TVB Rumored Couples attends dinner party alone

April 22, 2009 at 6:31 pm (bernice liu, bosco wong)

TVB Rumored Couples attends dinner party alone

Mr. Leung, the TVB deputy executive, treating over 20 leading TVB actors (Bosco, Michael Miu, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Natalis Chan, Kenneth Wong, Cho-lam Wong…etc) and managers to abalone, 30-year-old treasured XO cognac and some fine red wine.

Most of the actors leaving the restaurant two hours later at 11pm were clearly drunk with bright-red ears and face.

To avoid getting their driver’s license revoked like Laugh gor, many of the actors were afraid to drive. They either took the taxi, caught a ride with Virginia Lok’s assistant 7-passenger van, or called their assistant for pick up. Bernice had her dad pick her up.

Bosco was very drunk. Most of the people had left, but because Bosco’s assistant got lost, Bosco had to stay behind to wait for his ride. When he saw reporters, he got especially “High.” He was reciting Cheng Dan Shui’s “留 給 最 愛 的 說 話” <> and added few stanzas to it “one careless driver, one slippery road.” He then added, “… wait it didn’t rain today!” Reporters said he had a little of too much to drink and was talking non-sense. He also added that seniors from the Wing-Lung bank (the building where the banquet was held) often treat TVB actors.

Credits: Credit : pinkcherries @,

Comments: Kenneth was there! haha. Too bad didn’t see a picture of him…or of him and Bernice! grr…haha….is this Tommy Leung they are speaking of?


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Kenneth Ma praises Kate Tsui’s singing & moving

April 16, 2009 at 7:48 pm (kate tsui, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko)

Translated by: Matchbox @

Kenneth Ma and Matthew Ko both accepted a interview with Eileen Cha. Due to both of them previously rumored with Kate Tsui and working together in the series “Man In Charge”, they were asked why a love triangle wasn’t reportered? Kenneth said “Because it’s Ancient costume and their were no visitors.” As for Kate Tsui entering the music industry, both of them said that they will be supportive and even praised her having singing talent.

Listen to it here:

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Kenneth on Episode 3 of Play-n-chat

April 16, 2009 at 7:42 pm (katy kung)

Too bad the show is only viewable on the website and that there’s not d/l link! It’s soooo kute tho. I remember watching Nancy in epi 2 w/ Jason Chan (and epi 1 was Elanne Kong w/ Katy Kung)…and now epi 3 is w/ Kenneth & Katy…I like all of them! haha. I’m sad that Kenneth didn’t get to go to his old home and stuff like Nancy did, but I guess they didn’t wanna do that again since he did that for the TVB8 show – Walk with Celebrities.

Haha. it’s so cute how when Katy asked where they were going, Kenneth said anywhere…you choose…and finally he said…lets go play soccer! In the end he let Katy choose (what a gentleman!) and they ended up at the kiddy arcade ..that was super kute….and she was making him get her stuffed animals from the machine and he was like “this is a waste of money though…since you never can get it!”…

Then they went grocery shopping, and Kenneth kept going for the on sale sushi stuff. Haha. He even bought her cake w/ his own money cuz she said the next day was her Bday. Very sweet…While Kenneth was discussing w/ the bakery ppl whether he can have candles, Katy tells the audience that she hasn’t told Kenneth this but that he’s one fo the artists she realli likes! And that she’s so happy she gets to celebrate an early bday w/ him…haha

Later they end up at the big waterfall place where they film the series (like Journey Called Life – where they ran) and Katy lets Kenneth walk ahead and turns to the camera and says “He’s so manly. I offered to help hold the stuff & MaMing was like, ‘no, this is a man’s job!'” (She was giggling like a little girl…haha what a charmer Kenneth is!)

They sit dwn and eat and she pulls out cards for him to answer questions. Most of the stuff we know already, but it’s still nice to hear. When asked which actress he was crazy about before, he said it would be Jacqueline Ng Sin Lin. When asked about what qualities he has that are better than the other 4 constables, Katy specifically asked him, what he has better than Raymond Lam.

Kenneth collectively answered and said he’s not as handsome as the other guys, but this is both a strength and weakness. He goes on to explain, but Katy says that she thinks he’s really handsome though! Kenneth also talks about how he became a big boy in Canada and had to shovel snow and stuff. His most memorable bday gift was from his dad and it was a car!

