Happy 35th Bday Kenneth! 2.13 : the Best Friday the 13th there is!

February 12, 2009 at 4:28 pm (selena li)

Since HK is a day before us, I decided to post this today haha. I cannot believe Kenneth is already 35! I remember when I first started liking him, I wondered how long it’d last. Will I stop liking him when he becomes older? (I wonder if I’ll like him when he’s 40…time shall tell haha) Well, anyways, he looks nothing like his age, he looks like he’s in his late 20s or something! His bday may be on Friday the 13th, but there’s nothing scary or unlucky about this day as this was the day when this cute guy was born for all of us to adore!

Dear Kenneth,

Hope you have the awesomest Bday ever! May all your wishes come true!
May you and your family be healthy and happy! Since you’re a big boy now, hope you’ll have a family of your own soon and have a little MaMing! Hope you’ll always love your job and find great success!

Love watching your performances…and I know I will continue to enjoy the ones in the near future!


Also, today 2.12 is actually Selena Li’s bday! Isn’t that a coincidence? The day before Kenneth’s bday! Both b4 V-day! I remember how they celebrated Michelle Ye’s Bday w/ Kenneth’s and if it hadn’t been for her leaving TVB, I think they’d probably have celebrated Selena-Kenneth-Michelle’s bdays together (The Herbalist Manual trio!). Maybe fans could make a KenSelena bday/vday party (like TaRo parties)….



  1. hyn5 said,

    I agree! The best Friday the 13th ever! Happy B-day to Ma Ming! Ha ha…

    My sisters and I will continue to love Ma Ming no matter what! 😀

    It might be hard for Ma Ming and Selena to have b-day parties together since they are not under the same manager. But you never know, they may one day be under the same manager. I can’t wait for that day to happen! Ha ha…

  2. Carmen said,

    Happy Birthday to Kenneth!!!

    I really like the banner/picture you have there! So sweet!

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