Mak Ling Ling’s Oriental Daily Interviews with Margie & Ella; Nancy Sit mentions Kenneth

February 17, 2009 at 9:01 pm (ella koon, margie tsang)

Ella Koon

Mak Ling Ling: There are times during filming that you will have intimate contact, will you be more careful (to prevent anything from happening)?

Ella: Actually, I have only filmed two series. Kenneth Ma absolutely will not (take advantage), he is an absolute honourable gentleman to the point…..I like this guy very much! He is a good gentleman!

Mak Ling Ling: Then how come you didn’t pick him and picked someone else? You obviously picked the one for his good looks?

Ella: Kenneth Ma is ok, too! There are times when you admire a guy not only for the “like” found between a man and woman. He’s a very good guy!

Credits: hyn5 (also other version of the Margie article can be found here as well)

Margie Tsang

Mak LL: You’ve always had “TaoFa” (meaning luck with girls/guys), Kenneth Ma was for real, right?
Margie: Crazy! It’s fake!
Mak LL: The rumors sound really real! Didn’t they get pictures of you two dining together?
Margie: We didn’t dine together, we only had drinks! Sometimes when a lie is repeated for ten times it seems to become true.
Mak LL: But any women that speaks with Kenneth Ma will end up liking him. They’ll think that he’s really great! For example “YuenJai” (Kingdom Yuen) said to me that Kenneth Ma is a really great guy, and asked if I could introduce some girls to him.  I said “Isn’t he dating with someone?”  Kingdom said “They broke up!” There really isn’t any chance? He’s really a great guy, he’s a “steal”! (純品 I really didn’t know how to translate that)
Margie: I’m a “steal” as well! (我都好純品傢!)

Nancy Sit

Durning an interview Nancy was asked of the new comers who she thinks has good potentials. Nancy said she thinks Linda Chung, Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma has strong potentials.  She said Kenneth Ma is able to play a lot of different roles, and he has talents for acting, hence he’s also the “future star.”

Credits: Carmen

Comments: aw…it’s so cute that all the girls that work w/ Kenneth do end up liking him. Just look at Toby! haha. This is the second time Ella has said she really likes Kenneth public lol. (first time on Ebuzz) Also, I remember reading Queenie Chu saying that Kenneth is a really nice guy during one of the salty pork hand news; she said it was definitely not him. I’m gald to learn that Kingdom likes him as well. So many ppl out there working to find Kenneth a gf! There’s Sharon, Myolie, Christine, Kate, and now… I truly wonder if “mission has been accomplished” 🙂


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  1. Enrica said,

    He’s really a great guy, he’s a “steal”! (純品 I really didn’t know how to translate that)

    1. Man Of the Men
    2. Gem
    3. Rare Species!

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