Totally though Kenneth was cute in the interview. Haha. He’s too wonder so many girls praise him! He even sang “Happy Bday” to Katy…and she was laughing uncontrollably saying he was silly!

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Kenneth Ma & Matthew Ko’s “Man In Charge” Theme Song accused of copying a Korean melody

April 13, 2009 at 9:11 pm (Man In Charge, Matthew Ko)

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth Ma & Matthew Ko’s “Man In Charge” Theme Song accused of copying a Korean melody

Kenneth Ma and Matthew Ko’s theme song to new series “Man In Charge” has been accused of copying a Korean song “Left Alone” melody. Some Netizens even boycotted “Man In Charge” due to that.

Second time singing a theme song, Kenneth Ma expressed that he does not know about the issue: “The song was arranged by my company for me to sing, could it be possible that the two songs are similar? Actually the song is quite compatible with the series. (Netizens are boycotting your series?) Hope that they would enjoy my acting, if it’s because of this reason that they are boycotting the series, then I feel innocent. The composers and actors have nothing to do with it, it’s not fair.” Matthew Ko felt that the music having some similarities is not surprising. As for Netizens boycotting the series, he felt that it’s very immature.

Comments: Are you serious? This is ridiculous…you have got to be kidding me…this is a reason to boycot a series? it has nothing to do w/ the actors nor the series!

UPDATE: Iron Horse: Nancy will be involved in a love triangle with Kevin and Natalie. Custom fitting will be early may.

Credits – Selena Fansource
:-/ I guess there’s no KeNancy! I’m surprised tho..that there will be a love triangle w/ Natalie! Looks like Nancy is leading over Selena….

Kenneth is gonna be paired w/ Shirley apparently….but I thought they were suppose to be siblings?!

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Rare Bernice-Kenneth Moment

April 6, 2009 at 6:59 pm (bernice liu)

OMG! I found this super rare picture that I’ve never seen b4!

it’s old and we see Bernice and Kenneth playing drums together! He’s also sitting next to her in the bottom pic….when was this? I’m not sure if Bernice is teaching Kenneth or the other way around…but they’re just too cute…looking at each other!

Anyone care to translate?

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Kenneth Ma’s ‘Man in Charge’ to Broadcast on April 6, 2009

April 4, 2009 at 6:16 pm (kate tsui, Leila Tong, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko, nancy wu)

Take poll for your fav MIC character & Vote Kenneth (@ bottom of page):

TVB will be airing “Man in Charge” 《幕後大老爺》next Monday. The series stars Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, and Matthew Ko. The cast members attended an event to promote the series. Kate and Kenneth wore traditional Chinese bride and groom costumes. When the press asked the pair to kiss for the camera, Kenneth and Kate puckered their lips and pretended to kiss, drawing laughter from all present.

In “Man in Charge,” Kate has numerous martial arts sequences. She hopes that the ratings will break the record of her previous series, “Speech of Silence.” Kenneth also hoped that “Man in Charge” will duplicate the success of “Speech of Silence” which pulled in 30 points in ratings.

Kenneth will be involved in a love triangle with Kate and Leila Tong in “Man in Charge.” He joked that he was a true player. Reporters then asked whether rumored girlfriends, Kate or Nancy Wu possessed better dancing skills. Kenneth did not defend Nancy, “I do not know, both ladies have two different styles. Maybe Kate dances better! (Was this because Kenneth has seen Nancy dance too often?) “I have only seen Nancy dance when we partnered on the dancing program. She doesn’t dance for me to see on a normal basis!”

The theme song will be performed by Kenneth and Matthew Ko. Although Kenneth does not intend to enter the music industry, he does not mind collecting additional income from stage performances or participating in a TVB produced album.


Kenneth Ma compares his rumored girlfriends-Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu

Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui held a press conference yesterday for the new TVB series, ‘Man in Charge’. The reporter asked Kenneth what the difference was between Nancy Wu (present rumored girlfriend) and Kay Tsui (ex rumored girlfriend). He said, “They both dance very well.” When he was asked if Nancy had danced for him, Kenneth replied, “I saw her dance in ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ Kenneth expressed that, as the two girls have different characters, he can’t compare them. Kenneth and Matthew Ko (First Mr. HK 2005) sang the theme song for the new series together, but Kenneth has no intention of entering the music business. He said, “I did it for fun. I already have one or two songs that can be performed onstage, and that is good enough for me to earn a living.”

