. They kept screaming MaMing! making reporters and everyone look at them. Kenneth seemed confused that they were screaming his name while holding signs that said “Fung” on it! haha. that’s cute!

Kenneth’s msg to fans…translation available here. So cute!

BAD NEWS: According to hyn5, there will be no BK!

Here is her msg:

Bernice is not in the 40 episodes series anymore. Ma Ming said so himself. Now, Sharon will be in it. TVB arrange for Bernice to be in a Western movie, that is why she wasn’t at the awards ceremony. No Ma Ming and Berncie! (

Truly, I’m devestated. Stinkin’ TVB. Darnit! He was so excited about this production and it would’ve been perfect! I knew it! I knew it! It was too good to be true. Since the news leaked, I kept telling myself to not get my hopes up and guess what I did? When the Sales Presentation screen caps came out, I let my hopes get up! And now I’m heartbroken! Argh TVB, if they didn’t say there’d be BK in the first place, I wouldn’t be so upset. I would’ve been content w/ Kenneth and Sharon. And they do this?! I thought there had been negotiations about Bernice in a western film since last year. Shouldn’t they have known sooner? grr….. I’m agravated, but there’s nothing that can be done now.

I’m just surprised Kenneth fans found out before Bernice fans. So that explains why she was a no-show at the Anniversary. Is she somewhere else right now? I’m selfish, I want BK haha.(I want the film to be pushed back so they’ll replace Sharon w/ Bernice again!)

Someone go and ask Kenneth to find Bernice and take a few nice photos with her to make us all happy again! haha. Yet another year without BK….how long do we have to wait… even Berray/Ronnice/Bobe/Bermo fans have it way better than we BK fans do… At least they attend functions together and take pix together!

Hi, I am not really a Kenneth fan. Just read in discuss forum and thought you may like to know:

More about 金錢誘罪: (credits: vicky039 @ KF.C)

拍摄时间为2008年12月至2009年03月, 11月24日試造型.

After the award ceremony, 馬明 told Bernice Liu’s fans that Bernice will not be in the series (另有安排). (from vicky039 @ KF.C)

From 陳敏之國際影迷會: Sharon Chan will be in this series.

钟嘉欣FAN紫色凝眸:(source: vicky039 @ KF.C)

You guys must know already about Sharon. Costume fitting is 11/24, filming from Dec-Mar. A poster saw in the news: Kenneth will play a villain, he likes to “cheat eat cheat drink”.

Posted by travelbug @ AF

Wow. So Kenneth said there are other arrangements regarding what will happen, but the info about Sharon was found on her forum. I thought TVB gave the role to Sharon, who told Kenneth this or something like that. Well I guess not…I guess Kenneth just happens to know everything when it comes to Bernice haha (yes. let me be..I can dream can’t I?)  This aggravates me more… Kenneth gets to be a villian, he gets to die, he gets to be in his first grand production…and it was suppose to be w/ Bernice! It would’ve been perfect…why oh why?!



  1. hyn5 said,

    Ma Ming will not be guest starring in “D.I.E. II” because producer Jong Wai Kin (“Grand”) will not allow him to run back and forth during filming. I’m guessing his role as Gallen’s brother must be pretty important.

    During the introduction of the awards ceremony, Ma Ming said, “Thank you Mama, thank you Papa! I might not have a chance to say it later.”

  2. Jessica said,

    =( I really wanted to see Bernice and Kenneth again! They would make such a cool business couple! I’m guessing this means Sharon will take Bernice’s role? I guess it might not be as bad since they’re close and the chemistry should be pretty good. Plus we haven’t seen them since Dreams of Colour.

  3. Carmen said,

    The thing about Bernice filming Hollywood…
    The filming process was delay…it should have started a few months back, in which it should have finished by now. But because of the delay, the filming starts now, and Bernice is in Canada filming right now, so totally impossible to be in HK for another series. So sad….

    haha! YES, someone should really go tell Kenneth to get some GOOD pictures with Bernice!

    I really like that banner you’ve got there!

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