Video w/ Kenneth & most of his series (cameo)

February 17, 2009 at 9:33 pm (Uncategorized, videos)

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR KENNETH!(go to link to post a few down – I know everyone’s all hyped up about other issues…but don’t forget to vote for Kenneth @ Next Media!)


I didn’t know how to post the video, but scroll all the way down it’s there! It’s so funny to see him in all those series…can any one put it on youtube?

Someone else made one of these as well…but I forgot where that link was..

But I believe they left out Into Thin Air and another series that’s not coming to mind yet..haha. (the obvious ones that is)

NOTE: Just realized one of Kenneth’s bday cakes says “Get Married soon” haha…that is too cute…just like him!


1 Comment

  1. Enrica said,

    awww… So sweet these posts…
    he is really a good guy!

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