Kate Tsui expressed that, although the new series was filmed over a year ago, she is not worried about its index rating. She went on to say that she is not bothered about being Kenneth’s rumored girlfriend again. She added that, when the series finishes, the rumors will stop anyway.


More pix here:

Comments: Hope the series does well! Can’t wait! The promotion reminds me of the LITCOL promo when the four leads were dressed in wedding gowns…that was quite a few years back can u believe it? Didn’t MIC film before TSOS…hm…..? Love how Kenneth wears this black jacket all the time! Do u see him wearing a watch under his wedding outfit?! haha. what an anachronism! Too many pix…couldn’t post them all! Hm..i personally think Kate is the better dance though i like Nancy more….Kate just has this looseness and confidence in her….

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Myolie praises that Kenneth is a very good guy

April 4, 2009 at 12:08 am (myolie wu, nancy wu)

  • When Myolie accepted Cha Siu Yan 881 Radio Interview, she said that when she is very stress, she will call her good friend Nancy Wu and chat. They even talked over night before too! Cha Siu Yan asked if Nancy is dating Kenneth? Myolie said: “don’t know, should be no, but Kenneth is a very good guy, Kenneth and rumoured boyfriend Bosco are different type of guys.”
  • Myolie accepted a radio interview today, she expressed that whenever she is unhappy, she will call good friend Nancy Wu.With regards to Nancy and Kenneth rumours, Myolie expressed that she really doesn’t know, but she praised that Kenneth is No. 1 good guy. She said: “If choose husband, also will choose Kenneth Ma la.” When asked if rumoured boyfriend is a good guy, Myolie avoided and said: “Wah! He is of a different type, although Kenneth seems to be very quiet, but he is actually a sweet talker, he always say love me a lot la.”


Myolie Wu: “Kenneth Ma & Nancy Wu Are Not Dating!”

Myolie Wu appeared on a radio program yesterday and mentioned that she often shares her thoughts with good friend, Nancy Wu Ding Yan.

Asked if Nancy is currently dating Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Myolie laughed, “Let me think first! I wish they were dating each other, but I don’t think so!”

In selecting a future husband, Myolie indicated that she will pick a man possessing Kenneth’s qualities. How come Myolie did not chose Bosco Wong Chung Chak instead? “The two men are very different; Kenneth is quite playful in real life. He often says he loves me!”

When will Myolie publicly reveal her relationship with Bosco? “Let’s talk about that later!”


NOTE: Take poll to the side of article @ jaynestars : Which actress would be a compatible GF for Kenneth Ma? Here:

I am very surprised to see Kate leading that poll…lol…i was expecting it to be Selena.

Interview from

*I think this is the right interview, I listened to it, but this is a different link. Hope it’s right, lemme kno!

Comments: haha. the interview was so adorable! Myolie was talking about how she spoke w/ Nancy on the phone for an entire night when she was not happy. Cha Siu Yan then took the chance to comment that they were good friends and quickly asked “So is Nancy dating Kenneth, then?” Myolie answered that she didn’t know but that she wants them to date since she’s close to both of them. She continues to say how Kenneth is a great guy, an extinct guy. Cha Siu Yan says she knows Kenneth’s great (very)…boring…since he doesn’t talk. Myolie quickly defends him, saying that it depends are whata girl’s looking for in a guy. The host asks her, if you had to choose, would you choose Kenneth’s type and Myolie says, if I were looking for a husband, I would choose Kenneth’s type.

The host goes on to ask her what about Bosco and Myolie goes “Waaa… they are two really different type of guys!” The host laughs and says : “Yeah I know they’re really different, one you can’t get to talk and another one won’t stop talking!”

