Grand Entrepreneurs Blessing Ceremony & Iron Horse Updates

December 27, 2008 at 2:27 pm (grand entrepreneurs, Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, sharon chan)

First off, Kenneth looks absolutely hott! These pix are pretty big so click and enlarge them! U won’t regret it! haha. He looks so good… love the hair, the outfit…too bad the thought of that mustache on him again spoils the moment! I’m glad he’s not wearing that thing everywhere nor is he growing one cuz that would be bad. Omg. He and Sharon look so good together! However, I’m still tempted to stick Bernice’s face over Sharon’s head haha. (I remember Bernice had even bangs b4 too….i can just visualize!)

Apparently, at the Blessing Ceremony, a fan got a hold of him and Kenneth has confirmed to be in “Iron Horse” and he’s been learning Wing Chun! Since we can’t stop this, I hope it’ll only turn out for the best. The producers are the one’s from Moonlight so I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. Hopefully, it’s serious w/ some humor and not the other way around (I can’t stand ridiculous dramas)!

Kevin will be the oldest brother, Kenneth 2nd, 3rd Stephen Wong Ka Lok and Shirley’s their sister (she’ll probably be w/ Heung Joh). Stephen will probably be w/ Natalie…so that leaves Selena and Nancy…and honestly either way I’d be happy, but I really really want something fresh so I’m rooting for KeNancy! Rumor has it that it’s gonna be Kevin-Nancy, but I feel that Selena should be female lead instead of Nancy. Don’t get me wrong, Nancy is my favorite actress (ha. You didn’t know did u?) but I feel that in terms of opportunities to showcase her talents, Nancy just hasn’t received her fair share. Being 2nd lead (along w/ her recent award) is already a huge step for Nancy (tho I want the best for her and she has worked a long time) while for Selena who’s been playing 2nd lead, the next step is 1st lead. I think Nancy can wait just a little longer. She should take on a 2nd lead and show everyone that she’s capable and then get a lead role. As for Selena, the only thing left to prove is that she’s a capable leading lady along the ranks of Linda & Kate (and I KNOW she’s capable).

I also hope that their hairstyles aren’t weird. I hope Kenneth gets to keep his regular hair  gelled down or style it like Ray’s from the Sales Presentation. Also, I hope Kenneth gets a good role and gets to shine. I know he will if given a good role, but I’m hoping he doesn’t get downplayed liked in Taichi or LFD or DIE cuz aside from these series, I feel that Kenneth always outshines the lead.

A side note, I was looking thru the forums and found out that when they returned to HK from SCDII, there were a couple of times when Kenneth left in a taxi w/ Nancy…that’s so cute they’re such good friends…I wonder if they live close together or something. Too bad someone said that Nancy says Kenneth’s like a brother to her…but I didn’t hear that! As far as i know, girls rarely call him a brother (Raymond’s the one that gets called the brother haha)…even Sharon was like “he’s doesn’t feel like a brother, but a very good friend”! Oh well, after the whole Deep thing, maybe Nancy will want a more mature guy (since when referring to Nathan, who like Deep is 3 yrs younger than her, she said he’s too young and hyper for her, maybe she’s looking for an older more reliable guy? ~smiles~

Oh well…Happy Holidays to all..! I’m hungry…need my breakfast! haha.



  1. lizzy said,

    Gosh, long posting!! 😀 I only read that part about Iron Horse .. sorry for my laziness….
    I superagree with everything you said!!!!!!

    Yup, we can’t change anything, so we hope that it’ll turn out for the best. Yup, not the producer is Moonlight/Heart – only the screenwriter (Cheung Wah Biu). The producer is Lee Tim Shing, he has produced Best Bet, Legend of Demigods, Safe Guards, Sweetness in the Salt….. I don’t feel he is that good, he hasn’t produced very popular series..
    Kenneth is quite good in comedies, remember his role in Scavenger’s Paradise and many more.. Not sure about Kevin, I don’t feel he can act funny, but we’ll see..
    I fully agree with you that Selena should be paired up with Kevin and Kenneth with Nancy, both quite fresh pairings (selena and kevin didn’t have many scenes in seventh day).. better than the Selena & Kenneth pairing, I get tired/bored from that pair…
    And Nancy hasn’t acted 2nd lead for long long time, so it would be weird to suddenly give her a big punch to let her lead. While Selena indeed has played many 2nd lead, so it wouldn’t be weird to give her 1st lead… please please let this become true!! :O

    I hope so much that Kenneth and Selena’s hair won’t be like Tai Chi, I completely disliked those hairstyles.. 😛

  2. lizzy said,

    Oh.. and I forgot to wish you a belated merry christmas and a Happy new year la!

  3. Jessica said,

    aww wow didn’t know Nathan was also 3 years young than Nancy! Just knew he was younger. I really really want to see Nancy and Kenneth paired up together for a series! =( It’d be nice if they become a real couple but then remaining friends might not be bad. If it doesn’t work out they might lose their friendship.

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