Kenneth & Tavia: November ’08 Poll Results (Finally….)

February 16, 2009 at 8:18 pm (tavia yeung)

Results –

Which Fresh Kenneth Pairing Would You Most Like to See? Kenneth &…

Tavia Yeung 44% (16 votes)

Nancy Wu 19% (7 votes)

Myolie Wu 14% (5 votes)

Linda Chung 11% (4 votes)

Fala Chan 11% (4 votes)

Total Votes: 36

Sry the results are kinda late, but Tavia’s been leading the poll ever since it started! Even after leaving it here for months, she still leads the poll! Thank you for voting you guys!

The two underdogs of the Younger Generation, acting class grads Kenneth & Tavia have never been paired up since Eternal Happiness years ago when they were still practically cameos. However, today, they have both found great success, taking on leading roles, winning recognition for their hardwork from the audience. Not only are they recognized for their hard work and talent, but these two also have shown us that you don’t need plentiful headlines/rumors to make it in showbiz. They may have taken the longer and harder road, but they have gained alot of respect from the fans!

After the recent (well not really anymore), Anniversary Gala, many Kenneth & Tavia shippers have emerged, all going crazy over the screen caps of them playing the card passing game. Screencap analysis of whether they kissed or not along with a wave of exclamations that they “warmed up the TVB studios w/their hott kiss” spread across the forums like a forest fire (haha I’m sounding weird now), making for a “literally” hot topic!

Back in the Day….Eternal Happiness

This was their very first and only pairing in a TVB series. This was also Tavia’s first “bigger” role. Kenneth’s role was relatively insignificant. Later on, they reunited in “The Vigilante in the Mask“, Tavia’s first official lead series. There Kenneth played a spoiled baddie who tried to rape Tavia’s character. However, these acting class grads have also been in several other series together even though they have never crossed paths. These include At the Threshold of an Era, The Legendary Four Aces, Whatever it Takes, Golden Faith, Street Fighters, and so on…

Despite only having officially worked together twice, Kenneth expresses on an episode of Fan & Kam that he’d like to work w/ Tavia who he doesn’t get to work with often, because he feels her acting is dependable (stable and good).

Tavia Yeung Wants Football Fan Boyfriend

Tavia Yeung was joined by Matthew Ko at a Shopping Mall event for the Football Fiesta, but it turns out that they are both outsiders when it comes to football. Matthew says he has only just started watching football in the last couple of years.

Tavia indicates that she does like to join her friends to watch football matches, but just for the company. She likes to watch the handsome footballers such as Beckham, but as she always has a lot of questions about the match, her friends find her tiresome and she has to wait until after the match to ask. Therefore, she hopes to find a boyfriend who is knowledgeable about football. Does her boyfriend like football? Tavia just laughs that her male friends like to watch football. As for her own interests, she likes to play badminton and volleyball, but when she used to play, she just wanted to get close to her senior male classmates. However, nothing came of it apart from a signature in her yearbook.

Matthew liked to watch basketball when he was in Canada and only started watching soccer when he arrived in Hong Kong. He has been busy filming recently for “Background Master”, where he has a bed scene with Kenneth Ma, who goes on to touch his chest. He laughs that his ‘first time’ has been given to Kenneth, but fortunately he was not too embarrassed because they have become good friends from this series. He also reveals that he will be taking part in a dance show for Hunan Television shortly, so he has been busy rehearsing his latin dance.

Interesting article…Football as in Soccer! That makes me think of someone…Kenneth! haha. How strange! Kenneth’s a super soccer fanatic…he’ll teach you a few things!

Kenneth & Tavia and Bosco & Fala - two refreshing couples I'd like to see from TVB!

This is from a promo for Valentine’s/New Year’s or something for TVB. It surprisingly features Kenneth & Tavia, who are the only two that have any eye-contact in the clip! These two couples are quite refreshing and I’d like to see them from TVB!

Having said all that, maybe TVB will listen to us and give us this fresh coupling? (that didn’t even sound right)

I wish TVB would just hold a contest so fans can write up their own scripts and actually make a series out of the winner’s idea with help from the TVB editting/script team! I’m sure that’ll give them newer ideas!Haha. I actually have one and a gazillion more ideas..which would most likely turn into fanfics, but since this is a MingYee post, I guess I’ll just add it here for fun! I don’t even know when i’ll get to writing this…but the story is all planned out..I’ll give some highlights – anyone wanna write it for me? 🙂

** Note: the poster bg and stuff are totally jacked from a Raymond picture from AF. If you made it, I’m sry I didn’t ask for permission, I’ll credit you here if you leave a comment? (Plz don’t be mad!)

