Bernice & Kenneth Reunited for CNY 2009 Special

January 29, 2009 at 3:44 am (bernice liu, kate tsui, nancy wu, Ron Ng)

B: What are you doing? K: Sweeping you off your feet!

Silly, your hair's messed up!

Just can't get enough of you!

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First of all, what a way to start off the New Year! TVB gave us a much welcomed surprise! BK Reunion!!! haha. This may sound totally strange, but when I saw both of their names on the list, I had a strange feeling that there might be some BK moments, even if it were just a little, that we’d get out of this. But I didn’t say anything cuz I didn’t wanna jinx it! And I got so much more than I expected. When I saw Kate’s name, I totally thought TVB would just pair them up again…like they did for the intros. But I’m so happy that they went w/ Bernice & Kenneth for the skit! It was hilarious and cute! Those two stole the show. Their chemistry was flying every which way!

While I know that they probably chose this pairing cuz Kenneth is tall and they could take this chance to make the Moses joke, I didn’t care, I got my BK moments! haha. And this is like Bernice’s first official appearance after the Hollywood film and of the new year! Glad she got to spend it w/ Kenneth! The thing is, since TVB has kinda disbanded Bermo’s partnership (since they are now promoting Movia), maybe they’ll consider pairing Kenneth w/ Bernice! (I’m hopeful)

I loved how Bernice was like “I want someone who’s taller than me…and who’s manly!” And then, she jumped into Kenneth’s arms and he spun her around. That was so cute. Made me think of dancing! (Grrr…reminds me of how TVB had got our hopes up of a BK reunion for Strictly Come Dancing II! Actually, I have a “Steps 2” script in mind, but it’ll never happen so I might change it to a fanfic….and of course it’ll be BK but I’ve been to lazy to write it) Kenneth is so strong he carried Bernice effortlessly! He literally swept our Princess off her feet! The kissing was hilarious …Maming’s entrance was hilarious (it’s hard to believe he was such a shy guy!) and his kissing Louis and the way he walked in HA!

But nothing beats how he and Bernice were kissing nonstop. He just couldn’t have enough of her and she seemed to enjoy it as well! Like even when the camera was not on them they kept going! I loved how when Bernice was on Kenneth’s lap, Wong Cho Lam pushed them together….their faces were so close…they nearly kissed for real! Haha, I’ve noticed that both Bernice and Kenneth love doing that exaggerated pouting lip thing when they do comedies (Bernice, whenever she’s pretending to kiss the guy like in SL and in LB always does that and Kenneth just does that all the time haha – see they’re perfect for each other!)

Now I seriously think they’re better friends than we’re led to believe. When they’re at functions, they hardly interact but during this show when Kenneth was standing in front of Bernice, you can see him help her fix her hair (that girl was going wild, her hair was everywhere!) And I bet they were making cute faces at each other when they were fake kissing haha…since you see Fala, Nancy, and Kate sneaking looks at them and laughing!

They even skipped sideways together! But when they were facing the audience, they didn’t have any contact…haha like they realized that they had been too affectionate (haha let my imagination run wild!) and Kenneth even got so confused that he clapped early! (his heart must have been beating fast – He must have missed Bernice!)

What was even cuter was when after Bernice spoke, she touched Kenneth’s forehead …I’m not sure what she was doing..she was either fixing “his” hair, patting him,  pushing him, or wiping his sweat (? haha no…I don’t think so) But body language says a lot! Things like fixing each other’s hair come so naturally… so I would guess that they are close enough that they would do these things comfortably!

Now that TVB has given us a small dose of BK, they’re just making me yearn for more! They keep doing this to us! Why oh why? Can they just give us a BK series? Please?! Since they had “Root of Evil aka Grand Entrepreneurs” planned for them being a couple, maybe they had the intention to put them together again..not just cuz they fit the roles. I’m holding on to hope, but it won’t be any time soon since after “Root” Kenneth’ll film “Iron Horse”. And Bernice doesn’t have anything scheduled yet….unless one of the girls can’t make Iron Horse, we’ll have to wait forever for a BK series! (But I like both Nancy & Selena …so I’m not complaining about the casting!)

Well, I’ll not vest too much hope and maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised as I was for this! They were just too cute!

Btw, Kenneth attended another CNY show (for Pleasure and Leisure) w/ Nancy and apparently, if I understand correctly, he gave both Nancy and Sung Chi Ling a ride (haha. too bad Bernice had another function in Macau that night after the show/the next day… I was hoping he’d drive her home in his new car lol!)

Ok. I’ll stop my ranting now…but please do carry on the wave of BKness w/ me! Hehe… would anyone like to make nice screencaps for me? I would really appreciate it… I’ll post them up and put them in the gallery if anyone would be kind enough to do it! Also is anyone else interested in helping me work on the gallery. Let me know here if you are!

Also, I’ve already been ranting about this @ AF so please join us in the BK thread there if you haven’t already or just read other BK fans’ thoughts there too… (We so need more “active” BK fans!): (go to page 1 to see all info about Bernice & Kenneth…and compatibility! Currently we’re on page 5!)

Credits: MKMC, hyn5, tungstar, AF

While I’m here, I want to shamelessly declare my new obsession w/ Him Law! haha. He is so cute! After watching “Your Class or Mine” I’m hooked on him! And after going to his thread, I found that Kenneth was mentioned in one of the articles regarding Him, but it was not translated very well, so I’m not sure if I understood it right but here’s an excerpt:

Weird was that in olden times, many artistes prefer to play evil roles due to the fact that they thought evil roles are extraordinary. But now, many men like to play kind-hearted person in the show. Among the men, there was one HK artiste that looks alike-Kenneth Ma. The reporters are smart and looking into the entertainment news carefully. And the reporters prefer to believe themselves rather than other people. However, Him Law was the special person to be trusted. The only son in his family and his father was a strict person. However, he only used a cane for punishing him and the others. Sometimes he did not know whether he had made a mistake. Even he was hurt by the boiling water, he would get punished before his father helped him to treat his wound. During his school time, less people noticed him. Even during playing basketball or football, less female students surrounded them to watch.

During secondary school time, he had dated for two times. He had no new love companion to be with after that. He thought himself was a boring guy because he often played games from day to night. After school, he would play basketball while at night he played football. On Saturday, he would play football in the day whereas basketball at night. After earning some money while working as a lifeguard, he spent most of the money to learn diving. “I want…Of Course I want to have a date but first I want to look for someone who good in her cooking. I prefer men working outside, women stay in the house. And he said,” No girls that are taller than me to be my girlfriend. Even she is wearing a pair of high heel shoes, she must not taller than me. And the girl must not have the same height with me.” And he said,” He liked Japanese actress, 竹內結子 due to the fact that she had some ‘housewife feel’ from her.

I’m not sure what the article was saying about Kenneth, but I guess they’re saying he’s going for a similar image or he’s the golden example of a good boy that sells?! Haha. Him, like Kenneth has dated twice before entering the industry or say they have and both love playing ball! Sporty! Both guys say they’re boring and are quite “traditional”…What better? He’s young! yummy…haha…I’m so off topic here! Click to see the entire article at Him Law’s thread @ AF

MaMing’s still my #1 though! haha.



  1. cami said,


    lol sry got a lil bk crazy again
    that was such a great read=)
    yea i totally agree with you, way to kick off the new year =)

  2. Jessica said,

    oh yay! BK finally. haha noticed Nancy’s experience O.o she looked like she was jealous or something or maybe it’s just the screencaps. Gotta download this.

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