Kenneth Ma & Nancy Wu danced to love, been dating for 10 months

February 17, 2009 at 3:29 pm (christine ng, nancy wu, sharon chan)

Filming "Not Just A Pretty Face" - Kenneth was still shy (crossed arms)

Since Nancy and Deep Ng broke up, Nancy had been single all ever since, however it turns out that after participating in “Strictly Come Dancing 2”, and through the “fanning help” (a Chinese term meaning to pair two people together) of her good friends Sharon Chan and Christine Ng, Nancy is now dating  Kenneth.  It is also said that Nancy has now moved to TaiKoo City to be neighbours with Kenneth.  It only takes about 5mintues for the two of them to walk to each other’s home.

Near the end of SCDII

Kenneth and Nancy had actually known each other for 6 years. They first met when they were both taking part in the filming of “Triumph in the Skies”.  But there wasn’t a lot of screen time where the two of them were together.  And because Kenneth is a very shy person at the time, he didn’t get to become good friends with Nancy (get to know each other more).  Only until last year when they both took part in “Strictly Come Dancing 2” they spent a lot more time together (day and night).  And with the help of Christine Ng and Sharon Chan, they just naturally become couples.
Kenneth currently lives in TaiKoo City, it’s not known if Nancy had moved because of Kenneth, but she originally lived with her family in TuenMun, but she has now has moved to TaiKoo City as well.  Both Nancy and Kenneth are now being promoted by TVB, in order to avoid negative impacts to their careers, ever since they began dating they decided to keep it very low key, and very protective about their relationship.

Few days ago, the media came across Nancy where she was wearing a cap and was about to leave the parking lot, she was very surprised to see us there.  When asked if she was dating with Kenneth, Nancy with a sweet smile said “No! Of course not!” When asked if there are opportunities to develop a relationship she said no one knows what will happen in the future.
Within this industry, Kenneth is known to be a great guy, very caring of his family, and Nancy agrees with this as well and says “He’s famous for being a good boy, he has a very good reputation in the company (TVB), I don’t know if he cares for his family or not, but he’s always mentioning about his mom.  When asked if she wants to date she said “I would like to have someone care for me, but I haven’t been dating for a while now, and my (career) performance last year was pretty good, I don’t want to take my focus off of it, but fate is hard to control/say, regardless, I’m just going to put all my efforts into my career/job” then she drove off to have tea with friends at a mall 康怡廣場 (name of a mall).

Around 2am a few days ago, we came across Kenneth who just finish filming for “The Grand Entrepreneurs”, when asked if he was dating Nancy, he said with a light smile “The rumor has been around for a while now, but we live quite close to each other.”  When asked if there’s going to be any chances of them dating he said “Well if you guys ask it that way, of course I haven’t to say yes, am I can’t say right in front of your face that she’s ugly and not my type!”

We called up Christine Ng, she does not admit to the fact that she had helped to pair the two of them together, she says “What? Really? I really didn’t know, I only met them when taking part in “Strictly Come Dancing 2″, but the two of them are great people, I like both of them, if they are together, of course I’m happy for them!”

Mak Ling Ling “heaven-made match aka A Match Made in Heaven”
Mak Ling Ling’s views on Kenneth and Nancy’s relationship “Kenneth is born in the year of the tiger, and he also belongs to wood. Nancy is born in the year of the rooster, and belongs to gold. Due to the fact that “gold” and “wood” are in need of each other, so the two of them can help in other in their individual shortcomings. Also Nancy’s “Sun leg” is tiger, and Kenneth’s “sun leg” is rooster, it is destined that they have fate.  This year is Kenneth’s year of “tao hua” (attracts for love), and its going be still very good until next year, but in 2011 it’s his year for change, so if the two of them can get through 2011, then their relationship will become very stable.”

A similar translation can also be found here:

More on how fans feel about this couple:

*Seems like there’s lots of support for this pair (remember when Nancy was dating Deep, ppl knew he’d break her <3)

Always in the back secretly talking to each other …first one was the cheek kiss!

