Grand Entrepreneurs Costume Fitting

November 24, 2008 at 11:56 pm (grand entrepreneurs)

Can someone explain to me what that “thing” in btw Kenneth’s nose and lips is?! HUH?!
Why in the world does he have a MUSTACHE? His other-wise flawless look, is ruined! I’m not a fan of mustaches as you can tell haha. For some reason, w/ the mustache, it makes me think Kenneth is a sort of guy from decades ago! It looks like some old-shanghai style look (something for Sunny Chan haha…I just picture him) Will they somehow remove it somewhere into the show…I don’t want him to die like that! lol. And Gallen…oh..the beard.. -_-….and Sharon’s bangs! Why? Why do all the ppl I care about look so…odd? Oh well, Kenneth doesn’t look that bad. Maybe the mustache is suppose to give him a sexy twang?

Does anyone have the costume filming clip? I heard Kenneth got to speak or something…can someone put it up on Youtube? Thanks!

Wait, so Sharon’s dating Gallen?! I’m super confused. So, Bernice’s character was supposed to originally date Gallen, but….the TVB ppl said it was BK….this is so complex. And since all Ray, Anita & Gallen are not related, does that make Kenneth the only blood relative of Gallen’s? So he’s in on Gallen’s plot?

Updated pix from Kenneth’s blog. He’s so adorable… the mustache is so odd…but Kenneth still manages to look so adorable! If only they’ll remove that thing!

Ppl say he looks like a pervert? I think i read that somewhere on the forums a kinda translation of his blog … or am I confused? He’ll play a “con-artist”… (Makes me think of “The Driving Power” but I guess he’ll actually be evil this time? con man! woohoo!)



  1. Mimosa said,

    Lols, I was crying over Gallen’s goatee but it turns out he’s not the only one who is suffering from facial hair disorder. Apparently his “brother” is, too 😛
    Btw, I’m glad to know about you and Gallen 😉 I of course knew Kenneth since ATE. The latest Kenneth series I’ve seen is The Four. 🙂

  2. Jessica said,

    OMG that mustache is awful! OMG I hope that’s not staying throughout the series! *faints* Don’t mind if it’s just for the ending. It doesn’t match him at all!

  3. mandyboudoir said,

    same here, the mustache doesnt really match him that much. but you never know cause it might match his role more. recall cute sunny chan in war and destiny. i hated his mustache but i loved his character so much that i didnt even care. kenix looks so young. and i really excited that grace is in this series. I

  4. mandyboudoir said,

    I LOVE ALL THE VETERANS IN THIS SERIES!!!! hopefully it wont disappoint me…

    • bbfreak said,

      hey yeah hope it wont disappoint… I’m sry i’ve been really busy lately, but when i tried to go to ur webby to reply in the tagboard…i wasn’t able to access ur site? is there something wrong w/ my access or are u under construction? lemme know! 🙂

  5. bbfreak said,

    Jessica: yeah..omg… me too! i feel the same way! :-/

    Kenneth is just so cute …but that thing! ah! haha…plus it looks very fake!

    mandyboudoir: oh yes..that’s why i keep thinking sunny when i see that mustache…it makes me think of the WAD time period kinda series haha…not a modern one…yup…can’t wait for the series… since kenneth is so great…he’ll probably pull off that mustache… he’s adorable so i’ll let it slip! Kenix does look young… but she’s too skinny…she should definitely fatten up a little…i love the extensions though, glad she didn’t go w/ the hair in the sales presentation!

  6. Jessica said,

    yea guess we’ll just have to get used to it throughout the series. Cool actually I’m a Sunny Chan fan too, liked him since i was really young! Ah.. now that I think about it, this grand production doesn’t have Sunny either. TVB is so unfair to him!

  7. misshknz said,

    Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing! I’m soo not a fan of facial hair. Beards, goatees and moustaches are a huge no no! I looked at the pic and thought “oh, please, no!”

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