Grand Entrepreneurs Blessing Ceremony & Iron Horse Updates

December 27, 2008 at 2:27 pm (grand entrepreneurs, Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, sharon chan)

First off, Kenneth looks absolutely hott! These pix are pretty big so click and enlarge them! U won’t regret it! haha. He looks so good… love the hair, the outfit…too bad the thought of that mustache on him again spoils the moment! I’m glad he’s not wearing that thing everywhere nor is he growing one cuz that would be bad. Omg. He and Sharon look so good together! However, I’m still tempted to stick Bernice’s face over Sharon’s head haha. (I remember Bernice had even bangs b4 too….i can just visualize!)

Apparently, at the Blessing Ceremony, a fan got a hold of him and Kenneth has confirmed to be in “Iron Horse” and he’s been learning Wing Chun! Since we can’t stop this, I hope it’ll only turn out for the best. The producers are the one’s from Moonlight so I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. Hopefully, it’s serious w/ some humor and not the other way around (I can’t stand ridiculous dramas)!

Kevin will be the oldest brother, Kenneth 2nd, 3rd Stephen Wong Ka Lok and Shirley’s their sister (she’ll probably be w/ Heung Joh). Stephen will probably be w/ Natalie…so that leaves Selena and Nancy…and honestly either way I’d be happy, but I really really want something fresh so I’m rooting for KeNancy! Rumor has it that it’s gonna be Kevin-Nancy, but I feel that Selena should be female lead instead of Nancy. Don’t get me wrong, Nancy is my favorite actress (ha. You didn’t know did u?) but I feel that in terms of opportunities to showcase her talents, Nancy just hasn’t received her fair share. Being 2nd lead (along w/ her recent award) is already a huge step for Nancy (tho I want the best for her and she has worked a long time) while for Selena who’s been playing 2nd lead, the next step is 1st lead. I think Nancy can wait just a little longer. She should take on a 2nd lead and show everyone that she’s capable and then get a lead role. As for Selena, the only thing left to prove is that she’s a capable leading lady along the ranks of Linda & Kate (and I KNOW she’s capable).

I also hope that their hairstyles aren’t weird. I hope Kenneth gets to keep his regular hair  gelled down or style it like Ray’s from the Sales Presentation. Also, I hope Kenneth gets a good role and gets to shine. I know he will if given a good role, but I’m hoping he doesn’t get downplayed liked in Taichi or LFD or DIE cuz aside from these series, I feel that Kenneth always outshines the lead.

A side note, I was looking thru the forums and found out that when they returned to HK from SCDII, there were a couple of times when Kenneth left in a taxi w/ Nancy…that’s so cute they’re such good friends…I wonder if they live close together or something. Too bad someone said that Nancy says Kenneth’s like a brother to her…but I didn’t hear that! As far as i know, girls rarely call him a brother (Raymond’s the one that gets called the brother haha)…even Sharon was like “he’s doesn’t feel like a brother, but a very good friend”! Oh well, after the whole Deep thing, maybe Nancy will want a more mature guy (since when referring to Nathan, who like Deep is 3 yrs younger than her, she said he’s too young and hyper for her, maybe she’s looking for an older more reliable guy? ~smiles~

Oh well…Happy Holidays to all..! I’m hungry…need my breakfast! haha.


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Updates & Added “The Signs of Kenneth” page (Navigation to the right)

December 18, 2008 at 9:04 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, sharon chan, updates, videos)

Note to all: I added “The Signs of Kenneth” page which you can check out. (To the right where all the other pages are) It’s basically random stuff, like the meaning of his name, his astrology/zodiac info. TVB actresses (not married) who are compatible in Zodiac w/ him (I’m not doing Astrology…I can’t look up everyone’s bday month haha.), his birth flower, stone, color etc… Some of the personality traits do seem to fit him and i highlighted the interesting things in color. (I remember watching a Astrology/Zodiac show hosted by Margie, Halina, etc and they studied BerMo. It was very strange how the Zodiac outlined an entirely opposite personality for Bernice when compared to the Astrology, but from these readings, the personality of Kenneth seems pretty much similar) Just a fun read!