Also the kiss video clip is posted here (Kenneth walks away and talks to other ppl and turns back to see Nancy crying harder):

Credits: Carmen (for a much hurried translation)

Comments: I admit, I was screaming when I heard the news. Just reading the headline, I had a strong feeling in me that it was real! I think it had to do w/ Kenneth’s recent vague answer about having found a sweetheart @ his Bday gathering! Haha. Ok, now that I read it, it doesn’t sound as legit as I initially thought it to be, but I still feel some truth to it. Until they admit it themselves, I’ll just regard them as just really close “friends”. I’m not really sure if this is true at all though, it could be an exaggeration and KeNancy could very well be laughing at this headline right now. Apparently rumors about them dating have been circulating the Chinese forums for a while, but reporters just recently decided to publish them. Which makes me suspicious that this may be some sort of promotion tool for this couple…ala Boscolie/Bermo/Charvin; TVB has always had the intention of pairing the two up but never did. I remember reading back then that they thought KeNancy were compatible while playing games and thought of promoting them together, but I guess the whole Deep thing got into their way of promoting Nancy and we got KenSelena & KenKat. Since Nancy’s popularity has been soaring, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a tactic to push her to new heights while raking in money for TVB. Maybe this gives hope that they are being paired in Iron Horse, yet even if they are not, there will be more news. (I do hope this is not a gimmick that they’re both in on..I’d prefer if it were real or just reporters exaggerating!)

Ok, away w/ the skepticism. If this were true, I am absolutely happy for them. After all, who would have thought my fav actor would be dating my fav actress?! that is like every fans dream! haha. Well I must admit, I’m partly disappointed cuz since I like Nancy, I would want them to last and this totally would ruin my BK fantasies haha. But oh well, as long as they’re happy (Ok I admit it, when the rumors of Margie-Kenneth were circulating, I secretly thought to myself that I’ll wait til they break up and then ah ha…BK! – but now i can’t wish for that :-/) NOTE: Nancy was Bernice’s replacement for SCDII…haha…yes. that’s what’s running thru my mind lol.

It’s very ironic cuz just a few days ago, I was thinking about what Kenneth’s type of girl is and when categorizing each actress, I put Nancy in the “in b/t” category (aka not sure if she’s right for him but she kinda is). Honestly, I think Nancy is really pretty and talented, even Kenneth said years ago during a LITCOL interview that he thought Nancy was pretty (and he rarely says these things on his own intiative, esp. back then – he usually says when asked). However, after watching the behind the scenes w/ SCDII, I feel that Nancy is quite tomboyish….I wasn’t sure that was exactly Kenneth’s type? Nancy is very outgoing and what I once considered somewhat of a party girl (not in a bad way – just kinda like sharon, very people-person, needs crowds and likes going out)..I’m not sure if she’s changed but if not, that would make her the complete opposite of Kenneth – who’s supposedly Mr. Boring.

Up to here, I’ll just say, looking at them I go “YES” but thinking about it..I’m not so sure. I remember saying months ago, Nancy might have changed what she wants in life (love at least) after Deep and instead of going for someone young like Nathan, maybe a more mature guy is what’s she’s looking for now (Deep was kinda a “bad boy” and they were very open about their relationship, going beach-tanning and all; I don’t see Kenneth doing such public things w/ Nancy). I guess I could’ve been right. She may have matured! (But who wouldn’t fall for MaMing?) I sometimes wonder if Nancy’s ready to settle yet, since Kenneth wants someone who’ll be family-oriented and wants to settle down once he has enough money. I can’t see Nancy giving up her career in a few years to have babies  (like Amy Kwok/Esther Kwan/Melissa Ng/Flora Chan) and start a family, especially after she’s waited soooo long to get to where she’s today – I’m sure Kenneth’ll understand, but are they in the same place in life? As Nancy says, she’s putting career in front of love, so somehow, I still think they’re both at most just interested in each other…very interested haha …. just not very official yet. I think they might have started liking each other b4 SCDII though…for some odd reason…since they’ve filmed so much together, like several episodes of Starry Kitchen where they both learned to cook together and then all those wedding shows…hm…. 😉

