The Sales Presentation & TVB Gala

November 24, 2008 at 4:08 pm (General Chai & Lady Balsam, grand entrepreneurs, tavia yeung, tvb anniversary, tvb sales presentation 2009, videos)

Grand Entrepreneurs

Kenneth’s only in the screencap shown before in the end. Same for Bernice.The theme of Monopoly is cute. Somehow, it feels a little superficial though, like it’s just a vague storyline that’s not scripted yet, but I’m expecting it to be good…it better be!

General Chai & Lady Balsam

Kenneth is yet again in for very limited time. He’s near the end and screaming. He’s one of the revolutionaries? Is that what you call them? haha. The series looks good. I love historical stuff!

The Dance w/ the guys and tatoos… It was James Bond themed.

It was very short, and not very entertaining it looked. Not enough closeups… this year really isn’t that great. I miss the Artist Extravaganza, where Kenneth got to sing and stuff. At least each artist got to “sell” themselves. At these things, it’s just a mess! At the end of the clip, at like 5.38 you see Kenneth with crazy (reminiscent of Bosco in WOILII) hair…how scary haha. I’m glad he didn’t walk onto stage like that. I guess it was part of the process of his styling. He was standing next to Tavia.. haha. interesting….

TVB Gala 2008

I was upset that Kenneth didn’t get to perform at the gala. But then I heard he was busy filming, so I guess that’s a good thing. Kenneth always seems to be busy when anniversary time comes around. He didn’t get to attend the last two lighting ceremonies. But that’s Ok. I was really hoping he’d get to do a romantic dance routine this year, especially w/ Bernice…Haha. Also, Kenneth didn’t get to wear a Prince suit like most of the Siu Sangs did (there was a Prince and Princess theme for most of the siu sangs and fa dans…) I guess he couldn’t bear being a prince without his princess by his side (winks!)

The highlight of the Gala by far for both Kenneth and Tavia fans was the “passing card game.” The forums went crazy with a sudden wave of proclamations that Tavia and Kenneth’s “hott kiss” warmed up the TVB Studio (and consequently a lot of Kenneth-Tavia shippers and also a few who came up with analysis to disprove the romantic encounter!). haha. This is one fresh pairing a lot of ppl, including myself would like to see. Both very talented, low key TVB Academy Graduates are sure to make for a good series. (That first picture, was it photoshopped? Kenneth’s blog has been updated w/ pictures from a different angle, seeming to clear up that they had ‘not’ in fact touched lips)

I thought it was super cute that Kenneth was so gentlemanly and shy. His hands stopped in mid-air, not touching Tavia’s waist. That picture was indeed very cute. It looked like one of those cartoons where the boy gets a kiss from a girl and freezes in shyness! In the next picture, he is also unmistakably blushing…either that or the red from his suit was coming off! haha. (Too bad he got more lip action w/ Wong Hei than Tavia lol)

Both Tavia and Kenneth went for a more unconventional look on the Gala night. I preferred how they looked on the night of the Award Presentation! (I finally realized why sometimes Kenneth’s hair isn’t as great. It’s the part! They change it! I prefer it the normal way as in the Award Presentation night or geled up w/out the side bangs) Despite my preference for the gentlemanly looking Kenneth, I didn’t think this outfit was bad. It’s hard to pull off a completely red outfit, but Kenneth manages! The different part and that tie-of-a-thing, gave him a more … bad-boy flair, which is kinda sexy! haha. It makes me think of his upcoming villain role in Grand!

Just a thought, Tavia and Bernice are best friends right? These to fa dans are the only two that seem to have very little interactions w/ Kenneth at functions and stuff despite having a really similar pool of friends!

Note to self:

Since “Every successful man has a woman behind him”….haha. Than “Every successful woman must have a man behind her too!”


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