Next TV Awards 2009 Results

April 3, 2009 at 10:29 pm (nancy wu, next tv awards)

More Pix:

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma do not feel awkward

It was the first time Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma had appeared at the same scene since being rumoured together. But they didn’t feel awkward. Nancy said “We are friends, when we talk about the rumours we just laugh.” The reporter asked if Kenneth is the type of guy she goes for? She replied “We are colleagues and friends. The rumours are just a topic.


At the awards ceremony, there were two pairs of rumored couples: Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, as well as Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu. When Nancy received her award, she cried onstage. Although seated next to Nancy, Kenneth purposely kept his distance and did not talk to her during the ceremony.
Nancy said, “Kenneth and I are only friends and have laughed over our rumors.” Asked whether Nancy likes Kenneth’s type of man, she said, “We are colleagues and friends. The rumors are just rumors!”
It was Tavia’s first year to receive the Next Magazine award. When Tavia was on stage, Ada yelled out, “Tavia you should cry too!” Since Louis Koo gave Tavia the award, she requested a hug instead. Louis was a little shocked by the request, but Tavia said, “I have never collaborated with Louis before. I’ll act as a little fan today and request a hug.”


Winners List for Next TV Awards

Top 10 TV Artistes:

1. Raymond Lam
2. Ada Choi
3. Tavia Yeung
4. Moses Chan
5. Michelle Yim
6. Linda Chung
7. Ha Yu
8. Charmaine Sheh
9. Louise Lee
10. Myolie Wu

Most Potential Male Artist: Raymond Chiu Wing Hung
Most Potential Female Artist: Nancy Wu

Top 10 TV Series/Shows

1. Moonlight Resonance (Series)
2. The Gem of Life (Series)
3. On The Road
4. Off Pedder
5. Forensic Heroes II (Series)
6. Vanishing Glacier
7. Strictly Come Dancing
8. D.I.E (Series)

9. So Good
10. Last One Standing (Series)

Hekura Personality Female Artiste Big Award: Fala Chen
Philips Charismatic Star Big Award: Charmaine Sheh
RMK High Definition Perfect Skin Big Award: Shirley Yeung

Men’s Skin Centres by Bella Most Confiedent Male Artiste Big Award: Kenneth Ma
Svenson Healthy Hair Big Award: Moses Chan

** haha..both Kenneth & Moses…wow…!

Comments: haha..yay, Kenneth is back w/ the Bella award…! Too bad he still hasn’t made it into the Top 10 category. Well this was the first year Tavia made it on and she’s #3…I’m soooo happy for her…can u believe it…Linda’s been in more than once and this is just Tavia’s 1st time! That makes me question the fairness of the whole thing since Tavia has a huge fanbase! Truthfully, the Bella award was the only one I thought Kenneth had a chance at, but I was fearful that w/ EU Ron may pick up his popularity again….but anyways…glad Kenneth is still in ppl’s hearts haha! He’s won this award the year before last, w/ Amigo winning it in b/t , and now he’s reclaimed it! I hope he keeps holding on to it..he’s representing Bella well! The pictures this year are interesting…they’re pretty,but Kenneth’s is so small and weird haha…it’s cute, but I would’ve preferred a pretty photoshoot!

Awww…and then there’s KeNancy…they look so compatible in those pix. I guess w/ the rumors and all, TVB may very well be planning to promote them as  a couple…watch out for Iron Horse guys..i’m feeling KeNancy! TVB even sat them together…I wouldn’t be surprised if at the next banquet, they’ll walk in or perform together (singing – more likely or dancing?) Super happy for Nancy and her pix were really pretty…I’m surprised Raymond Chiu won. I guess OP & BSS gave him a boost…I was voting Him Law, but was expecting Jack Wu to win….but oh well… Raymond C. was from Ray & Tav’s acting class year…he deserves a chance too! Good for him! Sad that Bernice didn’t make it in this year…nor Sonija….the two advertising queens! I thought they’d surely get some sort of award (i don’t even remember if they were on the ballot…)

I’m glad Strictly Come Dancing was a hit…and DIE…2 series/shows for MaMing! haha. I’m jsut in total shock that Office Pedder is on there…how in the world did it make #4?! I’m still in awe…it just started airing like recently…and it’s not that prominent of a series…I saw BSS on the ballot…did they mix it up or something?! I totally voted for Best Selling Secrets ! Which would make more sense to be here since it finished airing!


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