Myolie praises that Kenneth is a very good guy

April 4, 2009 at 12:08 am (myolie wu, nancy wu)

  • When Myolie accepted Cha Siu Yan 881 Radio Interview, she said that when she is very stress, she will call her good friend Nancy Wu and chat. They even talked over night before too! Cha Siu Yan asked if Nancy is dating Kenneth? Myolie said: “don’t know, should be no, but Kenneth is a very good guy, Kenneth and rumoured boyfriend Bosco are different type of guys.”
  • Myolie accepted a radio interview today, she expressed that whenever she is unhappy, she will call good friend Nancy Wu.With regards to Nancy and Kenneth rumours, Myolie expressed that she really doesn’t know, but she praised that Kenneth is No. 1 good guy. She said: “If choose husband, also will choose Kenneth Ma la.” When asked if rumoured boyfriend is a good guy, Myolie avoided and said: “Wah! He is of a different type, although Kenneth seems to be very quiet, but he is actually a sweet talker, he always say love me a lot la.”


Myolie Wu: “Kenneth Ma & Nancy Wu Are Not Dating!”

Myolie Wu appeared on a radio program yesterday and mentioned that she often shares her thoughts with good friend, Nancy Wu Ding Yan.

Asked if Nancy is currently dating Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Myolie laughed, “Let me think first! I wish they were dating each other, but I don’t think so!”

In selecting a future husband, Myolie indicated that she will pick a man possessing Kenneth’s qualities. How come Myolie did not chose Bosco Wong Chung Chak instead? “The two men are very different; Kenneth is quite playful in real life. He often says he loves me!”

When will Myolie publicly reveal her relationship with Bosco? “Let’s talk about that later!”


NOTE: Take poll to the side of article @ jaynestars : Which actress would be a compatible GF for Kenneth Ma? Here:

I am very surprised to see Kate leading that poll…lol…i was expecting it to be Selena.

Interview from

*I think this is the right interview, I listened to it, but this is a different link. Hope it’s right, lemme kno!

Comments: haha. the interview was so adorable! Myolie was talking about how she spoke w/ Nancy on the phone for an entire night when she was not happy. Cha Siu Yan then took the chance to comment that they were good friends and quickly asked “So is Nancy dating Kenneth, then?” Myolie answered that she didn’t know but that she wants them to date since she’s close to both of them. She continues to say how Kenneth is a great guy, an extinct guy. Cha Siu Yan says she knows Kenneth’s great (very)…boring…since he doesn’t talk. Myolie quickly defends him, saying that it depends are whata girl’s looking for in a guy. The host asks her, if you had to choose, would you choose Kenneth’s type and Myolie says, if I were looking for a husband, I would choose Kenneth’s type.

The host goes on to ask her what about Bosco and Myolie goes “Waaa… they are two really different type of guys!” The host laughs and says : “Yeah I know they’re really different, one you can’t get to talk and another one won’t stop talking!”

Myolie laughs and says that Kenneth is actually very playful and talkative when he gets to know you. “Did you know he always tells me he loves me?!” The host was shocked and said she couldn’t imagine. She also said, “But Kenneth’s all talk and no action!” Myolie says Kenneth always tells her “Hang Yee, I love you” and goes around the make up room looking for ppl he knows …. the host cuts in and laughs questioning whether he goes around the room telling everyone that and says that this is very unexpected!
Haha, i love how Myolie said the I<3 U thing about Kenneth. I can imagine him walking around the make up room doing that…he’s so cute! That’s why I’m shocked that not all the girls have already fallen in love w/ him! Kenneth just gets sillier and sillier by the day…he may be boring, but he has a fun side as well! I was reading at the other forums, and apparently ppl that don’t follow Kenneth’s news, think that this is a sign that he’s “not as good as he’s made out to be”…. they were saying he’s a “fafa gung ji” (flirty playboy)…which is ridiculous since everyone says he’s known to be a good boy! The news obviously was about Kenneth being a jokester and being playful w/ his friends…haha Myolie wants Nancy & Kenneth to date…that’s cute! Haha, she said Kenneth and Bosco are very different after praising MaMing like that…haha…hm…. I like how she said Kenneth’s all talk – it reminds me of how he said he’d go on stage and kiss her at her concert, but ended up backing out after Myolie poked fun of him onstage and in the end, he was so shy, he was the only one of the artists that DID NOT go on stage! haha. i luv him..he’s so silly but shy (haha…he reminds me of myself…which is so scary hahaa… I guess that’s why I like Kenneth so much!)

Love how she mentions that Kenneth’s husband material…ah..I guess many girls are not yet looking for a husband, since Kenneth’s been waiting around for so long! Haha..the hosts comment about Kenneth & talkative Bosco is so funny!



  1. Jessica said,

    it’s the wrong link. I listened to it but she didn’t mention Kenneth. maybe it was during a different part of the interview?

    • bbfreak said,

      Thanks Jessica! I just inserted a different link and hopefully this is the right one! 🙂

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