Deep Ng Congratulates Nancy Wu dating

February 23, 2009 at 5:11 pm (nancy wu)

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: Matchbox @

Deep Ng, Jacqueline Chong, Chrissie Chau and 2R attended the “Kipling” event yesterday. Deep and his girlfriend Jacqueline attended the event one after the other. They later explained that it was because their work was arranged separately. The reporter asked Jaqueline whether appearing as an couple together her earnings would be increased? She smiled and said that to not have her earnings reduced was already good enough. She wouldn’t dare to increase it.

When discussing about Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma rumoured to be dating. Jacqueline stated that she didn’t know but if it was true then she congratulates them as dating is a happy thing. She doesn’t mind her boyfriend seeing Nancy again or staying in contact. As long as he is honest with her then that’s okay. Deep also congratulated Nancy. He said “Did you capture pictures of them together? If it is true then I am really happy for her.” The reporter asked whether he hopes his gossip earlier would die down? He replied “It had originally died down, everyone has a past. If she finds a suitable guy I hope that she will be happy.” He has not met Kenneth Ma before but has heard that he is a good son and has rarely has rumours, very rare. Deep also stressed that he will not compare himself to him. But no matter who she dates, most important is that she is happy. He is no longer in contact with Nancy. “It’s not necessary to create pointless misunderstandings.” As for Gillian Chung making an comeback in March, he said “No matter what, I will support her. I feel that she is prepared and ready.”

When they first arrived @ Hunan for SCDII - already friends

On the bus, Myolie & Nancy are always w/ Kenneth

Other translation by Carmen:
Deep was asked if he knew Nancy is dating with Kenneth, and he said he hasn’t been in contact with Nancy for a long time now, so he wasn’t sure. And asked if the media had any pictures of Nancy and Kenneth being together.  Deep said he’s happy to hear that Nancy is dating, and congratulates her about it!
Nancy, when asked if she started to date Kenneth because they danced together, she said no. She said they’ve known each other for some time now, and they are not dating each other right now.  When told that the two of them has been spotted holding hands, she still said no that she did not hold hands with Kenneth.


  1. Nancy moved to City Plaza before Strictly Come Dancing II, not after as mentioned in the article.Vivien Yeo was actually her roommate, but no longer is (I read from forums). Thus, she did not “move there for Kenneth” (which I’m kinda glad to hear cuz I didn’t think MaMing would make a girl leave her family to move close to him…it wouldn’t be right haha nor the other way around)
  2. Kenneth and Nancy were spotted riding the taxi together whenever they came home from Hunan/SCDII – that can be explained by the fact that they were already neighbors b4 the show.
  3. Kenneth and Nancy have collaborated several times before, including Triumphs in the Skies, Lost In the Chamber of Love (there was a magazine picture of her and Ron playfully beating him up, so they were friends then too), Not Just a Pretty Face, DIE, Starry Kitchen (several epis, they seemed like good friends – probably from 2006/07), Wedding Shows, danced w/ her at a TVB anniversary (the year where Joe & Melissa were dancing)…etc… So they have known each other for some time
  4. TVB wanted to promote them as a couple a few yrs back cuz they seemed compatible at a Lunar NY gameshow. Thus, they paired themup for Starry Kitchen. The plan never took off, most possibly due to Deep & Nancy rumors and then their dating. Kenneth kept rising, but Nancy just got demoted until her recent success at Strictly.
  5. Christine and Lai Lok Yi have been asked what about KenNancy and both have said that “If it’s true, then we’re happy for them” – both said they like Kenneth and Nancy alot and that they’d wish them the best if it were true….
  6. Kenneth NEVER admitted to dating Margie Tsang. Till date, they have just said they were good friends that have contacted each other less due to the rumors.
  7. Both Nancy and Kenneth have DENIED that they are dating. Apparently, Nancy once said that Kenneth’s like a brother to her (don’t know how much truth there is in that.)
  8. Here’s the clip summarizing the news that they are “dating”  and at the end of clip has Kenneth’s reply

Go to 2/17 (date) where the stream of videos are (bottom) and click the right arrow until u get to that date (and see Kenneth) and click on that video…

Kenneth’s reply: (Are you dating Nancy Wu?) No, of course not. I knew there would be rumors.(Is there a chance for development) If you ask me like that,  Yeah, well basically, I say there is for everyone (Do you think Nancy is a nice girl?) Yeah, good, I would never say anyone’s bad in front of the camera. If you ask me like that, I would have to say good, I wouldn’t say she’s ugly and not for me.

Comments: I didn’t want to use the original picture w/ the article cuz that would mean giving Deep & what’s her face publicity haha. So yeah, I decided to use the mag pix of the news from before! (Yeah, I don’t think highly of Deep and his new gf; I never liked Deep but since he dated Nancy, I kinda thought they were cute even tho she was way too pretty for him lol. But the whole thing abt him cheating on her – even tho we don’t know if there’s truth in that and then the whole “war of the words” w/ his gf accusing Nancy of throwing insults at her and then backing off later…was just too much) Haha, of course Deep won’t compare himself w/ Kenneth…he can’t compare!

So I just listed some points of clarification cuz everyone’s been confused. Haha, I wonder if they really were spotted holding hands? There’s still no pix of evidence it seems. And it’s funny how the mag photoshopped the two separate pix together on the cover! I like KeNancy, but sometimes ppl are overreactive. Guys and girls can be friends. Just friends.

I saw Kenneth’s reply clip and he had a very weird expression on his face. It was like either irritated (I would be too…it’s creepy when you think u’r home and all of a sudden some reporter like pops out of the bushes) or very tired. I think it’s the latter since he just finished filming and it was 2AM. He gave a very standard Kenneth answer. (He pretty much said the same thing in articles about Kate). I wonder when we’ll know if it’s true or not. I totally can see them developing, but I hope this doesn’t interfere in any way!

Like I said, this could be a promotional tactic, which I don’t mind I guess (Since Nancy’s series is airing soon and Kenneth’s series is airing right after). If it’s true, that would be cute and I think they should just totally admit it. I don’t see how it could hurt them. (Yeah I know Shirley kinda got demoted w/ her dating, but I thought more highly of her cuz she admitted it…) Fans are a lot more logical these days! The whole excuse of not admitting cuz they don’t want ppl to focus only on the relationship is BS, cuz admit it or not, reporters will keep bringing that person up. Instead, not admitting only generates more news and headlines (maybe ppl want that). Well, I guess if it’s not “steady” yet, they shouldn’t admit it, since if there was a break up a whole mess of headlines would come up…we’ll see…

I’m really happy to see so much support for this couple! At all the forums, netizens are basically supportive! What is even greater is that, even non-Kenneth fans say that “they’re happy for them and for Nancy for finding such a great guy” and that “Kenneth’s a nice guy” etc… It’s really nice to see non-fans are aware of MaMing’s personality and his image is good. My personal favorite was “Kenneth Ma is definitely husband-material”

What makes this rumor so different is that the headline was so misleading and everyone, seeing that KeNancy are both so likable, quickly jumped on board to believing it! After all the negative “salty pork hand” crap, a rumor like this of two lowkey artists makes everyone happy (even TVB)! It’s funny how usually rumors are such small articles and there’s usually a lot of skepticism, but this time, everyone like embraced it! Such a weird situation! haha.

Credits: AF, MKMC (pictures), NIF (pictures)

Credits: Video by Cami


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  1. li said,

    i thought MaMing gave a cute answer. especially when he said ‘ohhh’ when he found out what the reporter was there for. considering it was 2am in the morning he was really cute and very nice to the reporter (he said thank you and everything)

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