Omg, this is a super long comment yikes. Oh yeah, it doesn’t help that MakLingLing is saying this (haha. though I adore the lady), she’s always wrong and never wins on gameshows…lol. But if it’s true that Kenneth has “to fa” this yr, then it’s good for his career and maybe not so much for his love life if he’s dating Nancy? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sharon and Christine had set them up – what I’m surprised is if Myolie had a hand in it as well! (oh no, maybe Myolie has secretly been saving Kenneth for herself and that’s why she hasn’t set up him and sister Wu haha..jk) So Sharon also set up Mandy & Stephen? Well, I expect stuff like that from Sharon…her friends are so important to her! Good job Christine-Sharon!

All in all, wish them the best and hope they last. Don’t want the media pressure/TVB to get to them! (oh yeah, I had been thinking about why Kenneth hasn’t found a g/f and I thought maybe his “good boyness” scares girls. Like if something goes wrong, everyone’ll just assume it’s the girl’s problem and maybe too many girls like him that it makes the girl herself insecure?) Hope love and career goes well for both of them!

Err…also I don’t like how the article is so sure he dated Margie. I still am iffy about that. It makes it sound like, right after their “break up” he went for the next girl he was introduced to…I do think some of this stuff is blown out of proportion. I have so much more to say but I can’t think straight cuz I’m still waiting for more news like interviews w/ ppl like Myolie or something! 😀 Kenneth has been driving Nancy in his new car…well w/ other ppl. And fans have seen him and Nancy taking the taxi together a few times from the airport after they returned from SCDII… hm… well since we know they live near each other that would explain it (haha cuz unlike Moses who rejected Kate’s offer to carpool I think, friends actually carpool!) Also, in every pic u look, when there’s a crowd, Nancy & Kenneth are for sure next to each other! hm..even at the “Charity walk” months ago…

NOTE TO ALL: Kenneth & Nancy have done some wedding shows together for a few years. I’ve been searching for these behind the studios pix of them. I remember they surfaced back in the day when HK Disscussion Forums aka forums where popular. Since the forums are gone and the pic source is gone as well…does anyone know what I’m talking about? haha. If you have them please do post it here! thanks!



  1. hyn5 said,

    I believe they are going out. Nancy was very young when she was with Deep. She said she wouldn’t like Nathan because he is too young for her. She is more mature now.

    TVB probably wants the media to know they are going out to cover up all of the negative press coverage in TVB now. TVB wants their artistes to be in the news, it doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative. Since Ma Ming and Nancy are low-profile artistes, I can’t see the media blowing this coverage out of proportion. Even if they write about it, it will be on the positive side.

    Hey bbfreak, I guess we were one of the few that caught that kiss on the cheek back then. Now since you have posted it up, everyone can see it. It was real! Ha ha…

  2. hyn5 said,

    It’s funny because I have all of those pictures you just posted. Ha ha…

  3. Carmen said,

    I guess the whole situation is kind of “unreal” for now, I mean for the fact that they haven’t really said NO or YES.
    They’ve only been giving the answer of POSSIBLE

    All in all, I’m just happy to see positive and NEW news about Kenneth….really boring when they still talk about Margie, when both of them said for a long time that they’re not even friends anymore….because of the pressure that is….so they don’t contact each other now….

    Anyways, I love all the pictures you were able to post with Nancy and Kenneth~ so sweet.

  4. AC said,

    I love all those pictures! =) I’m sure TVB is actually happy with this gossip/pairing since they are both seen as nice people in the industry, and with this new couple (since I’m one of the believers), they can be distracted away from all the negative gossip (all the salty pork hands and the supposed female sluts) haha

  5. jenny said,

    i am so happy to see kenneth and nancy together! they look so cute! i used to not like nancy but after she did d.i.e. 2 i loved her. she was sexy and hot when she poledanced! and for ken, i always thought he had good acting and had good looks. but i thought he and kate tsui were gonna pair up since they did 3 series together as couples. im glad theyre not tho. shes plain uuuugly! i hope nancy and kenneth last 4ever!

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