Black-White Musical Notes Practice A Song: Kenneth Ma & Kate Tsui

March 12, 2009 at 2:13 am (interviews, kate tsui)

If you like Kenneth Ma, then you must know who Kate Tsui is, and vice versa if you like to watch Kate Tsui’s dramas, you must know who Kenneth Ma is.  By the sound of it, these two people are tied together tightly, but reality tells us that this isn’t really the case as it seems to be on TV.  Kenneth and Kate are natural individuals, one is a male that would be very happy if he is able to own a 2,000 square feet home in Hong Kong, the other, a girl who wishes to succeed in her career, become famous and then move to a small town in England to escape from the world. They’re just like black white musical notes, the two sides of a mirror, day and night, one walks to the right and the other walks to the left.

The Commoner?
The sport that Kenneth loves is also the same sport that all males of Hong Kong love playing/watching. Whenever soccer season comes, his only entertainment/activity is staying at home watching soccer games. At this point, no matter how important the situation may be, it’s best not to go and disturb him, because watching the games is much more important. He also enjoys playing the sport, and when he’s on the field he takes charge, and not only that, he also feels “high” (natural high).  No matter how shy and boring he may be at other times, when he’s on the field playing soccer, you’ll get to see the active/playful side of him, and when he gets too hot he’ll even take off his soccer shorts & you can then see his “school kid style” underwear.  Just recently, he was unfortunate enough that some magazine published a picture of him while he was taking off his pants (article pix here: 1, 2) although it was only a few seconds’ time. At the same time this proves that Kenneth is really a great and traditional good guy, even his underwear is so traditional making him very cute.
Passive type?
During the time period when Kenneth was still in school, there was a long period of time in which his acne/pimple caused him a lot of distress. Although Kenneth was already fairly tall then, when he spoke with others he didn’t dare look at the other person in the eyes. He was afraid that he might see a not-very-good expression on the other person’s face.  He would also never voluntarily say hi to others.  During this period of feeling inferior among others, he developed the habit of not talking with others, hence while filming, you’ll see a group of people playing together, but you’ll always see Kenneth sitting by himself as though he’s deep in thought. But he might not be really thinking about anything, he just doesn’t want to be talking with people whom he does not really know.  When he sees the camera from the press, his first reaction would be a response of his “frozen-smile” or he’ll walk away to avoid the camera. Only until Benz Hui spoke with Kenneth, was he enlightened. Benz told Kenneth that even if you don’t like to goof around, you’ve still have to learn how to face the camera and take advantage of opportunities and go after them, if not, you won’t seem like a person who belongs to this industry, and in that case you should probably quit.  Only after this conversation did Kenneth slowly start to learn to be more assertive on carrying out a conversation. He’ll try to broaden conversation topics, and would also try to elaborate on his answers and comments so that he would be speaking more.
When Kate is filming with Kenneth, most of the time she would be the one that goes and looks for people to talk to.  There’s nothing bad about that. She’s even already at the stage where she said she’s going to introduce girls to Kenneth! However, Kenneth, who is a little slow catching on still thinks that the two of them don’t have much to talk about (Yet, Kate is already thinking of finding girls for him).
Career type?
Kenneth is a super great boyfriend, if that isn’t the case then during the time that Kenneth went to Hunan for a dance competition (Strictly Come Dancing II), Nancy Wu and Myolie Wu wouldn’t have mentioned Kenneth when they were asked who would be their ideal type of guy. Kenneth’s idol is Benz. For his career he only wants to be “the second” , the second male leading role.  That way, he can film, make money, yet he doesn’t have to take on the pressure, and then maybe after many years of filming he will have enough money to buy a car and a house and live together with his family, that’s all he wants.  Kenneth is the type that would be living in a high class hotel in Changsha and not give his laundry to the laundry service. Instead, he would go out and buy his own laundry detergent, and when he checks out of the room he would kindly ask the hotel staff “Can you safe-keep the detergent for me, I will need to use it the next time I come.” We’re talking about safekeeping a box of detergent!!!  Hence sometimes he would just “admit to life” (accept fate) and say “Girls like boys that are a bit “bad boy”, but that’s not me.” If you were to date him, he will not make any plans; the activities may be the same for every date, but above all, he would have to watch his soccer games!  There may not be a candlelight dinner, after dinner they may go on a walk, and if there’s nothing else to do after the walk and  they don’t know where to go, Kenneth will for sure suggest to the girl “Let’s go home and watch DVDs.”
Kenneth knows that it’s going to be a must that he and Kate will get involved with rumors of them dating, but he thinks that its going to be really funny when it does happen, because he understands that Kate is a work-alcoholic.  Kenneth’s ideal type of girl is a girl that would be willing to devote a lot to her boyfriend. But Kenneth sees that a lot of times Kate would go crazy in stress for her job, sometimes he would advise her to relax a bit.

Note: Parts just about Kate were not translated
Credits: Carmen (translator), bbfreak (editor)

Annoucement: I won the first ever KTEF Contest (Kate Tsui English Forum)- My Favorite Kate Series of 2008
So please visit: It’s an awesome Kate English fansite. I won two photos of Kate and they’re both autographed! I would share them here, but my scanner has gone nuts! Thanks Mich & KTEF!

Comments: Haha. Kenneth is just too cute and down to earth! I can’t believe the whole detergent thing…what is that about?! Does he not want other ppl to do his laundry…that is so strange. He can’t take the detergent w/ him? haha. silly boy. Now I know why Kenneth tries to be bad and has developed a glib tongue/sweet mouth, becuz he’s a good boy and he thinks girls like bad boys! aww…Kenneth….if she’s the right one, she’ll love your goodness! Haha. When did Myolie & Nancy mention him as their ideal bf? So many ppl love his traits, but its taking him forever to find the one…I wonder if he’s just picky! Yeah, I kinda always thought Kate and him were too different to be a real life couple. I sense that Kenneth definitely knows she’s not his type, but Kate’s a girl…so girls are less rational…haha..she may get sucked in by his wonderful traits! Haha…now even Kate’s introducing girls to him?! What is this? First there’s Myolie, Sharon, Kingdom, and now Kate! Haha..everyone tries so hard to “sell” him…I mean he’s so wonderful u’d think the selling would do itself! 🙂
I kinda like the whole boring thing about him…since I’m boring myself…I’m sure he’ll find the right girl who’ll love going home and watching DVDs w/ him and watching soccer games w/ him!
OT: Gillian’s made her comeback! I’m soooo…happy for her! Hope Twins return soon. Love her new “Tough jeans” photoshoot!

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  1. AC said,

    I’m not really a fan of Kate and Kenneth only because they’re always together. I realized that they’ve played siblings, lovers, and enemies already! I wish they pair Kenneth with someone new =).. hopefully the next series will be a Kenneth/nancy pairing =)

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