Updates on “Grand Entrepreneur” Storyline, General Chai, & Kennet’s new car?

November 18, 2008 at 10:20 pm (bernice liu, General Chai & Lady Balsam, grand entrepreneurs)


The above blog has posted the translation for the storyline. There’s nothing on Kenneth in the main plot, but it’s sounds interesting. So Gallen’s the 2nd brother. I would guess that Kenneth’s the legitimate brother of Ray Lui? Sounds very confusing and interesting…

As for the next two paragraphs, hyn5 has translated them on her blog:

“Grand Entrepreneur” (The Money Temptation of Crime)
Cast: Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Anita Yuen, Kenix Kwok, Jamie Chik, Joe Ma, Nancy Sit, Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, and Toby Leung

Kenneth Ma: It is really rare to be able to work with all of these veterns. The series is based on family gratitude, grudges, and rivalry in love. The storyline is extremely powerful! I am very happy to work with Gallen Lo again. I remember the first and only time was in “At the Threshold of an Era” and at the time, I only graduated from TVB’s acting class and I was very green. I hope this time I will get the chance to learn from him again.
Bernice Liu: We all filmed our individual parts for the promotional clip separately, so I am really anticipating the final result. I hope it will give audience a mysterious feeling when watching it. I am most happy to see Kenix Kwok again because the last time was “Love Bond” and that was four years ago.
I liked how they interviewed Kenneth and Bernice and both talked about how they are so excited to work w/ Gallen and Kenix, respectively who they had worked with before. They are a perfect match! Grrr…TVB! I’m still angry! Now that I think on the bright side, at least we know for sure that Toby and Sharon will take a lot of pix w/ MaMing and they’ll all have lots of fun together…but yet again, that upsets me…cuz it could’ve been Bernice and him! (Not that I’m sure they’re even friends…even tho they share a lot of the same friends)

Just received an email from Carmen regarding Bernice. 😦
Goodluck to Bernice though. I wonder if it’s a big role? I’m not a big fan of Hollywood films though, especially if its a kung fu flick. (I hope she does come back for filming at TVB though)
Hi Valli,
I know what happened to Bernice now…she’s going to be filming a Hollywood movie….”The King of Fighters”….its going to take up 2months time, hence no time to film the TVB series.
travelbug’s translation of news on Bernice:
Bernice Liu has left for Canada to film western movie, tonight she will not be able to attend TVB Anniversary Gala.

The movie has started filming in Canada, 2 months later than scheduled. This was a difficult decision for Bernice who has a very tight schedule, but since this is her first attempt into international market, she had to decline commercials, even (performances) during Christmas and New Year, when it is artistes “golden period” to make money. Her role in new series 金錢誘罪 had to be changed, her approximate loss is in 7-figure (HK$), apparently this new movie is very important for her.


In the mist of this depression, I’ll try to rewatch Into Thin Air…haha…and rant about it lonesomely in the BK thread or here. As for now, will rewatch this fanvid of BK that I made!

No translation yet.

Kenneth’s New Car!
I guess Kenneth will no longer need to ask his costars for a ride. Pictures from the Awards Presentation from fans, post-event, show Kenneth driving away in a Black Subaru Legacy (I don’t know anything about cars..so that’s just based on what was written). Pix can be seen here.
How secretive Kenneth is! Haha. When did he buy a car? I was actually thinking the other day, does Kenneth have to hurry to hitch a ride after the awards show. Now he has he own car..so happy for him…but that means there’s no hope for ever running into him on the subway lol.
Btw, I’m still trying to figure out what his silver necklace is of? It’s too small for me to see…anyone know what’s on Kenenth’s necklace?
Credits: hyn5’s blog, Wilson’s blog, SehSeh’s blog



  1. Carmen said,

    Good luck to Bernice.
    I do look forward that Bernice and Kenneth will be able to pair up again in the near future!

  2. hyn5 said,

    I would have loved to see Ma Ming work with Bernice again. From what I read, it seems like Bernice was very much looking forward to film “Grand” (other than seeing Kenix).

    Like you said, Toby and Sharon will bound to be taking a lot of pics. So I guess we have to continue and “stack” their blogs for updates. Ha ha ha…

  3. hyn5 said,

    I meant “stalk” not stack. I’m too excited already!

  4. online stock trading advice said,

    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

    I’m Out! 🙂

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