What did Nancy do?! Haha. these pix are hilarious! So cute. This looks like it was taken during SCDII (Kenneth’s hair from epi 8/9?) so it wasn’t his Bday. So why would everyone ‘cake’ him? Either everyone smudged cake on him w/ their fingers or he stood there and let Nancy give him “cake-makeup”! OMg. that cake looks really good (both in Nancy’s hand and on Kenneth haha)…i’m hungry! Anyone know what really happened? hm…they’re cute together!

Calendar 2009

Kenneth’s Blog:

Lai Lok Yi’s Blog:

The last clip (Start at 1:25) is way too cute! What in the world is Kenneth doing? He’s so cute! He’s fake kissing LokYi, saying that he’s irresistable (Selena was cracking up!)! He’s such a big kid and so cute! lol. Was the whole posing w/ the big scarf a part of the photoshoot or did he do that himself? you just never know when it’s w/ kenneth! lol. He’s also hugging LokYi in his blog clip..too cute! Couldn’t hear what he said before in the clip about Lokyi giving all his show money to him! lol. They’re such good friends! By the way both guys list the people in the calendar u notice who they’re closest to. Shirley seems like such an outsider in the group…(someone’s cute siggy on the forums!) Read the rest of this entry »

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News on “Grand” and possibility of another series….

December 11, 2008 at 4:33 pm (grand entrepreneurs, myolie wu, nancy wu, sharon chan)

Anita Yuen: Afraid of Gallen’s Facial Hairs

Credits: Gallen Harbour

Anita Yuen, Gallen Lo, Joe Ma, Kenneth Ma… are currently filming their latest drama, 金钱诱罪 (”Grand Entrepreneur”, tentative). The plot called for a scene in which Gallen was trying to court Anita by deliberately bumping into her while holding a bunch of balloons. Anita and Gallen, despite knowing each other for a long time, collaborate for the first time here in “Grand”. About his new image with the goatee, Anita laughed “His facial hairs might make me think twice about our intimate scenes. He actually looks very handsome already without (the goatee). Maybe I’m just not used to it.”

When asked whether she was afraid of rumors, as “Grand” has quite a grand cast, Anita replied “It doesn’t matter how many people you have on the cast, rumors will be generated. I’m not worried!”

Gallen is quite pleased with the way his character looks: “I’ve never tried having facial hairs before. It feels cool. Anita isn’t used to it, though. She’s afraid they will poke her!” [She said you’re already handsome without facial hairs] “Thanks for her good words.”

Gallen is not the only one with facial hairs but joined by Kenneth Ma. Ken: “My first time too. I think guys with facial hairs look very cool!”

* Haha. I guess Kenneth gets to grow some facial hair and he’s happy about it! I guess he’d never thought about doing that in real life so he’s happy to live it out during a series. After all, I think he said that you can do stuff in a series that you’re afraid to do in reality. So good for him. As long as he’s enjoying himself haha…

New Series: The Pride For My Husband 老公萬歲

I was looking thru AF and found this….I wish it were true, then there’d be KenNancy! I’m not too sure…it’s probably not true anyways! Is it me or does it seem that any series w/out a confirmed male cast  makes ppl think of Kenneth? I mean, there are rumors taht he’ll be in on Palace Scheme if Moses doesn’t have time to film? (and Kevin gets to be emperor instead?) …I don’t know, I actually would rather Kenneth get a small production and lead himself (not “Iron” though)…a modern one….

I guess all these rumors are coming up cuz Kenneth isn’t confirmed for anything after “Grand”. We’ll see. Anyone know when “Man In Charge” will come out? Are they gonna warehouse it? Does anyone remember if any Kenneth series, and if so, which ones have been warehoused b4?

More pix from Grace’s TVB Blog of the Myolie Concert!

Kenneth’s Hiding! haha.

