Man In Charge – Coming Soon….

April 3, 2009 at 11:52 pm (kate tsui, Leila Tong, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko)

Official Website:

For more pix & trailers:

Theme Song (d/l): “幕後人” by Kenneth Ma & Matthew Ko

Finally, Man In Charge is airing soon! I cannot wait for it! Ok. Honestly, I had no hopes for it. I don’t typically go for the LOL comedies. And since I heard that they’ve been holding onto this series for the fear that it was too utterly ridiculous w/ exaggerated acting (which is not a good sign since TVB usually likes its exaggerated stuff), I had super low hopes for it. But after watching ALL the trailers…I’m getting pumped for the series…It actually looks pretty interesting…tho I think they gave out the entire storyline and spoilers in order to make it look like a better series….hm… w/ the whole Kate saving Kenneth and telling him to be w/ Leila and all… I’m kinda hoping for something intereseting & touching yet funny from this series…

The trailer (wow they’re showing a lot of different trailers…I’m surprised) made me laugh out loud…the one where Kate beats up Kenneth…haha. Watch them at the link provided above (they’re youtube) since I’m too lazy to post them here! The themesong is uh…I don’t realli care for it…I’m still wondering why Kenneth’s voice always sounds weird in themesongs, when he sounds perfectly normal and pretty good live at the banquets? Is his voice only good when he’s impersonating and this “computerized” voice is really how he sounds like?! All in all…I’m excited for Kenneth’s very first series in 2009…Have NOT seen him in so long…its funny how ppl (on the forums) miss him tho he had series packed in 2008!

Extra note: Root of Evil has yet again changed its name to “Born Rich” (Fu Gwai Moon – Rich Door) and is now filming in Malaysia (i think). Lots of blogs have been posting on how the cast was filming…ppl were lucky enough to get pix w/ Kenneth! From what I gather, they don’t really know him well, but think he’s a nice guy!


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