Kenneth’s Q & A

February 16, 2009 at 1:18 am (Q&A)

1) Did you have a time period where you were a naughty/bad kid, if so when?
K: Of course! From the day I was born to now ^_^ (LOL I love this answer!!!!)

2) Is there anything that you’re not satisfied about yourself?
K: Nothing…

3) What do you think is the most romantic thing (to do)?
K: Going out with my family.

4) What was the most romantic thing you did with your girlfriend? (I wasn’t able to exactly see what it said, I’m guessing)
K: Just the 2 of us being together was romantic.

5) What type of people do you dislike the most?
K: 不可一世…(Describes a person who is arrogant and conceited)

6) What type of movies do you like to watch?
K: Too many to name…

7) Will you really wear high heel shoes and walk around? You walked really well in “Love Guarantee!”
K: Of course I will not!

8 ) In the drama, if you were Hugo, how would you have handled the fact that there was a 3rd person in your relationship?
K: I don’t know…If I was Hugo…I want both of them hahaha…

Will you be in Part 2 of D.I.E.?
K: No (haha I wonder why he circled it)

9) August’s new drama (what’s the update/progress?)?
K: There isn’t any progress…
(I don’t understand what’s Q9 trying to ask)

Credits: MKMC, Carmen

Comments: Kenneth is just too cute…I too, like Carmen, love the first answer…Kenneth, we all know u’re a good buy, stop trying to be bad! haha. Though the phrase goes, “If men aren’t bad, women won’t like them” but for you Kenneth it’s “Even if men aren’t bad, women still like them!” It’s nice to know he’s content w/ himself! And wow, that’s his idea of “romantic”? haha. He’d make a wonderful husband…maybe not so much a boyfriend! But girls..think ahead! 🙂  …Liked how he answered that question w/ “Nothing” instead of in Chinese or “No”…Kenneth you’re so lazy!

Btw, New BANNER! (It’s not great, but U guys can use anything I make if u want! :-D)


1 Comment

  1. Carmen said,

    hey, nice banner!
    the dark horse prince…nice!

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