Haha. Kenneth looks like such a weirdo in this pic. He’s so cute! haha. I would expect something like that from LokYi! Hmmm…he’s sitting w/ Nancy again!

Is the drink w/ the Lemon slice in it Kenneth’s Lemon Ice Tea?

He always has a cap handy! How polite of him to take it off during the concert haha…

Don’t know how i missed this pic from Sharon’s blog. aw…ShaKen look so cute together! (and there’s LokYi too haha…) And i see Selena in the back (bt Lokyi and ah Sheh)

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No Empty Seats In Myolie Wu’s Concert [Source: Macau Daily]

December 7, 2008 at 4:13 pm (myolie wu, nancy wu)

Haha. Grace is so random, holding a Myolie CD like she just bought it in time for the concert! And I thought there were no empty seats?! What are all those vacancies I see? Did they section off the TVB people, were those ppl camera shy, or did they all happen to go to the bathroom at the same time?! (If I were in one of those seats…I would keep staring at MaMing and keep snapping pix of him! haha…how creepy..maybe it is a good idea to section ppl off!)

Do you see MaMing?! Haha…look at that right hand behind Nancy. Kenneth’s so low key…he’s just sitting down!

Myolie Wu’s “Evolve Myolie Wu” 2008 music concert was held last night at a concert hall in Macau’s Sands Hotel. A big group of fans came to support, and there were no empty seats. The concert started at 8.30pm last night. The first song that came up was ‘To Grow With Love’ subtheme, ‘Miss Pig’, which was being performed by Myolie. She then went onto singing other pieces of slow, romantic ballads in her first debut album, Evolve, including the first hit song ‘Solo Travel’. Singer, Vincent Wong, and HotCha were the concert’s performing guests. The fans were holding banners bearing Myolie’s name, and also waving glowing flashlights. Many TVB artistes, including Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma and many more, attended the concert to cheer for Myolie. The atmosphere at the event was very lively and bustling with excitement. TVB Fadan, Myolie Wu, whom just received the TVB’s Most Fashionable Artiste Award, stepped bravely into the music industry in 2008, and also released her first debut album, Evolve. In the album, there are eight songs being recorded, and also include three MVs.

Credits: BBgirl93 @ AF, psycho 0805 @

Comments: Wonder if there are any photos from the concert? Will stalk Nancy’s blog. Hm…  Kenneth and Nancy sitting together! 🙂 Did they get assigned seating or something? I would have expected Kenneth to sit w/ LokYi (I guess Lokyi ditched him for Elaine or maybe MaMing ditched his buddy for Nancy! haha) ! I must admit, I love Kenneth’s sense of style. So simple and he looks great. I don’t think he’s really wearing much make-up? I’m starting to really like his hair down and not gelled like that! haha. Aw…I guess Nancy had to go back to that haircut for DIE2. Though she pulls it off pretty well, I’m not a fan of that hair style. Hope she gets to grow her hair out again! I wish Myolie had a TVB concert instead so she could invite friends like Kenneth and Nancy to sing w/ her!

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New Series for Kenneth: “Iron Horse Seeking Bridge”

December 4, 2008 at 3:37 pm (Iron Horse Seeking Bridge)

News has been floating around that Kenneth may be in “Iron Horse Seeking Bridge” which is the Sales Presentation clip with Raymond, Yuen Wah, and Yuen Chau. The cast is rumored to be Yuen Wah, Yuen Chau, Kenneth Ma, Shirley Yeung, Selena Li, Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong, & Stephen Wong Ka Lok  since Raymond will be filming something else.

However, Kenneth is NOT replacing Raymond, meaning he is not leading the series. This is a Kung Fu series and according to hyn5, TVB is planning to use someone that hasn’t really filmed TVB series. (Kevin has also said he’ll star in the series)
Given these details and the Sales Presentation clip, I really hope Kenneth doesn’t film the series. I’m not too into the Kung Fu series, especially w/ Yuen Wah and Yuen Chau. It makes me think of Kung Fu Hustle and stuff, which to me, were completely ridiculous!
(I’m cool with Yuen Wah’s acting, given that he has a good script, but when it’s a full out comedy, I’m not a fan) I really hope that Kenneth gets to be lead in another series by May, when this is supposed to film.

