Toby Blog Stalking Part IV: Her Comment replies!

November 24, 2008 at 5:35 pm (sharon chan, toby leung)

First off, I think this is part IV. I’m too lazy to check! I’m very disappointed that Toby got cut from the cast as well (She’ll be filming some Mainland series w/ Ray and Bosco) and has been replaced by Grace. I guess she shouldn’t have so much Kenneth in a row or else she’ll really fall for him! haha. I actually preferred the original two girls over the new two ones. I like Sharon, but you know, it’s BK! As for Toby and Grace, I’ve always liked Toby since her singer days but I was disappointed when she turned over to acting. Wow, Grace’s first series and already a Grand Production! (I have a feeling that her acting may not be that great…maybe cuz of the accent … I hope I’m wrong) I’m not feeling the haircut for Sharon from the costume fitting either!

Back to Toby. I was looking forward for her to work w/ Kenneth again so I could Sharon and Toby blog stalk. I know Grace will probably take pix w/ Kenneth too, but she has a TVB blog and it’s so censored. Toby at least make her own posts.

Glad that Toby replies to comments and …in ENGLISH! haha. Here are a few regarding Kenneth and the Anniversary night pix.


i know, looks cute though!!!!

i know, he is the shy boy!!!! i hope 2 wk with him again real soon!!!!

thanks 4 ur support and yes he is really cute ga!!!!!

These three comments were all in reply to fans’ comments made about Kenneth. Every “cute” was referenced to MaMing! haha. Aw…Kenneth is so shy!



  1. hyn5 said,

    I, too am not digging Sharon’s new haircut. How is she going to pull a bank supervisor with that new do? Hopefully, Grace will have scenes with Ma Ming. She “fell” for Ma Ming during SCDII. Ha ha…

    Toby just loves Ma Ming, eh? Thanks for “stalking” Toby’s blog to bring us her comments about Ma Ming. 😀

  2. bbfreak said,

    yup, who could resist MaMing?!

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