Vivi Lee Praises Kenneth as a Nice Guy & Blog Entries from Others

January 26, 2009 at 8:42 pm (cake wong, vivi li)

Kenneth treats and takes care of Vivi as though shes his yonger sister, and doesnt mind sharing his own expereince with her as a form of support.

Kenneth treats and takes care of Vivi as though she's his yonger sister, and doesn't mind sharing his own experience with her as a form of support.

Vivi Lee, new to the TV drama sector, after 3 months of filming her first series is completed: “The Four”. Her role was Kenneth’s younger sister and Sammul’s girlfriend. She has a lot of positive comments about the two predecessors, she said “When I first started to work with Sammul, I felt that he didn’t talk much, but after getting to know each other more, he’s actually pretty funny.  As for Kenneth, he treats new people really well, and he’s always encouraging me, and he doesn’t mind sharing his past expereince, even stories that were embarrassing.”


An ex-TVB employee wrote in their blog about Kenneth

A person that wasn’t noticable in the past has made me change my view point towards him, I’m talking about Kenneth.
Kenneth is a super hard working person, he’ll only arrive early for work, and never is he late, he’s a great person. Working with him leads to absolute happiness.
He’s also “Mr. Economical” (節儉先生), even though he’s a little bit famous now he’ll still ride the MTR (subway system in HK) to work, very civvy.
Although he’s not very handsome, he’s very hard working. The last time I saw him, he was filming two different series, both were ancient series, and it was during the summer time.
You must understand that, being an actor and having to film an ancient drama during the summer is terrible.
There’s so many layers to the costume, it can really lead to a sunstroke.
But Kenneth just continues to work, there were major sunbunrs from his head to neck, everytime I see him you’ll see the two different skin colours, some will laugh at him and he’ll just laugh it off as well.
The best thing about Kenneth is that he’ll memorize his script very well before coming to work. Even if he doesn’t have enough sleep, he’ll still read the all of the scripts.
I must say, I really admire Kenneth’s attitude towards his work.

Cake Wong Ying’s Blog on Kenneth:

Title: Cute Cute Kenneth

I’ve been really tire lately….because I’ve got to go to work early almost everyday…..but when I’m working there’s always a lot of friends and co-workers working together…..that’s why it’s hee hee ha ha everyday….in a happy mood….haha^^

Cute cute Kenneth came over to our studio for a visit…..he’s really a nice guy~~haha^^

Comments: Kenneth seems to be very well liked. And I remember Cake Wong Ying included Kenneth in another blog post as well. The first picture goes w/ this entry, the second was from another entry and she also posted another with a pic of him at a soccer field. See it here: She seems to like MaMing! haha. Someone commented on her blog that they also like MaMing and did not know that Cake liked him too. Just in case anyone was wondering who she is, she was a MHK contestant and one of the girls from Deal or No Deal. She had rumors w/ Ron and Moses (regarding her posting of pictures of them together or something). Her name was Giann then Joyce and now Cake I believe. She filmed that show about the Beijing Olympics w/ Ursula Wong, Grace Wong , and Jason Chan. I’m glad the TVB staff likes Kenneth and since she’s an ex-staff member, she didn’t need to say such nice things or fear anything.

Credits: Carmen



  1. AC said,

    Aww.. that’s sweet that everyone loves kenneth! It’s weird when I read comments about the tvb sexual harrassment thing and think it’s him! I think all the girls want to be all up on him! haha

    • bbfreak said,

      haha. hey AC. I too think all the girls like him…cuz he’s such a nice guy. He’s just someone all the girls have a crush on or are close to…abt the sexual harassment …def DO NOT think it’s kenneth since he can’t cook. haha also all the girls are like realli good friends w/ him and i realli don’t think they’d all compliment him and say so many nice things abt him if he were such a person!

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