Premise: Interns in a Hospital go through the process of becoming doctors. They face exams, work, family/friend issues, and all sorts of drama! (something ala Healing Hands cross Grey’s Anatomy)

What’s special about this “series”? 80% casted artists are from TVB Acting Class! TVB showcasing it’s underpromoted talents! (Yup, no more bombarding you with MHKs/MsHKs)

Other info:

  • Kenneth takes years off after high school (for some mysterious reason, which Tavia equates to something stupid like backpacking thru Europe – little does she know!) so he’s actually older than his fellow classmates. He meets Tavia in college and they become best friends
  • Tavia will fall for Raymond (Is it not obvious?) and I won’t tell you the rest! Raymond h/e is an attending higher in position than Tavia and the rest of the interns aka her boss.
  • Ray’s secret has to do w/ his dead gf!
  • Kenneth’s character will make you CRY and I mean it! This all has to do with his brother Tsui Wing….
  • Bobby is the chief and Ray’s bro and he holds a secret for his brother…one that is always within his conscience and that stands b/t him and Ray. Esther is his Ex-fiancee
  • Geoffrey was once Bobby’s best friend, but because he dated Esther after their breakup, Bobby is mad at Geoffrey and quits at the hospital where he used to work. Esther leaves and Geoffrey tries to win his best friend back. But things happen and another woman gets into the way!
  • Sandra is hilarious and gutsy and powerful
  • Margie is the psychologist…almost everyone in this hospital is her client, yes all the docs too…she knows all the dirt
  • Karen Lee & Matt Yeung & Chris Lai & Bond Chan are the felllow interns along w/ Kenneth, Tavia & Nancy…great chemistry and friendship dynamic…lots of fun times & sad times! Some of the other ppl are trainee nurses!


Kenneth Ma as Ian Ho Cheuk Lam – The fun happy flirty caring character that uses his smiles as a disguise for all the sadness within. He always says the wrong things at the wrong times, but he means well. He’s the character that you’ll end up loving…he’ll make you smile and make you cry even more!
Tavia Yeung as Jackie Tse So Kei – She’s gloomy and has a sad past, but manages to survive with the help of her friends (notably best friend Ian who always brings a smile to her face) You’ll cry with her and root for her, but sometimes her gloominess will irritate you especially when it comes to love…
Raymond Lam as Eric Li Lap Kwun– Talented, arrogant, handsome (somewhat like MC from The Four), and cool. He’s mysterious and has an air to him that renders his inapproachable. Having always been teased about attaining his position due to his family wealth and his brother’s high position, he bears a dark secret that makes him self-conscious…It takes someone special to open him up
Nancy Wu as Lana Lai Nga – (forgot to put her in poster..but she’s important kind of…) Cold and icy and intense due to her family past, but becomes close to Jackie…and begins to melt when someone special comes around!
Karen Lee as Christina Kuk Tin Na
Matt Yeung as Nick Hui Lik Wah
Tsui Wing as Ho Cheuk Wai
Geena Cheung as Jessica Sum Tung Tung
Bobby AuYeung as Richard Li Ho Leung
Margie Tsang as Erica Cheung Ling
Sandra Ng as Koni Ko Hei Man
Chris Lai as Tony Chan Heung Lok
Cha Cha Chan as Isabel Yip Sze Lai
Bond Chan as Jeff Lui Hei
Oscar Chan as Alex Yuen Pak Ho
Stephen Wong as Tim Chu Chun Wing
Mikako Leung as Patty Yuen Pui Pui
Queena Chan as Amy Yeung Mei Kei’
Yvonne Ho as Margaret
Candy Cheung as Sylvia
Cake Wong  as June
Vivi Lee as Carrie
Kiki Sheung as Lois Tam Yiu Fun
Geoffrey Wong as Vincent Yin Wai Shun
Esther Kwan as Carmen Wong Ka Lam

Please vote for a fan name for this “underdog” couple!

**If you pick “Other”, there’s a write-in box, please put something in it so I know what suggestion you have! thanks!


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