Hong Kong Male Stars become “Male Star Stamp Collector” suspects

March 23, 2009 at 8:19 pm (news)

Hong Kong Male Stars become “Male Star Stamp Collector” suspects
Monday March 23, 2009 Hong Kong
Source: Hunan News, Sudden Daily,
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

The new issue of Hong Kong’s Sudden Weekly magazine revealed the new “Male Stamp Collector’s” scandal. Many Male artistes have denied the claims and that they were not involved in the incident. Last month Sandra Ng first exposed on the programme “Club Sparkle” that there was a “Female artist Stamp Collector” in the industry, meaning the female star will collect Famous male stars and sleep with them just like collecting stamps as a hobby. Since she exposed this topic it has been a hot topic in the industry and has made many female stars became suspicious suspects.

While Sandra was afraid she offend people this “Stamp Collecting Storm” has blown to Taiwan. Last week on the Taiwan Programme “王 牌 鑑 定 團” a guest exposed that there was a “Male Stamp Collector” in the industry that slept with 5 famous Hong Kong female stars and told people about it. Many famous male artistes have become suspects. The description of the Male Stamp Collector was that he has a muscular physique. Previously married and divorced, his wife was a former Martial arts star, has filmed Category III films and even exposed that the females he collected are female main leads in the industry. Michael Miu and Joe Ma were a few that were speculated as suspects.

Joe Ma: They said the male stamp collector shot Category III films, I have never filmed that category. I have only done Category II B. This point doesn’t match me, but this news makes it sound like all male artistes do this kind of thing.

Michael Miu stressed that he has never filmed a Category III movie and is not the muscular type.

Linda Chung: “I have been in the industry 5 years and have never experienced anything like that. Perhaps I don’t know the person they are hinting (Male Stamp collector). My image is also healthy and will scare away many males. Actually there are many healthy artistes in the industry. I will not discriminate those who have made mistakes. Everything in this industry is shown on TV. Many people see me as a role model. I hope there won’t be any more news like this.”

Ray Lui: “Now people have nothing to play with and it’s got to such an abnormal state. Actually this storm cannot last for long. This (refering to stamp collector) incident has made things messed up. Personally I am a buddhist, moral values are most important, when one is healthy they will be happy too.”

Charmaine Sheh: “Stamp Collecting? What is that? I haven’t heard about it. No one has approached me to collect stamps.”

Moses Chan: ” Well when we are shooting a series together there will certainly be some laughing. But when you talk about “Stamp collecting” I really don’t know if people do that. I feel that the entertainment circle has too much of these rumours about recently. The Salty Pork Hand news has finished, then it got to the female star stamp collectors. Now its discussing about male star stamp collectors. I feel that the entertainment industry recently is very unhealthy.”

Raymond Lam: ” Stamp Collecting, I don’t understand, sorry I’m not talking about this because I have worked with many Fa Dan’s. We are all brothers and sisters.”

Kenneth Ma: I will not take this news too seriously. Like before when there was the salty hand pork news. I don’t believe that there are so many female stars who won’t go and report to the police when they have been sexually harassed. They reported on Female stamp collectors last time. Now they talk about male stamp collectors. I will see it as entertainment. (Have any female stars tried to collect you?) “No, I also want people to collect me.”

Tavia Yeung: I believe many of the things said are just rumours. I don’t quite believe the rumours are true. If I choose, I would choose the real stamp collecting, I like to collect stamps. I feel that people should just do the best in their own duties.

TVB Command to Keep Quiet

Many TVB artistes have been speculated of being the “Male Stamp Collector” after the description. TVB Executives have ordered their artistes to keep quiet about the case to avoid making the issue even bigger. Many artistes have been advised to be extra careful of what they do in their personal life, as it would affect and ruin the company’s image.

Credits: Asianfanatics.net

Comments: Haha…omg..i LOVE Kenneth’s reply..”I want to be collected” ~winks~ I bet a lot of girls wanna collect u! All this gossip coming up…its so funny…but weird at the same time…I’ll take it as entertainment as well…too much negativity these days… we need some positive energy! Like Kenneth…will post soon about him winning the Bella award from Next Mag!



  1. Enrica said,

    does he wants to be in my collection? HAHAHAHA! i don’t mind!

  2. Carmen said,

    haha, Kenneth is becoming more and more silly with his resposes to the media on some situations!

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