DongGuan Function

January 26, 2009 at 5:46 pm (functions)

So remember that function in Mainland that Kenneth attended a while back? Well, I got Carmen to translate a post from a fan that attended it. Carmen was very prompt and has been translating a lot of stuff for me..but unfortunately I’ve been to busy/lazy to post it up…haha…. so I’ll post this one up now. If you don’t recall, below is the link to the post from before w/ the pretty pix from that night when he sang.


Title: DongGuan JinYuZhongYang 2nd Anniversary Second Round – Kenneth Ma 2008/11/30
Amigo Choi: “Thank you Patrick Tang. I shall now introduce the next person to come on stage. Did you watch “The Four?” In the serise there’s a character with very strong hands (Metal Hand), please let me invite Kenneth Ma. Maybe people only really started to notice him was when he was playing the role of “Lai Ming Tong” in “Eternal Happiness” after that we saw him acting as a pervert, job well done, in “Survivor’s Law I”.  And his performance with Michelle Yip as a couple in “Driving Power” has left a very remarkable impression for the aduience. And not to forget the TVB anniversary drama “Triumph In The Skies” a few years back, his name was on the casting list. His continued efforts can be seen by his fans. Please (invite Kenneth).”
(Kenneth Ma Sings “Choose Me”)
Kenneth Ma: Did you watch “Survivor’s Law II?” When I was in backstage I heard you guys praising Patrick Tang being good looking/handsome, I don’t dare to say that I’m good looking/handsome, but I’m 80% as handsome as Patrick Tang (OMG, personal comment here Valli….I totally think Kenneth looks better than Patrick!!!!! not just 80% haha 101%!!), at least I’m taller than him a little bit. I look cool (Kenneth must have want to say “Ying” using Cantonese), how do I say this in Mandarin? My Mandarin and his Mandarin skills aren’t that great. However, I did prepare a song in Mandarin that I want to sing to everyone tonight. I hope you’ll all like it, 《深秋的黎明》(song title).
(Kenneth sings the song)
Kenneth Ma: Is everyone really cold? Everyone should shout out that I’m cool (“Ying”), then it’ll be much warmer, Thank you. I’m really happy, a lot of girls are giving me a hug.
Amigo Choi: Have you been hiding yourself? You really like getting hugs that much? Please give a round of applause to Kenneth Ma.
***That ends the part of the show, the following is a comment from someone about Kenneth during the show***
There were 6 people who went up to give flowers to Kenneth, one of them was Amy, that’s a lot of people.
Kenneth was really happy, said he was honoured to received so many hugs from girls.
Kenneth’s Mandarin still isn’t that great, spoke in Cantonese the whole way through, he even said he was good looking.
Then a lot of people went up to give him flowers, Amigo Choi said, I didn’t think so many people would come on stage, Kenneth was really happy and said he got hugs from a lot of pretty girls.
When Amy went up to the stage, she gave Kenneth a bow, and Kenneth happily returned a bow to her. Amy gave him the flowers, Kenneth takes them, and Amy bows again, and Kenneth bows back. Then Amy gives Kenneth a gift, Kenneth takes it…and Amy returns to her seat. End.
I think the aduience might have thought that was crazy/funny…two people taking turns to bow each other. Would Amy be the first fans to give Kenneth a bow?
Source: TianYa
Credits: Carmen
Comments: Kenneth is just too cute for words. Asking everyone to say he’s “ying” haha…and getting all those hugs from the ladies! I too agree that kenneth is much cuter than Patrick lol. I like how Amigo introduced him too!

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