He’s filming Grand right now, so I’m hoping that maybe a new series will come up for him so he doesn’t have to film this series! (Would love it if TVB decides to give us a BK series by then..since Bernice should be back around when Kenneth’s done w/ Grand!)  haha. If he does film, I wonder whether TVB will make it KenSelena or Kenneth & Shirley. haha. I don’t want to see him paired w/ Shirley. I recall how upset I was when everyone said it would be Kenneth & Shirley in The Brink of Law…but was happily surprised when it was BK!

Btw, Check out Jadedreams Central’s “Picture of the Moment”… (I ❤ that picture! BK!)

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TVB Calendar 2009: May

December 3, 2008 at 6:02 pm (tvb calendar)

The calendar is finally out! haha…more like I’m finally posting about it! First off, it gives me a headache looking at the “3D glasses” effects… I definitely have no idea what TVB is doing this year. I guess they’re at a lack of new ideas. I thought the whole calendar would be a “black and white” theme, which would have been nice. But instead, they do like 3 months in that and everything else is so random. It’s nice to have themes, but with tacky props and crazy makeup…err..not so cool.

I guess they were going for “simple” this year or more like due to the economic crisis they couldn’t go for extravagant. I do like simple, but I believe they could’ve done better. TVB’s calendars these days are so weird. I miss the good old days when there were only 2 or 3 people in each month w/ an outdoor background behind. Sweet and simple. Nowadays they try too hard to make themes. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if they were creative and it turned out nice, but when you can’t do it…. maybe you should stop?

As for the month of May. I’m very happily surprised that Selena was on it too! I knew it! I knew it! I wish my hunches were always right haha… and yes, Shirley seems to be confused about what a “Rocker” theme is haha cuz it’s more like a yesteryear theme. Make’s me think of Happy Days or Madonna or something… Well, at least this year, Kenneth looks good in the calendar! Last year’s was so weird and he wasn’t even looking at the camera. It’s funny how when he gets a good calendar shot, it’s always of him “not” smiling! I would love to cut everyone else out of the picture and just stare at Kenneth because the make-up on the girls is horrendous! (Not that Zing didn’t do a good job, but it’s just weird & not of my taste -I’m more for the simple and natural look anyways) The two guys look great, especially Kenneth, but what exactly did the make-up artist do for them? haha. I’m drooling looking at this picture. haha. Look at Kenneth’s arms ..yum and his tan…and his hair…and his eyes..and EVERYTHING! He looks like your “boy-next-door”…looks all young and cute. (He can be my boy next door any day! haha) I’d like to see him film a series w/ flashbacks of him dressed like that.

More pix from his blog:

Personally, I thought the pink sweater pictures posted on his blog were really cute as well! Though the pink clashed with the background, Kenneth is so manly that he could pull off double the PINK! I love seeing him and LokYi together…haha. (Maybe he’s the “Yi” Kenneth belongs with haha jkjk!) I would have loved to see them switch outfits as well! So cute!

I wonder if the pink outfit is the look he’ll have in the “Artists Book” this year. If so, I wouldn’t mind! Overall, I’d say I’m satisfied with the calendar since Kenneth looks really good in it. I think, if we’re only looking at him, this would be my favorite year (I’m hoping it just gets better from here on). I’d like to see some more variety though. This has been the third year he’s been featured w/ Yoyo and LokYi… (is he under the same management as LokYi cuz I know he’s not w/ Yoyo)! I don’t mind that he’s featured w/ Selena again, but that’s because they’ve been paired up and that kinda makes sense.

I hope TVB does NOT plan to pair Kenneth up w/ Yoyo. Haha. They look more like brother and sister or good friends.

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