Myolie laughs and says that Kenneth is actually very playful and talkative when he gets to know you. “Did you know he always tells me he loves me?!” The host was shocked and said she couldn’t imagine. She also said, “But Kenneth’s all talk and no action!” Myolie says Kenneth always tells her “Hang Yee, I love you” and goes around the make up room looking for ppl he knows …. the host cuts in and laughs questioning whether he goes around the room telling everyone that and says that this is very unexpected!
Haha, i love how Myolie said the I<3 U thing about Kenneth. I can imagine him walking around the make up room doing that…he’s so cute! That’s why I’m shocked that not all the girls have already fallen in love w/ him! Kenneth just gets sillier and sillier by the day…he may be boring, but he has a fun side as well! I was reading at the other forums, and apparently ppl that don’t follow Kenneth’s news, think that this is a sign that he’s “not as good as he’s made out to be”…. they were saying he’s a “fafa gung ji” (flirty playboy)…which is ridiculous since everyone says he’s known to be a good boy! The news obviously was about Kenneth being a jokester and being playful w/ his friends…haha Myolie wants Nancy & Kenneth to date…that’s cute! Haha, she said Kenneth and Bosco are very different after praising MaMing like that…haha…hm…. I like how she said Kenneth’s all talk – it reminds me of how he said he’d go on stage and kiss her at her concert, but ended up backing out after Myolie poked fun of him onstage and in the end, he was so shy, he was the only one of the artists that DID NOT go on stage! haha. i luv him..he’s so silly but shy (haha…he reminds me of myself…which is so scary hahaa… I guess that’s why I like Kenneth so much!)

Love how she mentions that Kenneth’s husband material…ah..I guess many girls are not yet looking for a husband, since Kenneth’s been waiting around for so long! Haha..the hosts comment about Kenneth & talkative Bosco is so funny!

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Man In Charge – Coming Soon….

April 3, 2009 at 11:52 pm (kate tsui, Leila Tong, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko)

Official Website:

For more pix & trailers:

Theme Song (d/l): “幕後人” by Kenneth Ma & Matthew Ko

Finally, Man In Charge is airing soon! I cannot wait for it! Ok. Honestly, I had no hopes for it. I don’t typically go for the LOL comedies. And since I heard that they’ve been holding onto this series for the fear that it was too utterly ridiculous w/ exaggerated acting (which is not a good sign since TVB usually likes its exaggerated stuff), I had super low hopes for it. But after watching ALL the trailers…I’m getting pumped for the series…It actually looks pretty interesting…tho I think they gave out the entire storyline and spoilers in order to make it look like a better series….hm… w/ the whole Kate saving Kenneth and telling him to be w/ Leila and all… I’m kinda hoping for something intereseting & touching yet funny from this series…

The trailer (wow they’re showing a lot of different trailers…I’m surprised) made me laugh out loud…the one where Kate beats up Kenneth…haha. Watch them at the link provided above (they’re youtube) since I’m too lazy to post them here! The themesong is uh…I don’t realli care for it…I’m still wondering why Kenneth’s voice always sounds weird in themesongs, when he sounds perfectly normal and pretty good live at the banquets? Is his voice only good when he’s impersonating and this “computerized” voice is really how he sounds like?! All in all…I’m excited for Kenneth’s very first series in 2009…Have NOT seen him in so long…its funny how ppl (on the forums) miss him tho he had series packed in 2008!

Extra note: Root of Evil has yet again changed its name to “Born Rich” (Fu Gwai Moon – Rich Door) and is now filming in Malaysia (i think). Lots of blogs have been posting on how the cast was filming…ppl were lucky enough to get pix w/ Kenneth! From what I gather, they don’t really know him well, but think he’s a nice guy!

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Next TV Awards 2009 Results

April 3, 2009 at 10:29 pm (nancy wu, next tv awards)

More Pix:

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma do not feel awkward

It was the first time Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma had appeared at the same scene since being rumoured together. But they didn’t feel awkward. Nancy said “We are friends, when we talk about the rumours we just laugh.” The reporter asked if Kenneth is the type of guy she goes for? She replied “We are colleagues and friends. The rumours are just a topic.


At the awards ceremony, there were two pairs of rumored couples: Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, as well as Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu. When Nancy received her award, she cried onstage. Although seated next to Nancy, Kenneth purposely kept his distance and did not talk to her during the ceremony.
Nancy said, “Kenneth and I are only friends and have laughed over our rumors.” Asked whether Nancy likes Kenneth’s type of man, she said, “We are colleagues and friends. The rumors are just rumors!”
It was Tavia’s first year to receive the Next Magazine award. When Tavia was on stage, Ada yelled out, “Tavia you should cry too!” Since Louis Koo gave Tavia the award, she requested a hug instead. Louis was a little shocked by the request, but Tavia said, “I have never collaborated with Louis before. I’ll act as a little fan today and request a hug.”


Winners List for Next TV Awards

Top 10 TV Artistes:

1. Raymond Lam
2. Ada Choi
3. Tavia Yeung
4. Moses Chan Read the rest of this entry »

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