Next TV Awards 2009 – Let the voting begin!

February 14, 2009 at 4:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Directions in English (step by step – Thanks Simply FungYi!):

VOTE! It’s your RIGHT…as a Kenneth fan!! haha.

Vote here:

Please vote for Kenneth…really would love to see him make it into the Top 10 artists for the very 1st time! Vote for his series and don’t forget to vote for him for the Bella award! (He won once but then Amigo won the next year….)You can pick only 3 for each of the categories w/ multiple voting!

第一页: “十大电视艺人”选项:最多可选三项

20号 – 马国明

第四页 : Top 10 Series (pick up to 3)

太极 02号
少年四大名捕 03号
古灵精探 05号
甜言蜜语 19号
舞动奇迹 27号

第五页 : Men’s skin Centres by Bella 全方位自信男艺人
选项及A、C、D and E 其他相关要投票的项目均填写完整后,按“确定”即可。

2号 – 马国明

Credits: MKMC, Simply FungYi


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  1. Video w/ Kenneth & most of his series (cameo) « Kenneth Ma Fanpage- So Adorable, So Amazing! said,

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