TVB Calendar 2009: May

December 3, 2008 at 6:02 pm (tvb calendar)

The calendar is finally out! haha…more like I’m finally posting about it! First off, it gives me a headache looking at the “3D glasses” effects… I definitely have no idea what TVB is doing this year. I guess they’re at a lack of new ideas. I thought the whole calendar would be a “black and white” theme, which would have been nice. But instead, they do like 3 months in that and everything else is so random. It’s nice to have themes, but with tacky props and crazy makeup…err..not so cool.

I guess they were going for “simple” this year or more like due to the economic crisis they couldn’t go for extravagant. I do like simple, but I believe they could’ve done better. TVB’s calendars these days are so weird. I miss the good old days when there were only 2 or 3 people in each month w/ an outdoor background behind. Sweet and simple. Nowadays they try too hard to make themes. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if they were creative and it turned out nice, but when you can’t do it…. maybe you should stop?

As for the month of May. I’m very happily surprised that Selena was on it too! I knew it! I knew it! I wish my hunches were always right haha… and yes, Shirley seems to be confused about what a “Rocker” theme is haha cuz it’s more like a yesteryear theme. Make’s me think of Happy Days or Madonna or something… Well, at least this year, Kenneth looks good in the calendar! Last year’s was so weird and he wasn’t even looking at the camera. It’s funny how when he gets a good calendar shot, it’s always of him “not” smiling! I would love to cut everyone else out of the picture and just stare at Kenneth because the make-up on the girls is horrendous! (Not that Zing didn’t do a good job, but it’s just weird & not of my taste -I’m more for the simple and natural look anyways) The two guys look great, especially Kenneth, but what exactly did the make-up artist do for them? haha. I’m drooling looking at this picture. haha. Look at Kenneth’s arms ..yum and his tan…and his hair…and his eyes..and EVERYTHING! He looks like your “boy-next-door”…looks all young and cute. (He can be my boy next door any day! haha) I’d like to see him film a series w/ flashbacks of him dressed like that.

More pix from his blog:

Personally, I thought the pink sweater pictures posted on his blog were really cute as well! Though the pink clashed with the background, Kenneth is so manly that he could pull off double the PINK! I love seeing him and LokYi together…haha. (Maybe he’s the “Yi” Kenneth belongs with haha jkjk!) I would have loved to see them switch outfits as well! So cute!

I wonder if the pink outfit is the look he’ll have in the “Artists Book” this year. If so, I wouldn’t mind! Overall, I’d say I’m satisfied with the calendar since Kenneth looks really good in it. I think, if we’re only looking at him, this would be my favorite year (I’m hoping it just gets better from here on). I’d like to see some more variety though. This has been the third year he’s been featured w/ Yoyo and LokYi… (is he under the same management as LokYi cuz I know he’s not w/ Yoyo)! I don’t mind that he’s featured w/ Selena again, but that’s because they’ve been paired up and that kinda makes sense.

I hope TVB does NOT plan to pair Kenneth up w/ Yoyo. Haha. They look more like brother and sister or good friends.



  1. misshknz said,

    I totally agree with you about the calendar not being as great this year. I also think Kenneth looks better in the pink sweater. They should have used one of those pics.

  2. Jessica said,

    I love see these Kenneth and Lai Lok Yi together! maybe cause I feel like they were kinda the closest in Olympic 6 and were the least promoted together during that time! I reallly really wish TVB would film a series with these two as leads! They can act as brothers or best friends!

    • bbfreak said,

      well they had TSOS, but yeah i like seeing them together. such good friends and i just recently read the ray radio interview and he said that LokYi is a super nice guy and that he’s very popular w/ the ladies…haha. i see why they’re such good friends now (but i tink lokyi is the more outgoing of the two) – they compliment each other!

  3. Jessica said,

    by the way I like how Kenneth, Yoyo, and Lai Lok Yi all know each other and get to take this calendar together. It makes it so much more convincing. ah.. but I got say I don’t really like any of their outfits. The only one with a normal good outfit is Lai Lok Yi.

    • bbfreak said,

      omg finally there is a REPLY button muhahahaah…ok sry

      yeah it’s kinda cute that they are all friends. I like Lokyi’s outfit, but i think Kenneth looks so adorable in his! like a little boy!
      hmm i wonder why Kenneth doesn’t go play badminton w/ LokYi.. cuz u know Lokyi is like badminton matchmaker..~winks~ and since he goes every wk. WEll i guess kenneth only has time and a heart for soccer, tho since he’s sporty, I tink he could do badminton too. (since i saw a pic of bernice laughing w/ Lokyi, hm..i wonder if he’ll ever invite these two friends to play a game of badminton w/ him! haha)

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