Kenneth Ma might date Nancy Wu & Kenneth Ma said to be a “good steal”

March 5, 2009 at 2:33 am (nancy wu)

Kenneth Ma might date Nancy Wu

Tuesday March 3, 2009 Hong Kong
Source: Takungpao, (Images: Mingpao,
Translated by: aZnangel @

Yesterday Kenneth Ma and Vivien Yeo attended the “Italian Cup Semi-Final” (意大利杯準決賽) press conference. Recently Kenneth and Nancy Wu have been spreading rumors, Nancy even publicly strongly praised him. Towards this, he smiled: “Praising me is useless, I don’t have anyone thats fighting for me. But I do thank her for praising me, thank you first! (Is there a chance for you and Nancy to develop the relationship?) Definitely, or else would I say that she’s not good?!” In Kenneth’s impression, Nancy is a hard working dancer and since a year ago when Nancy moved near him, their rumors started. He smiled: “Starting rumors now is already too late (The unit that Nancy lives in, did you suggest it to her?) No, her relative did, she didn’t even make soup for me.” As to Nancy Sit’s incident of being rushed to the hospital during filming, Kenneth who was also part of the cast in that series, he didn’t know why Nancy had to stop working, he only knew that they had to film the scenes out of order.

Title: 2009.3.2 Kenneth Ma said to be a “good steal”
Kenneth Ma was at TVB City attending a promotion event for a sports show.  When telling him that others think his relationship with Nancy Wu is good (other people think that its real and possible) and that he’s a “good steal” Kenneth said with a laugh “I’m a good steal? Then why isn’t there people fighting over me? I’m really disappointed, but thank you to those that praised me!”

Ever since the news came out that Kenneth and Nancy are dating, today is Kenneth’s first time responding about the news. When asked if there are chances of them being together, he said “No matter which girl I get involved with for rumors like this, I will for sure say yes there can be the opportunity for us to be dating, because as a male, I can’t say bad things about the girls.”  He even said, when Nancy moved into his neighbourhood he knew that these rumors will for sure come along. He actually thinks that these rumors kind of came late.

Credits: Carmen


Comments: Kenneth’s reply is always the same lol. He was so cute flirting w/ the reporter girl. haha. silly MaMing! Aw..Cindy Lee was also there. She was my fav during MHK 2006? Kenneth said in a news report once that he noticed her out of the contestants and also added Angie Mak cuz he had to give her a kiss on the cheek for her Bday before he even really met her. (Cindy was the tennis player)



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