Kenneth at Bella 27th Anniversary Function & Sandra Ng’s replies to Stephan Chan’s Question About Margie & Kenneth

November 18, 2008 at 1:31 am (news)

More pix of the function here:

Note: These pix are from wa_haha_cool @ MKMC. There are more and will probably be up in the gallery sometime later when I upload them. Thanks for the pix!

Kenneth Ma, Alice Lau and Amigo Choi appeared at a skin care centre promotion as spokespersons. The three of them were all faced with skin problems in the past. Kenneth Ma indicates that he’s been having skin problem since high school. He even went to do facials with his mother and used his sisters’ skin care products, but nothing worked. He said because of this, in the past he felt inferior, and lacked confidence. He was asked if girls disliked him because of his skin problems, and he replied “No, there was no opportunity to meet girls, because I went to a all-boys school, and because of my looks I didn’t dare go meet girls. I felt a little inferior.” Now that your skin condition has improved, do you feel more confident about meeting girls? Kenneth feels that “guys don’t have to be handsome/good looking, being healthy and clean and putting effort into their career is enough (to attract girls).”Mentioning that he has three nominations for this year’s TVB awards, he was asked if he has confidence in winning. Kenneth replies that he is neutral about it and has no pressure about winning them. Instead, he jokes that he’s more concerned about the Sales Presentation, because he needs to do a coquettish dance with other SiuSungs such as Kevin Cheung and Ron Ng.

Comments: First off, Kenneth looked very cute at the function. Loved his outfit. Aw…he felt inferior and was afraid to meet girls… No wonder he became so shy. He’s right though, looks aren’t the most important thing! But Kenneth is so darn cute haha! What’s up with Bella and guns? A little violent aren’t they? It started off as a small pistol last time and now it’s a rifle?! haha. I hope that’s not Kenneth’s phone he’s talking on…cuz that heart thingy is very girly haha.

Sandra Ng on Margie & Kenneth’s Relationship

Sandra Ng indicates that she’s good friends with Margie Tsang. Talking about the pervious rumours that indicate Margie and Kenneth were dating; Sandra said she called up her good friend to learn more about the gossip, yet in return Margie scolded her, and said that if she was dating she would of course tell Sandra. Hence Sandra is certain that Margie did not date with Kenneth.

Comments: Haha. I thought the rumors were over? Stephan Chan bringing that up again? Well at least it got Kenneth’s name in the news. I remember how Sandra said MaMing was the TVB siu sang she felt had potential. Maybe they’ll get to work together someday!

Credits: Carmen, Yin @ MKMC, wa_haha_cool @ MKMC



  1. hyn5 said,

    Wow! Ma Ming looks so good!

  2. Carmen said,

    haha! I had the exact same thought!! What’s with the guns for Bella?!?!
    This year’s function seem a little more casual, especially in terms of the dress code. Last year Kenneth and Amigo came out in tuxedos! HOT and HANDSOME! haha

  3. Carmen said,

    by the way, I don’t think that phone belongs to Kenneth…from what I know, there are times where Kenneth would talk on the phone with fans that can’t make it to the function (a fan on site would call and pass the phone to Kenneth). That may or may not have been the reason for Kenneth being on the phone at the time….

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