Kenneth’s Bday Fan Visit!

February 13, 2009 at 9:26 pm (bday)

Yin @ MKMC posted these pix up. Some fans went to visit Kenneth at TVB  I believe.
There pix are super cute. Kenneth looked really touched ( haha…who wouldn’t be w/ all the presents and cake!?!) Kenneth wears that tank alot! He’s so casual and adorable! I wonder who asked him to pose w/ the little heart…that was sorta …uh..haha… it’s hard to believe he’s 35..such a big kid! (The cakes are so cute…one w/ a 3 and one w/ a 5)


Credits: Yin @C MKMC

Comments: The videos were super cute as well. Kenneth was saying he must have offended some PA, cuz he has to work on his Bday til late and early the next day. He’s only gotten to eat a “so called” bday dinner w/ his family. Fans asked him about his V-day plans and Kenneth says he has to work as well….(He’ll be dubbing for General Chai & Lady Balsam)

They also ask whether he’s found a “Valentine aka lover” yet and Kenneth awkwardly answers that even if he had one, he’d have no time to spend w/ her and they’d be on the verge of break-up. This made one of the fans say “So you do have a sweetheart” and he smiles and changes the subject to say that Root of Evil has a lot of big stars and they all get Vday off so the little guys like him have to work on the day! haha…smooth Kenneth smooth…Then he makes a wish for good health and wishes everyone else good health!

hm…I wonder why Kenneth is so indirect with the answer about a sweetheart…did he recently find one? haha…after all, all the girls are trying to introduce girls to him!


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  1. Jessica said,

    aww Kenneth looks so cute in those pics! haha I like him in his own casual wear the most! His smiles really reminds me of Donald Duck alot! I’m serious! I wonder if it has anything to do with him liking the character and looks at it so much!

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