Danced and sparked love, Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu have been dating for 10 months

February 16, 2009 at 11:38 pm (nancy wu)

Translated by travelbug @

Nancy Wu had not been dating since her break up with Deep Ng. Actually last April when she participated in Strictly Come Dancing 2, good friends Sharon Chan and Christine Ng used their matchmaking skills to pair her up with one of the most eligible bachelors in the entertainment industry, Kenneth Ma. It is known that Nancy has moved to Tai Koo Shing (太古城) to become Kenneth’s neighbor, walking to his place doesn’t even take 5 minutes!

Since her break up with Deep Ng, Nancy has not dated for some time, her good friend Sharon had tried to find her a boyfriend. Kenneth and Sharon are also very good friends so Sharon had always intended to set them up. Coincidentally Kenneth broke up with Margie Tsang last year, also Nancy and Kenneth were both in Wunan last April to participate in Strictly Come Dancing 2. According to sources, Sharon and her god-sister Christine both acted as matchmakers for Nancy and Kenneth, they are another couple after Mandy Cho and Stephen Huynh that danced to ‘fire of love’.

In fact, Nancy and Kenneth have known each other since filming Triumph In The Skies 6 years ago, but they did not have many scenes together, also Kenneth was naturally shy so he did not get to know her well. Last year during Strictly Come Dancing 2, Nancy and Kenneth saw each other all the time and with the help of matchmakers Sharon and Christine, love sparked and they became a couple.

It is known that Kenneth now lives in Tai Koo Shing, probably to accomodate her boyfriend, Nancy who used to live with her family in Tuen Mun, has moved close to her boyfriend’s place, convenient to seeing each other. But since both Kenneth and Nancy are being promoted by TVB, to avoid affecting their careers, since they started dating, they have kept a low profile and are carefully protecting their relationship. Our reporters found out that they parked their cars in their respective parking lots, but they can walk to see each other since their apartments are close together.

Earlier our reporter found Nancy who was wearing a cap at the parking lot ready to leave, when she saw a reporter she was stunned. Asked if she and Kenneth are dating, Nancy said sweetly: “No, of course not!” Asked if there is any chance of dating Kenneth in the the future, she said no one can tell what happens in the future.

Kenneth is well known in the entertainment circle as a good man and also respects his parents, Nancy very much agreed and said: “He is known as a good man and his reputation at the company is also good, whether he respects his parents I don’t know, but he always mentions his mom.” Asked if she is eager to date? Nancy said: “I would like someone to take care of me but I haven’t dated for some time. Also since last year my career has been going smoothly, I don’t want to get distracted, but fate is hard to say, working hard comes first!” She then drove off to meet with friends.

Earlier at 2 am, our reporter ran into Kenneth who just finished that day’s filming of Root of Evil/The Grand Entrepreneurs. Asked about his romance with Nancy, he lightheartedly said: “This has been rumored for some time, but we live very close to each other.” Asked if there is any chance of developing romance, Kenneth said: “You asked like this, of course I will say yes, I won’t say she is ugly and not suitable for me.”



  1. AC said,

    OMG! How Cute! Remember that they sat together at Myolie’s concert also? I think it’s funny how Kenneth was saying that it’s been rumored about him and Nancy for a long time, but this is the first I hear about it! Makes you think… =) They both seem super nice so I hope this is true. =)

  2. hyn5 said,

    It has to be true! Ha ha…

  3. hyn5 said,

    I can’t be ten months, the most it can be is three months.

  4. Enrica said,

    i feel happy but yet sad >_<
    he finally found a soul mate…
    i’m sad cuz he is into new r/s? 😛
    wahahahhaha…. boohoohoo

  5. Carmen said,

    ha~! so quick with the posting! faster than i was able to translate it!

    yea i think this might be true…unlike the other rumors that has been going on about other girls.

    its said that other online forums have beening saying that the two of them have been dating for some time.

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