Kenneth wishing Bernice a Happy Bday!

January 12, 2009 at 2:39 pm (bernice liu)


Kenneth’s msg is the last/third one (after Joe’s and Wayne’s). His msg was longer and though he said some of the same things the other two guys said, somehow coming from Kenneth it’s just sweeter!

well here’s what i heard:

“Well, first off, I’ll wish you a happy birthday. Then, I’m really sad that once you heard that you had to be in 40 episodes (? not sure abt the number) with me that you quit to film something else. But I that doesn’t matter since I know you’ll be filming in hollywood so I wish you luck. Hope you get prettier, more popular and earn more money. And I hope you…..”

I couldn’t make out the rest of it. it was like two sentences… I’ll listen to it again and see if i can figure it out haha..

did any of u get the entire message?but aw… So that’s what the fans that found out abt bernice and the hollywood film did haha! Kenneth’s a good source for Bernice fans i see! i love how he said he was sad… So he did know abt her going to hollywood…i wasn’t sure if he only knew abt her not filming or both
this is the first yr Bernice fans got kenneth to wish her a… hopefully maybe some Kenneth fans can get bernice to do a bday thing for Kenneth as well…since his bday is the day b4 Valentines Day

come back soon bernice and make kenneth happy again! haha.

Well, all I’ve got to say is…listen to how different his msg to Bernice was compared to the Bday msg he had for Michelle Ye a few yrs back (and he’s filmed with Michelle far more than with Bernice!) Just take a look and you’ll notice the difference haha.

Note: Sry for the lack of updates … i’ve been nose is falling off! :-/

Happy belated Bday to Bernice as well!

Credits: hyn5



  1. lizzy said,

    I listened to the bday message too.. it’s so blur.. not good quality.. but i heard that he says:

    >> “I’m really sad to know that once you heard you had to film 40 episodes long with me, you rather go film other projects outside…” <<

    It sounds quite sad… It sounds like Bernice quitted because she knew it was so long (?) (she doesn’t want to film long series?) or because she has to film with Ma Ming.. (I don’t think so.. but it sounds like that, maybe Ma Ming is just joking.. )

  2. Carmen said,

    I’m sure he’s just joking.
    I’ve noticed that Kenneth tries to joke around a lot more on camera now….but sometimes it doesn’t seem so funny ^^”

  3. Carmen said,

    hehe….watching SL2 now on tv!

  4. cami said,


    heheh i love ur bk updates, hmm i’ve gotta make another bk video=)

  5. cami said,

    omgg i just watched kenneth and bernice as a couple for the new years skit!

    sooryy for my lil eximent there, i go crazzy wen i spot bk, randomly on the tv=) i really hope u could writ an article about lit like wat u did here, thanks a bunch! i’d make sure to get u all the information asap =)

    • bbfreak said,

      OMG…i saw it too! i will totalli do a post on it! ahh…u should do a fanvid on it too! too cute!

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