News on “Grand” and possibility of another series….

December 11, 2008 at 4:33 pm (grand entrepreneurs, myolie wu, nancy wu, sharon chan)

Anita Yuen: Afraid of Gallen’s Facial Hairs

Credits: Gallen Harbour

Anita Yuen, Gallen Lo, Joe Ma, Kenneth Ma… are currently filming their latest drama, 金钱诱罪 (”Grand Entrepreneur”, tentative). The plot called for a scene in which Gallen was trying to court Anita by deliberately bumping into her while holding a bunch of balloons. Anita and Gallen, despite knowing each other for a long time, collaborate for the first time here in “Grand”. About his new image with the goatee, Anita laughed “His facial hairs might make me think twice about our intimate scenes. He actually looks very handsome already without (the goatee). Maybe I’m just not used to it.”

When asked whether she was afraid of rumors, as “Grand” has quite a grand cast, Anita replied “It doesn’t matter how many people you have on the cast, rumors will be generated. I’m not worried!”

Gallen is quite pleased with the way his character looks: “I’ve never tried having facial hairs before. It feels cool. Anita isn’t used to it, though. She’s afraid they will poke her!” [She said you’re already handsome without facial hairs] “Thanks for her good words.”

Gallen is not the only one with facial hairs but joined by Kenneth Ma. Ken: “My first time too. I think guys with facial hairs look very cool!”

* Haha. I guess Kenneth gets to grow some facial hair and he’s happy about it! I guess he’d never thought about doing that in real life so he’s happy to live it out during a series. After all, I think he said that you can do stuff in a series that you’re afraid to do in reality. So good for him. As long as he’s enjoying himself haha…

New Series: The Pride For My Husband 老公萬歲

I was looking thru AF and found this….I wish it were true, then there’d be KenNancy! I’m not too sure…it’s probably not true anyways! Is it me or does it seem that any series w/out a confirmed male cast  makes ppl think of Kenneth? I mean, there are rumors taht he’ll be in on Palace Scheme if Moses doesn’t have time to film? (and Kevin gets to be emperor instead?) …I don’t know, I actually would rather Kenneth get a small production and lead himself (not “Iron” though)…a modern one….

I guess all these rumors are coming up cuz Kenneth isn’t confirmed for anything after “Grand”. We’ll see. Anyone know when “Man In Charge” will come out? Are they gonna warehouse it? Does anyone remember if any Kenneth series, and if so, which ones have been warehoused b4?

More pix from Grace’s TVB Blog of the Myolie Concert!

Kenneth’s Hiding! haha.

Haha. Kenneth looks like such a weirdo in this pic. He’s so cute! haha. I would expect something like that from LokYi! Hmmm…he’s sitting w/ Nancy again!

Is the drink w/ the Lemon slice in it Kenneth’s Lemon Ice Tea?

He always has a cap handy! How polite of him to take it off during the concert haha…

Don’t know how i missed this pic from Sharon’s blog. aw…ShaKen look so cute together! (and there’s LokYi too haha…) And i see Selena in the back (bt Lokyi and ah Sheh)



  1. hyn5 said,

    Maggie Cheung is to a period series (文初劇) 《老公萬歲》 with Michael Miu in March-April ’09. The producer will be Tong Kei Ming. Maggie is expecting it to be a comedy. I don’t know about the rest of the cast. Personally, I’d rather Ma Ming film this over “Iron.” Hopefully, he’s not in “Iron.”

    I can’t picture Ah Miu in a comedy. I don’t think he is fitted for funny.

    • bbfreak said,

      Yeah, i’d rather see Kenneth in this too, but looks like Patrick Tang is in this series…so maybe he replaced MaMing? oh well.. (ok Patrick, first u take Selena and now this? huh huh?! haha jkjk)… as for Ah Miu and comedy…that is weird haha…

  2. passby said,

    hope kenneth will be in this series with some good actors

    May Series with Bobby Au Yeung, Flora Chan,

    • bbfreak said,

      passby: hey welcome to KMKMF! hope u stop by more often… yup would love to see Kenneth work with older generation actors. i would absolutely LOVE to see him work w/ Bobby…

  3. Jessica said,

    I really really like how Kenneth’s hair looked so natural at the concert. Ah.. he looked so handsome that day ^^

    • bbfreak said,

      He looks handsome everyday haha… yup….. i love the simple kenneth. he’s one of the guys that so soft on the eyes and looks better looking everytime u look at him. he grows on u!

  4. hyn5 said,

    Sorry, 《老公萬歲》 is going to be a modern comedy.

  5. misshknz said,

    Love the last pic. Sigh, some day that man will be mine.

    • bbfreak said,

      haha OVER MY DEAD BODY! haha jkjk. there’s only one of him…and so many of us! haha.

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