No Empty Seats In Myolie Wu’s Concert [Source: Macau Daily]

December 7, 2008 at 4:13 pm (myolie wu, nancy wu)

Haha. Grace is so random, holding a Myolie CD like she just bought it in time for the concert! And I thought there were no empty seats?! What are all those vacancies I see? Did they section off the TVB people, were those ppl camera shy, or did they all happen to go to the bathroom at the same time?! (If I were in one of those seats…I would keep staring at MaMing and keep snapping pix of him! haha…how creepy..maybe it is a good idea to section ppl off!)

Do you see MaMing?! Haha…look at that right hand behind Nancy. Kenneth’s so low key…he’s just sitting down!

Myolie Wu’s “Evolve Myolie Wu” 2008 music concert was held last night at a concert hall in Macau’s Sands Hotel. A big group of fans came to support, and there were no empty seats. The concert started at 8.30pm last night. The first song that came up was ‘To Grow With Love’ subtheme, ‘Miss Pig’, which was being performed by Myolie. She then went onto singing other pieces of slow, romantic ballads in her first debut album, Evolve, including the first hit song ‘Solo Travel’. Singer, Vincent Wong, and HotCha were the concert’s performing guests. The fans were holding banners bearing Myolie’s name, and also waving glowing flashlights. Many TVB artistes, including Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma and many more, attended the concert to cheer for Myolie. The atmosphere at the event was very lively and bustling with excitement. TVB Fadan, Myolie Wu, whom just received the TVB’s Most Fashionable Artiste Award, stepped bravely into the music industry in 2008, and also released her first debut album, Evolve. In the album, there are eight songs being recorded, and also include three MVs.

Credits: BBgirl93 @ AF, psycho 0805 @

Comments: Wonder if there are any photos from the concert? Will stalk Nancy’s blog. Hm…  Kenneth and Nancy sitting together! 🙂 Did they get assigned seating or something? I would have expected Kenneth to sit w/ LokYi (I guess Lokyi ditched him for Elaine or maybe MaMing ditched his buddy for Nancy! haha) ! I must admit, I love Kenneth’s sense of style. So simple and he looks great. I don’t think he’s really wearing much make-up? I’m starting to really like his hair down and not gelled like that! haha. Aw…I guess Nancy had to go back to that haircut for DIE2. Though she pulls it off pretty well, I’m not a fan of that hair style. Hope she gets to grow her hair out again! I wish Myolie had a TVB concert instead so she could invite friends like Kenneth and Nancy to sing w/ her!



  1. hyn5 said,

    I, too was expecting Ma Ming to sit by Lai Lok Yi. Ha ha… Ma Ming looks great!

  2. hyn5 said,

    hey bbfreak,
    would it be ok to add you on my blogroll?

  3. AC said,

    How cute! I’m still waiting for the Kenneth/ Myolie pairing! I love it when TVB actors support each other because it also shows what kind of person someone is by those that hang out with them =)

    • bbfreak said,

      Hey AC…Welcome here! yup would like to see a Kenolie pairing… its nice to see that they all are such good friends! Are you a Myolie or kenneth fan? or both? just curious…hope u join us here more often! 😀

  4. hyn5 said,

    Much thanks!

  5. Jessica said,

    yup me too! I think Kenneth has very good taste in clothes. Especially like how he dressed so athletic. Like his casual outfits. I really like how his hair was down like that and the jacket he was wearing was cool.

    • bbfreak said,

      Yup! Love the way he dresses..i can’t believe he thinks he has no taste in clothes…i love the simple look for guys…i cringe when guys are too into their appearance… lol. i cant’ handle guys that are vain lol!

  6. Jessica said,

    yea I quickly noticed Kenneth was sitting next to Nancy. Seems like alot of Strictly Come Dancing actors were there to suppose Myolie. They must’ve gotten closer during the show! It’d be great if TVB can pair Nancy with Kenneth for a series as leads! They match very well =)

    • bbfreak said,

      Yeah. would love to see KeNancy… and since Nancy won the Most Improved…maybe TVB’ll consider actually promoting her…and someday they can pair up! omg..i wanted them together in DIE…well they looked cute together even tho they weren’t suppose to be (if i were Momoko in DIE, i’d have a crush on Hugo…haha that’s so wrong!)

  7. teamaims said,

    I’m a big Myolie fan, but I also like Kenneth a lot too! He plays all his roles very well, both big and small. I was hoping that they would have got together in Dreams of Colours, so hopefully they will get to lead together in another show!

    • bbfreak said,

      I would like to see Myolie and Kenneth lead a series together… i tink they’d have nice chemistry… they could even just play friends i mean..who says the leads have to fall in love…it was so cute that Kenneth was too shy to go on stage @ Myolie’s concert becuz he was afraid of kissing her! (he said he’d kiss her if he went up on stage and myolie apparently yelled out to him during the concert and he backed out! haha) to cute!

  8. teamaims said,

    oops, I’m AC.. i didn’t realize it changed names on me

    • bbfreak said,

      haha it’s ok..i have good deductive reasoning..i figured it out! 🙂

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