Kenneth in search for his partner to have a baby

February 9, 2009 at 11:34 pm (bernice liu)


More pictures:


Kenneth was at a public event recently.  During the function the children dressed up in costumes from different countries.  Kenneth admits that he loves children, and really hopes to have his own family soon.  He’ll want to have his own children once he is married, and right now he is in search of a partner.
During the day of the event, Kenneth’s nephew also came to support Uncle Kenneth.  Kenneth indicates that his nephew is always nagging him for gifts, in the eyes of his nephew everyday is Christmas.
Kenneth is busying filming, but he’s glad that he’s able to attend public functions so that he’s able to earn a few extra dollars!

Credits: Yin (pix & video) @ MKMC, Carmen (translation), MKMC

Comments: Sry, this news is a little old, but news nonetheless haha. OMg, Kenneth is just too cute..I love the creepy expression in the next to last pic! Aw… he really wants to be a daddy…I really hope he meets the girl of his dreams and starts a family with her! Make a baby MaMing! Well, I was procrastinating from work and started playing w/ a baby generator haha (thanks to Enrica and her blog…i saw how she “made a baby” with MaMing lol…) I made some Bernice & Kenneth babies, but unfortunately the website only does Caucasion or African American….so their babies turned out white haha…but oh well… (I must admit, they make pretty good babies, pretty symmetrical and cute!) Here they are!

The Liu-Ma Family

Ian & Christian

Basil & Hailey

Tristen & Tessa

Cami dedicated a video for me …I’m so honored!

Also, Bernice defended on the guys she’s worked w/ b4 regarding the “salty pork hand guy” issue that’s been going on… she said:

“Recently I have not been back in TVB, so I don’t know if the incident is real or not. But of the many years since I’ve been in the industry, I feel that the male co-stars I collaborated with are all very gentlemen. They are very professional, shy and now there isn’t a specific name pointed out, the male actors are all very innocently accused.”

I dunno about you (ok ok…everyone says she’s jumping to defend moses…lol…I’ll ignore that lol) but those three words sound like a Kenneth description haha…  But oh well… since the only ppl on the suspect list that Bernice has worked with are Moses, Steven, & Kenneth…I’ll just pretend she was defending kenneth!
After all, she said all the guys she’s worked with are I’ll just let my imagination go wild!



  1. Carmen said,

    your comments about the baby made me LOL!!!

    you know what, the comments that Bernice made fits both Moses and Kenneth, because they are both very shy guys….and professional and all!!!

  2. hyn5 said,

    It is so obvious that it is not Ma Ming! Everybody loves him! Ha ha…

    Also, too bad those baby pictures are not Chinese! Ha ha…

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